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recent smartphone has become much longer to charge, if earlier about 2.5-3 hours, but now about 4 hours. 14 mes.proshivka machine factory, somebody something similar seen?

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*, in addition to 60 levels, new added?

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music from the main menu, you can pull out?
found online Valiant Hearts: The Great War [Original Game Soundtrack]
1. Daniel Jacob Teper - Little Trinketry (2:57)
2. Clinton Patrick Rusich - Broken Wing (2:13)
3. Manuel Dante Mathieu Faivre, Miguel Vladimir Saboga & Yvo Abadi - En avant la musique (1:30)
4. Moritz Bintig & Francisco Becker - Escape the Apocalypse (2:44)
5. Daniel Aaron Martinez - Never the Same (2:14)
6. Rael Jones & Michael Price - Masked Like the Night (2:41)
7. Daniel Jacob Teper & James Ross McNair - For Catrin (3:19)
8. Daryl Neil Alexander Griffith - Get Aboard (1:25)
9. Bruno Pierre Emmanuel Alexiu - The Final Wait (2:20)
10. Gregor Narholz - Dark Secrets (2:09)
11. Ann Moore - In Remembrance (2:30)
12. Lorne David Roderick Balfe - Mother Cloud (1:56)
13. John Devereaux - In the Line of Fire (2:46)
14. Leo Daniel Nissim, Royo Serge Alain Utge - Comme un pigeon (2:22)
15. Gregor Narholz - Death Toll (0:14)
16. Gregor Narholz - The Ultimate Spy (1:33)
17. Valeriy Antonyuk - Deep Loneliness (2:03)
18. Stephen Mark Satterthwaite, Alex Johnson & Christopher James Allen - Nurture (1:26)
19. Daniel Jacob Teper - Lonely Pebble (2:15)
20. Ian Paul Livingstone - Dream Within Dreams (2:34)

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guys who do those black screen here is set to Internal memory cache is not bodies, on a flash drive by way of cash-OBB-android itself. I zarabotalo.problema we have is that in the settings of a smart we set the default memory sd card. I hope to help

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Guys, tell me Immersed 2 y511 smartphone, bought in a communication, the problem lies in the state of takaya- bad touch buttons are pressed once in the hands vozmesh upright work. Sometimes, in any position do not work well, what could be the problem?

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Tetramorph @ 04.11.2014, 13:02*
raspkovku realize with your phone

try through the computer, and check whether the correct directory, you throw the necessary files

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Damon @ 04/11/2014, 12:27*
With the replacement.

everything works, thank

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Damon @ 04/11/2014, 12:20*
Can not be removed.

SyncFs try to copy a folder on your instructions, found the folder where to fold, but it is already there, is obtained with the replacement or copy that?
and whether SyncFs folder on the SD card first throw and then move it to the desired destination?

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guys put repak, passed 3 episodes, and 4 or 5 episodes space is not enough, is it possible to remove the first three episodes, or they can not be removed?

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changed in the settings management knopochnoe.hodit arrows appeared. as well as the change is not clear gravity. Button no. rotate device tried

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Version: 3.4 Ad-Free does not work, gives an error at startup

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cement101 @ 18.08.2014, 15:56*
Have added

that I do not see, I put the version of the cap
helped restart the program

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add another

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children, hangs a smartphone for incoming calls, take the phone talking about a couple of seconds and all zero reaktsiy.kto ever faced? Reset did not help

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frost_ua @ 20.06.2014, 21:40*
I mean, that 'Net Joint neobezatelen.

video would have to configure, and it does not work without an Internet and I, in Yandex Maps flashing yellow traffic light

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forward full

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already has a version of the -V 1.022d

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guys this question on the plot.
I understand the princess stolen artifacts, and then began their return? all what is the point of the plot. why at the end of the sky had flown? I played for her soul?

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