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* mixa26rus, Explain that this means more?

Rep: (254)
Tell me, is it possible to stick to our beast with Vakom from Asus Vivotab? There is an opportunity to try.

Rep: (254)
About Tom and we are talking, we rushed rudely with the office, and today a friend took Asus he with the standards of the office of the Stylus and the flash drive 8GB for the recovery, the question is how to do me the recovery in case of what? Drive, then also forgotten damn it. : sveta:
But still, for 9990 - I am happy: p
Regarding piracy, I will say one thing - Agggrrrrr: D
Here is the question, will the Wacom of the stylistics suit us? Chet could not use them, did not find firewood.

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Guys, clarify about the office of 365, which I put! Is it really 1 year? If so, they do not leave me a chance to enjoy Litsuha;)

Rep: (254)
Guys, it's just great) This is my first post from the tablet on B8, to say that I am glad that I spent these 9990 - say nothing :)

Rep: (254)
Guys, our tablet does any stylus support?

Rep: (254)
At first, I wanted to take the Chinese, then Asus then saw him in the DNS on the action of 9990, looked now, but it took it well;) Waiting

Rep: (254)
Guys ordered Acer W4 820 for 9 990, so I think the price is normal? Now I am waiting for what will come.
Is there an office included? Windows license? And yes, what to see in the receipt of the device.

Rep: (254)
It seems to be determined with the choice, but torments the question of memory cards
Does the tablet support only SDXC? Or you can still stick the SDHC, if it is possible how the speed can fall. And in general, these SDXC through the same cartrider as the SDHC can be brought to the BB?

Rep: (254)
10% per night are not happy, it was 3 iPhona and all max per night were killed overnight, but on the other hand it is a laptop, so just turn it overnight and use the air rap.

Rep: (254)
Also bought a couple of days ago, just with the battery I do not understand. 10-8% per night is it normal?

Rep: (254)
I can not find how much memory of the video screen and how is it generally powerful or not?

Rep: (254)
Tell me, how from the standard multimedia set to remove the video of which is no longer there, the video looked now his ghost stayed, how to win?

Rep: (254)

