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Guys about how much Internet traffic eats in this application is average?

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while no other than the style and music of the game

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good game

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guys, there is a problem, the accelerometer started blunt when it's off, it all povarachivaetsya program in landscape mode, and when I turn it on, it works as nado.perezagruzka not helped. poyavilps problem after installing the game Til Morning's Light [3D]

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sorry not playable, brakes

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swipe control yes? : Beee:

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Now would also translate part 2)))

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vikmarchello @ 07.05.2015, 20:28*
Russian interface: NO

there seems only the dialogues in English, and menus in Russian

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the same mistake

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Ah, here you are an opera fan to put his premium version: rolleyes:

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* zoboles Well, I also gently used and is now due to cable charging slowly.

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* zoboles maybe the charging cable?

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* Win2R,
Thank you, plus you need to cap
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wrote, as advised in the cap to the post of authentication, 2 days there is no answer

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BlackBird999 @ 01.03.2015, 12:06*
battery came today, how to check the authenticity? a hologram which is a mixture of numbers and characters on top of the numbers yet.

hat look, just sfotkayte hologram and send

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PR0100 @ 13.02.2015, 18:41*
some charge a car when navigating 2A guaranteed slaughter BATTERY less than a couple of months, if we use every day, it is not particularly manifest at first, but will be turned off aparata 30-40% of the charge after a couple of months, lay involved and so on. The cold will generally cut down by 50-60%.

and unless the bank from xiaomi no protection from this? or in modern smartphones?

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handre248 @ 17.12.2014, 08:12*
there are two endings

and the second ending is what?

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as16 @ 06.02.2015, 13:56*
Only here, too, the phone began to charge up to 88% and not more than

full reset, replacement batteries, flashing tried?

himself waiting for your order by of Goldway, judging by the track sent via Finland, for 2 days from China got there, now in the way to Moscow

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alex50505 @ 04.02.2015, 15:47*
From April on the hands, everything is normal.

esteemed responses Ali, some write that if you do not use the device for several days, then rapidly lost charge, right? how much charge is lost when turned off?
ps all he has ordered in of Goldway, plus Silicone, plusit USB LED lamp, we will see.

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the question of the durability of Xiaomi Power Bank 10400mAh, someone's at least a year (six months) to work properly? there are people who have long benefited from them? capacity has become less than the original state?

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