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* Andr_oks21,
* p_PAS,
Guys, skinte the photo confirming 1gb, I also argue with the chinase, but you need a photo.

The question on turning off the console, turned off and could not turn off. The following happens, click off. The prefix is ​​cut down instantly, the signal on the TV is there, the hard disk runs on, the blue lamp is off. (not red to become, namely, off.) After pressing incl. Nothing happens, sting in different ways. I use Airmause I7RII Mini. With a regular console, all the rules are stupidly disconnected completely. Also, I can not cut down the prefix yet not yet. Mouse (orientation in space) It seems to be falling asleep (x96) and immediately from the movement of the mouse awakens.
Thank you all, waiting for answers.

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* TombStonee, Well, thanks, reassured. I’ll fix the turnip later. the main thing for me is that the air mouse works, but the video plays from a 1Tb disk and online, well, I wait and hope

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* alexfb1,
It seems my case, I leave the asus about the hdr1 play, but I thought about selling it.
ordered the prefix and then began to read, horror. What problems do you have compared to Asus?

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* Equinox666,
Balin, well, at least read the topic, I ordered it, I started to read it and started, flashing, cooling, someone needs a lower bar for some reason, some login after each inclusion, here these power supplies are 9V each and this is only 2 pages.
Is it really not my fate to just turn it on every morning and just watch movies without dancing with a tambourine ?????
Galimovy android campaign and remained feces since 2.2 version. (I tried all the systems if Che)
Asus immediately thought about selling my hdr1 I’ll sell my own, but no, I think, let him lie in reserve on a shelf

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Guys, I’m already tired of this Asus O Play, everything seems to be normal, but somehow slowly chtoli, looked in the direction of Androyd, here I understand everything is normal with programs for viewing online.
question 2.
1) is it worth changing your Asus with a realtek chip on Ketai
2) what advise in the range up to 2500re, looked mxq pro 4k, impressed. I also read about the mini m8s, even better. can anyone set the right path?
I plan to buy 11.11 at the sale. thanks to all.
What I want: at least 2 usb, remote control - mouse, android, optical output, Internet wired, HD to read and 5.1 sound output.

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removal of temporary ones didn’t help, 0.99GB updates hang on temporary ones, how to delete?

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I repeat the question of a friend above, weighs gig in time, how to remove?

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* olm1967
Is this phone killing them?

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Guys, at some point, troubles began with a 32GB flash drive, a good quality flash drive, not China. At first, the phone constantly offered to scan the SIM and fix errors, later the applications stopped working and the photo that was on the flash was displayed. in short, in the end I formatted it, but still offers to fix the errors and put nothing on it, what could be? vin10 assembly xs

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Secrets on the use of iOS devices

If you suddenly had an Apple device in your hands, then it’s just vital that you read this FAQ. This FAQ will be periodically updated as information becomes available, so that it is useful not only to ordinary users, but also to doctors of iPhone sciences. It is also designed for people who do not read the instructions and love to learn everything at random.

How to manage music on a locked screen?
To do this, press the Home button 2 times.

There is no reject button on incoming call. How to disable the call.
Pressing the Power button once will turn off the ring tone. Press 2 times to reject the call.

How to forcibly turn off the device when it hangs?
Hold down 10 seconds for Home and Power.

How to quickly move up the page?
Double tap on the top panel of the device.

How to control the device using the EarPods headset?
  • To answer the call - press 1 time.
  • “Hang up” - press once
  • Enable iPod (play) - press 1 time
  • Next song (next) - press quickly 2 times
  • Previous song (prev) - press quickly 3 times
  • Turn off iPod (stop) - press 1 time
  • Fast forward - press 2 times, without releasing the button 2nd time
  • Rewind - press 3 times, without releasing the button 3 times

How to go to the full look of the web page?
To do this, open the page and select the address bar. Make a swipe down the opened window and select “Full version of the site” at the top.