3D FPS Robot- You are a warrior on Earth, the future of mankind depends on you
7 Days Apocalypse- zombie shooter
9: The Mobile Game- action platformer for the animated film "9"
ACTION HEROES 9-IN-1- 9 games in one application
Aera- we control the plane’s flight angle by tilting the iPhone / iPod Touch left or right
Avatar- Go to the colorful world of James Cameron Avatar and embark on the path of salvation and new discoveries
ALIVE 4 EVER- New iPhone game, which is a "survival shooter"
Annihilation arena- shooting enemies
Alien crisis- destruction of strangers
All Pro Crash Off Road- survival
Assassin's Creed II Discovery- Assassin’s Creed II is especially well designed for a variety of animations and implemented sound effects during the killings.
Brothers In Arms Hour of Heroes- WW2-themed shooter
Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front- The game will continue to introduce us to the soldier of the 101st Airborne Division Jason Becker
Blade angel- action with cartoon graphics
Blade Angel: Invisible Threats- Anime toys come into fashion
Bank run- Interactive movie / game
BloodnGuns- hardcore shooting zombie shooter
Cybersaurus 3D- You will have to explore 3 planets
Cube- like Quake 3
Car jack streets- Not a bad GTA clone
Caster- You have to defeat all the alien monsters on your way
Call of Duty: World at War- Familiar to fans of the older version, the Night of the undead card will take us to the barricaded bunker
Coast defense- You have to shoot back from the military equipment of the enemy
Doom resurrection- A completely new story from the well-known legendary Doom saga
Duke nukem 3d- The cult game is now on the iPhone
Dead strike- It all started here, in the mysterious place of Fallen Fall
Dawn of the dead- George Romero's horror movie Dawn of the Dead (Dawn of the Dead)
Fallen EP-1- Dark, blood-filled locations.
Exzeus- Much like Iron Man
EagleZ- wander around a cool uncle and kill everyone
Earthworm jim- Jim Worm on iPhone
Eliminate pro- OnLine Shooter 3D!
Grind- Almost Tony Hawk
Gangstar: West Coast Hustle- .Another GTA Clone
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars- good game
Guerrilla bob- A shooter with high-quality visual effects, lots of weapons, unique enemies, explosive ammunition and non-stop humor
Hysteria Project- We play the main character who comes to life in the basement
iShoot- Type Worms "owls"
iGuerilla- You were selected to participate in covert operations in Africa
Iron sight- is a unique mixture of action, strategy and simulation
HEAVY GUNNER 3Dis a terrific, intergalactic shooter
How to Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Night Fury- We fly on dragons
Kroll- We play for the great warrior who is destined to return Life to this world.
KIL.A.TON- The goal of the game is to destroy enemy tanks with shots
Kim Rhode's Outdoor Shooting- invites us to go to spacious locations with a first-person view and shoot deer, bears, wild turkeys and even rabbits
Karnak attack- We shoot at all
Maze shoot- We climb the maze, kill everything that comes to hand
Mystique 1: Foetus & Mystique 2- Three-dimensional horror game
Modern Combat: Sandstorm- You play as an American soldier
METAL SLUG TOUCH- a shooter that belongs to the genre of "shoot and run"
Minigore episode 3- Long-awaited New Year update for Minigore survival shooter from Mountain Sheep and Chillingo
Modern Combat: Sandstorm- You play as an American soldier who received a mission to capture
Metal wars- Fully three-dimensional shooter
Mech gladiator- play as a 3D robot
Mobile assault- three-dimensional helicopter shooter
NEX- is a first-person space shooter
Ninja Assassin- Active action with a view from the 3rd person, in which you can cut off the limbs of opponents
N.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance- Join the battle to save humanity from aggressive invaders
Necromancer Rising- awesome game with 50 levels of excitement and adventure
Payback- Clone GTA I for iPhone
Prey invasion- In the game Prey Invasion first-person shooter
Pandorum- Two team members, awakened from hypersn, find themselves in a difficult situation
Project Phoenixis a tank survival shooter with extensive levels
Quake 3- The famous game
Resident Evil: Degeneration- Resident Evil on iPhone
Resident evil 4- The second part of a 3D shooter
Rayman 2: The Great Escape- offers us a classic version of the platformer, first seen in 1999
Radio Flare REDUX- Radio Flare Redux sequel to the music shooter Radio Flare.
Spartacus: Blood and Sand- Go out into the arena. Listen to the deafening roar of the crowd. Get ready for battle
Snails reloaded- Parody of the legendary worms
SHOOTER: The Official Movie Game- you have to act as a sniper
Skyfly: Dogfight- 3D Flying Full Action
Super monkey ball- The meaning of the game is to collect as many bananas as possible and reaching the "gate"
Seven Swords (online)- Only for iphone
Star hugs- The game is a turn-based strategic shooter in the style of the famous game Worms
SmackTalk!- Great 3D first-person space shooter
Sniper vs sniper- You can play as a team fighting against terrorist groups
Star Wars: Trench Run- We fly on starships from episode IV
Steam wars- Awesome space shooter
Space trek- Space Trek - a very high-quality combination of flying shooter and SCI-FI genre
Silent hunter- Space Trek - to get used to the role of the captain of the German submarine from the Second World War
STREET FIGHTER IV- The fierce fight of the best warriors of the world for the championship title in the Street Fighter tournament ended a year ago
Time crisis- The task in shooting everyone and everything
The Dark Knight: Batmobile Game- The game is somehow related to Batman, but very weakly
Terminator salvation- In the game we have to play for both characters - John Connor and Marcus Wright
Tribal- Developing shooting accuracy and to the fullest using MultiTouch technology
T.A.N.K. Arena battle- Battle on the tanks
The Terminator в„ў- rebel cars
TOP GUN- Defend the skies in the most authentic and first TOP GUN game
Time crisis strike- for fans of virtual shooting all over living
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition- The same
Tap fu- street fights
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X- You are engaged in fire support of units of the ghost squad
Tehra dark warrior- For many centuries, the land of Sistar has been endless in its open spaces endless battles between the race of people and the Urks
Twin bladesis a frantic shooter in the medieval era with unique Manga graphics
Vy fight- Flying shooter. Graphics like and 3D
Wild west guns- Nice shooter from Gameloft
Watchmen- The first of its kind MMO
Wolfenstein- The great and terrible John Carmack released
port of the iconic 3D shooter Wolfenstein
WWE Legends- Introducing Wrestling on the iPhone
WiFi warfare- Good shooter. Side view. You can play as a local Wi-Fi
Worms- We all waited for this, and waited
Warmen- WarMen - Year 2013. Fighting as a member of the resistance against futuristic tyranny.
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010- Official International Wrestling Federation
WORMS Express- Welcome to the slightly modified WORMS в„ў game strategy for players
Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster- Another Roller Coaster from Digital Chocolate
X-razer- Good future racing in 3D
Zombie mansion- FPS New Toy
Zombie invasion- We fight with zombies, different weapons.
Zone warrior- Space shooter. Great graphics.
Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion!is a game created by Linkin Park. We wet everyone, because the most important thing is to return the lost tracks of Linkin Park.
The saboteur- Run and wet the Nazis.
Iron man 2- Iron Man
Grim reaper- We go death and wet the zombie with a milk, shovel, scythe ...
Covert Wars- Your mission: take a position behind the enemy line and eliminate the enemy before he begins to destroy the hostages and uses his dirty bombs!
Oh my god- The story of an angel named Carol accompanying the girl to Bethlehem.
Marine sharpshooter“You are the Sea Sniper, a member of the elite unit of the North American naval forces waging a quiet war against the bandits.”
Terrorist zombies- 3D Survival Action
Metal Wars 2- Three-dimensional robot battles
Alive 4-ever Returns- Mountains of meat and rivers of blood are back
Shadow edge- Help John in his difficult task in this survival game
Zombie infection- The long-awaited horror shooter
Black space- Three-dimensional space shooter
Soosiz- A good platformer ala Super Mario with convenient controls, a kind of physics
Beast Flyers!- Take part in an exciting aerial adventure!
Tank Battle: Iron Warfare- Tanchiki with great graphics

