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VIPstars @ 20.4.2010, 1:28*
American credit cards are not present, but have friends in America. There is about this page?

[FAQ] Account in the AppStore
Fitch came out that vtykaetsya in port iPad and reads and usb flash. The manufacturer can not submarines pokachto.

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If I'm not mistaken, Anathema solved the problem with overclocking in the firmware [S]

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Igorek_XEXE @ 29.1.10, 20:40*
What the hell is that they can not be used on the plane ???

In samoleti, pressure, humidity and all other parameters are normal, but in mountains and the iPhone it can die.

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Rington`s Collection for iPhone.

On the call:

1) Attached fileOne_republic_all_the_right_moves.rar.(496.32 KB)

2) Attached fileMika_rain.rar.(451.79 KB)

3) Attached fileKE_HA_TIK_TOK.RAR(537.66 KB)

4) Attached fileAC2.RAR.(409.29 KB)

5) Attached fileYa_budu_tvoey_malishkoy.rar.(377.37 KB)

6) Attached fileGuf_bivshaya.rar.(414.02 KB)

7) Attached fileBass.rar.(80.92 Kb)

8) Attached fileAnastacia_defeted.rar(489.46 KB)


1) Attached fileSMS.RAR.(5 MB)

2) Attached fileSMS_KATYA.RAR.(525.43 KB)

3) Attached fileCRANK_RING.RAR.(480.71 KB)

The catalog is in the stage of filling, more active friends.
Ringtones spread separately directly on the forum and not more than 30 seconds each with a short description.

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Something more than 40 seconds do not get pour. Do not appear in the ringtones tab of the melody.

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A1241 is a 3G.
On 3Gs inscription mirror as apple icon at the top and on the 3G gray lettering. In 3Gs Headphone sample 2008-09 year with volume control, from 3G does not.

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Handles can be added, and you can write the correct names (only foreign group) and iTunes itself will cover.

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metro2 @ 18.1.2010, 19:04*
Please tell me about to reinstall Windu after I will put aytyuns and as I was later to aytyuns download transfiguration of which were purchased? Thanks

Keep iTunes folder, which is my music, then it should be replaced with a new one. Or remove it from the ipa files.

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Halmer @ 18.1.10, 14:39*
Some does not roll

No one else does not ride.

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POWER_ACTIVE @ 16.1.10, 22:43*
It turns out cheaper than us ..

It turns out a contract for 1-2 years.
Without a contract: (gap)
POWER_ACTIVE @ 16.1.10, 22:43*
$ 299 (8GB), $ 399 (16GB)

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POWER_ACTIVE @ 16.1.10, 21:47*
How much is it worth the hill now?
I'm talking about unlocked.

Out of production.

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1) If there is a jail, put SBSetting and disconnect the GPRS when it is not needed. If the jail is not - delete the last letter in the Internet settings and add when the Internet is needed.
2) Of course, and most likely, if it is 0.5 mb at night at night. Disconnect auto checks in the settings.
3) There will be no and hardly.
The following questions are written to help, here only a discussion.

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Well, however, more than 30 seconds ring in tuna will not fill.

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And when flashing? Close to the Rington system to look for, so as not to demolish? And it's convenient to know with the catalog, you always know that your ringtones are not spied and share.

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All so, when quickly charge, the phone shows 100%, which is a defact to be 80%. If you charge for a long time, then 100 turn into 100 and will slowly discharge.

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You select the album, properties and in properties are looking for the cover tab, well, insert your own.

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jasoor @ 8.1.10, 14:04*
on 3GS?

Yuraks123 @ 12/23/09, 11:38 PM*
iPhone 3gs (3.1.2 jail and unlock via blackcreen). Weifai works, he sees all the networks, everything is pumping, but after a couple of hours he just stops finding networks and everything

Now cleared up?
Do you have a 3GS? What is the question?

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Not. Only the replacement of the apparatus, the problem has not yet been solved.

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It is not terrible to know, scary to be forgotten after death, we will always remember you Sanya, let the earth will be a down.

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If the volume is placed on seridiny look iPod settings may limit costs.

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