How convenient to type on the keyboard device?
  • If you hold the punctuation marks for a long time, the “e” and “ь” buttons will appear alternative punctuation marks, the “ё” and “ъ” buttons, respectively.
  • Quickly typing a space twice, you get a period and a space.
  • In order to quickly type a punctuation mark, slide your finger from the last letter typed to the menu of punctuation marks, and in the opened keyboard, select the sign, and then swipe again to the keyboard switch to the letter one.
  • In order to type a word with a capital letter, the Shift key can not be released. Press Shift and without releasing your finger, lead it on the screen to the desired letter. It works with specials. characters.
    You can also use the Shift key as you would on a computer, i.e. With one finger, press and hold Shift, and with the other, press the desired letter.

How to quickly cancel the action?
Shake the device and select Revert. If you want to undo the cancellation, shake the device again and select Repeat.

Does the device have a proximity sensor?
Yes, he is present. During a conversation, if you bring the iPhone to your ear, the screen will turn off, and when away from your ear it will turn on again. The display turns off completely, so accidental keystrokes are excluded

How to quickly rewind or fast forward video?
To do this, hold down the “Back” and “Forward” buttons respectively.

How to remove any information from the list?
Swipe to the left. Additional options are also available in iOS 8 in the Mail application.

There is no Delete button in the calculator. How to delete the last character typed?
Swipe left or right. The opportunity is available only at input.

How to update the data in the mail?
Swipe the list of letters below, and wait for the update.

How to make a random zoom photos in the application "Photo"?
This option is in iOS 9. Select the desired photo, click "Edit", then select "Crop" and rotate by 90%. After saving the changes, before exiting the photo viewing mode, it can be infinitely increased.

How to add empty icons to the screen?
To do this, create an icon link to the Safari page, which looks like the background.
  1. Go to the blank Springboard iOS page (this can be done in the icon transfer mode by dragging all the icons from the page).
  2. Take a screenshot of the page.
  3. Visit the site
  4. Select “CUSTOMIZE”, then “Add”.
  5. Upload the screenshot obtained in step 2. Confirm the upload by clicking Upload Photo.
  6. On the page with a grid of icons, select those places on the screen that you want to see empty.
  7. On the next page, select the Share icon, then Go to the Home screen.
  8. Place the icon on the desktop in the place indicated earlier on the site.

How to make icons round without jailbreak?
To do this, you need to set an image of 3x3 pixels as a background image (works only on iPhone in iOS 9).

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IJleoH @ 05/06/2016, 21:21*
Something did not arrive, the update, 640 3g ds black from the wife's orange. Mari El Region (Volga Region), operator Megafon and MTS. What to do?

I’m talking about updating at 10, I’m sitting on 8.1 so far.

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Something did not arrive, the update, 640 3g ds black from the wife's orange. Mari El Region (Volga Region), operator Megafon and MTS. What to do?

Rep: (254)
I sit and wait for the update, but I have nothing like that, nor my wife. What trouble? Firmware ended chtoli? Mari EL region

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* alexummc, green?

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Guys, who tried a wireless charging on our tubes?
So far, only universal see, there is nothing on 640.
And who ordered the covers with Ali? Have reviews?

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Guys who found the exchanger Cable, which simultaneously charges the tablet and reads a flash drive, our device can so?

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GPS issues will be discussed here.

Many began to complain about the work of GPS, now we are discussing this problem here.

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[FAQ] How to create an access point to the USB-WiFi

This instruction does not work on the new devices, starting with iOS 5.
Attached Image

Description :
It's no secret that a major role in the economy of the traffic on the iPhone plays WiFi, very often there is a situation when there anlim on BB and wants him to use on the iPhone. To do this we need ~ 0,6Kr and the FAC.
So we go to the store buy WiFi-premnik. BB stuck in the purchase, and act on

Instructions for Windows:

Method 1

1) We go to Manage wireless networks .
2) We press the button To add , Select Connect computer + computer .
3) Specify a name and put this encryption key (5 characters) (WEP).
4) On page sleduyushy NOT push the button Turn on sharing !
5) We go to Network connections and choose properties of your connection to the Internet , Access put two ticks.
6) When you first connect vyberaem connection type Houses .
7) Turn on WiFi on your iPhone, select the available networks and join the network. If you click on the blue arrow next to the network after connecting, you will see the following settings:
IP 192.168.0.x (192.168.137.x. - for Windows 7)
Subnet Mask

Method 2(By pasyabest)
1) Wireless network connection \ properties \ tab wireless connections
2) Click here \ mount a click \
3) Prescribes the network name, authenticity verification and encryption of data at your convenience
4) Put a check-in, this computer has a direct connection to the computer -Computer;
5) the access point is not required, and click OK.
6) If the Internet is connected chernez lan, the properties of the Local Area Connection, select the Advanced tab and put a check on the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet
7) Here, on parameres Firewall tab, put a check in the "shut down" and click OK.
8) Click View Wireless Networks and select the network you created.
9) On the iPhone klatsat vayfay and choose our set.I all enjoy bezlimita)))
by pasyabest

Instructions for Mac OS:
Method 1(By pasyabest)
1) Create a computer Computer-to-Computer network. For this purpose on Mac OS click on the icon Wi-Fi in the top toolbar and select "Create Network
2) Plug-in iPhone to set up a network of Wi-Fi as usual.
3) The iPhone Settings- settings>Choose Wi-Fi network that you just connected to view the connection details. We write down the assigned IP-address of the phone.
4) On the Mac in Terminal run the following command: ssh -ND 9999 root @ IPHONE_IPADDR where IPHONE_IPADDR is replaced by the IP-address that you have written in step 3. Loginov. The default password is alpine administrator ;. Better to change your password.
5) Set up your browser to work through a SOCKS5 proxy server at localhost: 9999.
by pasyabest

Method 1 (graphic)(By pasyabest)

Attached file1.jpg(130.46 KB)

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

by pasyabest

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* VOVAN_L300,
Progs with a subway, with a not finished download, leave a large track behind yourself if you started to download.

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[FAQ] * .deb =>* .ipa

Attached Image

Description : Very often there is a situation when, when changing the firmware, we regret the prog from the "flying" sites when flashing and have to seek everything and not to put it again, and you can not put! For this, you need to translate a file installed from sites into iTunes format.

Cydia format: * .deb
ITunes format: * .ipa

Well, everyone understands that the jail must be made.
The * .ipa format is essentially a zip file, and if you rename the extension in Zip, we will see the file structure. About the * .deb format can be read here -[FAQ] Installation * .deb
To begin with, install the programX On the iPhone of Sith.

Unfortunately, not all programs can become * .ipa; In order to find out this, we go to Sidia>Manage>Packages, click on our application and scroll through the info to FileSystem Content, click on it and see where the application is installed: if we are being installed, then we are lucky if not - nothing will come.
So, we went, to begin with, create a folder on the BB for further manipulations.

1) Create a folder noob the BB.
2) Install the program X from Sidia.
3) Go to the iPhone through iFunBox .
4) We find in the Applications folder and completely download to the folder noob the BB.
5) We are looking for a file info.plist in on the BB and open it through plist Editor Pro [PC] .
6) At the end of the file we find this:
</ dict>
</ plist>

Before this insert the following:
<key>SignerIdentity</ key>
<string>Apple iPhone OS Application Signing</ string>

As a result, the end of the file looks like this:
<key>SignerIdentity</ key>
<string>Apple iPhone OS Application Signing</ string>
</ dict>
</ plist>

7) Close the file and save the result.
8) In folder noob Create a payload folder and move the X.APP folder there.
9) From the site of the program or from another place you download and save your favorite picture in PNG format to the folder noob . You can use the icon.png file from the X.APP folder
10 Remove the expansion from the picture and rename it in
11) Any archiver Archive the folder noob in zip format and call it
12) Now renink in X.ipa.
13) We try to set .ipa application.

All changes with the info.plist file can be performed on the device through the file manager.Filza file manageroriFile.

Thank you all for your attention.

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