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Bought or has already taken to mail? These are different things. Something very cheap, to be honest.

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Category Great Free Apps in the AppStore category.

Rep: (254)
Turn on iTunes, then the tab on the left of the iTunes Store, at the top of the App Store and there is the first line, then next to the Free applications clicked See All.

Rep: (254)
Look at here -[MANUAL] Disassembling iPhone 2G, 3G-3GS, iPod Touch 1,2,3 generation

Rep: (254)

2XL Supercross- motorcycle racing
2XL ATV Offroad- ATV races
4x4 Jam- dirty races
Alien sled- alien sled racing
Asphalt 4 Elite Racing- famous races
Asphalt 5- famous races
Aqua moto racing- scooter races
Alpine racer- snowboard
All Pro Crash Off Road- off-road racing
Alpine Crawler World From Off Road- This is a great car trial based on real-time physics.
Burning tires- dirty races
BMW Sauber F1 Team Racing 09- The game will go through the 2009 season of Formula 1 for the famous racers of the BMW team
Cockroach Racing 3D- We manage a cockroach
Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D- Insanely exciting race.
Cro-Mag Rally- You control a caveman named Brog
Car mania- a game in which you control city traffic
Classic GP- racing on retro cars
Days of thunder- great circuit racing
Dirt Moto Racing- cross country ATV race
Driver- famous game with SP1
Demolition derby- Derby is now on the iPhone / iPod Touch
Drag Racer: Pro Tuner and Perfect Run- Great tuning, lots of cars and drag racing
Horror racing- Well, are you ready ?! The roar of the engine, the grinding of tires and a burning rival choking on dust from under your wheels
Doodle kart- Doodle style racing
Fastlane street racing- Stunning 3D Racing
Ferrari GT: Evolution- 3D race car from Gameloft
Fast & Furious The Game- Great racing on iPhone
F1 2009- Formula 1
GTS World Racing- Classic arcade race on sports cars
Ground effect- this is futuristic ekranoplan racing
Grand prix live- The tracks are based on real racing venues in Monza, Monte Carlo
iLandCars- three-dimensional racing
Jellycar- Easy to learn game
Light bike- You can play with a friend on the same device
Little Red Sled 3D Racing- A fairly simple arcade snowboard with cartoony 3D graphics
Low grav- 3D futuristic racing
Mars explorer- rush on the rover on Mars
Moto Racing GP- The first motorcycle race, so far nothing ingenious
Moto chaser- You need to pass through checkpoint’s, avoiding obstacles and making amazing jumps during the race
Monster trucks nitro- We drive on monster trucks
Mission: Deep Sea- the player will literally "move" to the turtle and navigate the underwater expanses of the seas
Motobreath- Play in 5 different leagues with 70 challenging tracks in these motorcycle races
Mad car- crazy shooting races
Need For Speed: Undercover- Need For Speed ​​Undercover by EA
Need for Speed: Shift- Earn points and rewards, become more aggressive and increase your prestige
Powerboat challenge- Racing with excellent 3D graphics
Pole Position: Remix- Racing is not of the best quality
Parcel Panic - Post Car Racer 3D- Get ready to play the craziest racing game
Phaze- Phaze looks a lot like games like Wipeout and F-Zero with PSP
Planet51 racer- you must participate in races on space maps, overcoming all obstacles
Raging thunder- Great races
Raging Thunder 2- No one was waiting, but it appeared
Real racing- unique multiplayer races
Real racing GTI- Clone Real Racing
Rally Master Pro 3D- In this game, we are expected to race on 27 tracks and a variety of weather conditions
Ridge Racer Accelerated- one of the best racing on the iPhone
Robbie williams racing- Robbie Williams Racing gives you a chance to compete with a pop star in the Mojave Desert
Red Bull Racing Challenge- Formula 1 racing
Rally Master Pro 3D- In this game, we are expected to race on 27 tracks and a variety of weather conditions for the race
Road to mudness- a new race for our devices
Red Bull X-Fighters- designed for fans of extirim, motorcycles and stunts
Speedburst- High Speed ​​Racing in 3D
Speed ​​forge- Racing (Open GL | ES 2.0)
Snow moto racing- As the name implies, this time we have to compete in the skill of driving snowmobiles
Shrek kart- Shrek and his friends decided: they will become the fastest karting players in the kingdom
Spongebob kart- Join SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and snail Gary, in an effort to become a Bikini-Bott champion
The Fast And The Furious: Pink Slip 3D- Fast and the Furious for Iphone
The crush star- Chases with gunfights
Unreal trial- Can you overcome all the obstacles in your path
Xtreme Quad Racing- This is the first realistic and high-quality racing quad bike
X Games SnoCross- Take a ride on the freestyle track, show off your best tricks and get well-deserved medals
Fast & Furious Adrenaline- Dominate and defend your sphere of influence with over 35 stunning cars on the streets of LA.
Touch Racing Nitro- Arcade race
Motor Stunt Xtreme- Another moto trial, in time you need to drive the desired section
Monster Trucks Nitro 2- Realize your fantasies with the game Monster Trucks Nitro 2, sitting behind the wheel of a 4-wheel drive animal with a huge engine
COPS: High Speed ​​Pursuit- Feel like a cop
iMotocross- Motorcycle Racing
Orion Racer- futuristic three-dimensional racing game taking place on 10 unique tracks in space
Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman- The essence of the game is jumping on a cross-country motorcycle through obstacles in the form of a series of buses, helicopters, etc.
Split / Second- A good race in which the action takes place in a closed city during a television show. We accumulate bonus points for drift and other tricks.
Smash up derby- Car ring
Lilracerz- Micro Racing
Xtreme Sports: Biker- First-person bike racing

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33rd Divison- tactical game on the theme of "World War II"
Ancient tribe- strategy
Ancient war- primitive wars
Art of war 2- ported the real-time strategy of Art Of War 2: Global Confederation
Battle of WWII- New strategic warfare game of the Second World War
Battle for wesnoth- turn-based strategy in a fantasy world
Command & Conquer Red Alert- One of the best PC games now on iPhone
Civilization Revolution- We have to go through the whole history of mankind
DoodleCraft- military strategy, mixed strategy with tower defense and RTS action
Dictator Defense- Get ready for a battle that will shock your world to the ground
European war- is a new strategy style game for iPhone and iPod
Galcon- Space strategy
Hero defense- The long-awaited game in the Topper Defense genre.
Into the blue“You are the commander of the blue race, responsible for the outpost on a distant planet.”
Lux DLX- Lux DLX is the full version of the well-known Lux Touch game
New york nights- The game is considered a kind of response to the famous Sims from EA
Quantum Collapse- We are waiting for an impressive graphics with many special effects you can play on WiFi
Palm Heroes iPhone- heroes for iphone
Pocket wars- Join forces with the Alliance to withstand the enemy onslaught
Reign of Swords- worthy step-by-step strategy with the declared game on the network
Rise Of Lost Empiresis a real time strategy
Robocalypse- New real-time strategy from Vogster Entertainment
Rogue planetis a unique turn-based strategy in the futuristic world
Simcity- Simcity
Samurai Puzzle Battle- Have you seen Bejeweled Strategy
Strategic assault- a strategy in which you need to lead your army to victory
Strongholds- This turn-based strategy is based on tactical and combat maps
Stragea- Warcraft underclock
Sentinel: Mars Defense- you must protect your people from enemies
Space harvest- rpo mushroom strategy
Space Station: Frontier- You are a geologist in the mining of outer space, searching the farthest reaches of the Solar System to search for valuable resources
Spike's Deadliest Warrior: Defend and Conquer- Another bright representative of the tower defense genre. At your disposal 3 companions and favorite heroes
The sims 3- I think everything is clear
The settlers- Build your economy by efficiently using resources and developing crafts
Transport Tycoon Deluxe- legendary strategy
Tower defense evo- Build defense in this strategy in real time with action elements
Urban Tycoon- In this game you need to build a city
Uniwar- is a turn-based strategy of 20 levels
Venger- control an alien ship
Westward- A well-known strategy that many still know on the PDA
Warfare inc- The best strategy in the traditions of Dune and RA
Wizard warfare- Turn-based shooter strategy, which takes place in a fantasy world
Hills and Rivers Remain- Expand your empire in this epic real-time strategy
The Sims 3 Adventure World- Explore 3 exotic places - Al-Simara (Egypt), Cham-le-Sim (France) and Shang-Simla (China). Continuation of the famous game
Slay- A cunning turn-based strategy unfolding during the Middle Ages
Armada - Galactic War- Choose your Intergalactic Armada and prepare for war in this online (requires 3G or Wi-Fi connection) 3D RTS
Rebirth of fortune- Create your own units to compete with other players as if in a chess game
Land air sea warfare- New real-time strategy

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