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* Galaxy Ace ICS , Or, maybe, so the support service equipment sends a notification to the iPhone, what was the recording of the conversation? After all, support services always warn that the conversation is recorded. Or do these icons appear at any conversation?

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Arkanium @ 04/22/18, 20:24*
Here most likely the dister chooses a person, and not a man's man ...
quite right. We have already been part of this ecosystem, but we like to think that we ourselves chose it.

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* RusWolf2, It's just an absolutely perfect desktop: LOL :: Good: To be honest, I feel more comfortable on Mate. Homely somehow.

Gerasats @ 16.01.21, 19:59*
I hope you are not a daltonik: blush :: rofl:

"Daltonism" suffer from Queennikov, and I as a former of them try to get rid of this infection: lol: In the post outlined my personalfelt-tip pensimpressions. Now I have two favorite of de: Mate and KDE. Be "iron" postcastre, then and others would appreciate.

* Seryoga You will have a laptop laptop, and I do not know how to tuning "iron".

SERGA @ 16.01.21, 20:09*
Boat-based Mint 17.3 and above - does not take off
And I immediately last MINT 20.1 Testil: LOL: Therefore, the impressions are.

* unknownanonymous, For the future it will have to do, it is probably done. But while on Manjaro, it seems comfortable. But I do not exclude that they will increase the requirements for "gland" in the future. At such a time we live.

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Notes of the kettle-winemakers from the old laptop (part 5th, final)

Laptop ASUS (Intel Core i5-3210m CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 410m, RAM 4 GB)

On this laptop it was felt that the desktop Wednesday "Cinnamon" slows down in Linux Mint, and in LMDE. Of course, it is not to compare with the Tenth Winda, when an old laptop periodically fell into anyone. Then in one of the reviews, I read that, they say, the easiest and optimized desktop environment for Linux Mint is "xfce"! Put all "xfce"! : D installed ... But in the end, "XFCE" was much harder than "CINNAMON". Do not believe the reviews on the Internet! :) Then reinstalled Linux Mint again, but already with "Mate" and immediately became unusually quiet. If you open a browser and just read or play any Sudoku Solitaire, and in the background on the player will play Internet radio, and next to put a pile... then the cooler will not even dry out: D what was not noticeable on other shells. I thought already stay on "Mate" ...

But according to the forum, the second day I test Manjaro Linux with a desktop "KDE". From the first launch, the system occupied 480MB RAM, after settings and pairs of open browser tabs - about 800MB. The most struck that even using complex effects (gorgeous animation, transparency of windows, panels, installed widgets on the desktop, etc.) The system does not even strain. On the Tenth Windows, elementary conductor sometimes started half a minute, which can be said about another. And, of course, the cooler was starting like turbine IL-76: LOL:

If the desktop environment "Mate" on the Linux Mint looks a bit non-zero, homely "lamps", sometimes crooked applications, etc., then "KDE PLASMA" on Manjaro looks almost flawless. Well, and, of course, plus the old laptop does not slow down. And in Manjaro, the same Firefox browser is not stuffed in MANJARO. In Linux Mint, I had to clean the Firefox.js files, distribution.ini and so on with my hands. Of course, the first time it may seem that the number of settings on the "KDE Plasma" is simply excessive. This is especially unusual after Windows, where almost everything is tightly nailed by dowels. But everything is your time.

In short, my resume (IMHO): All the development of GNU / Linux steepness, beautiful and worthy of respect, if only because it is Open Source. Such work is always worthy of respect. For example, you can and need to scold Windows, Invidia and other sellers. For these two weeks, what only holivarov did not read inside the Linux community. I thought that the war goes with users of Windows, but it turned out that the real bloody battles go inside GNU / Linux: LOL: So, summaries: everyone must independently choose its distribution. Because everyone has its own iron, experience, employment, conditions, goals, etc. Before everything is put and removed for a couple of clicks. Especially when the hand is already playing. Thank you so much for help and support! :)

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* RusWolf2,
Kapets, my brain broke when BTRFS: Wacko began to delve into the topic: everything is different and so many different opinions. You need to delve further. For beginners, this should be required to read: Good:

Rep: (49)
Ruswolf2 @ 14.01.21, 19:36*
I see the essence of the question did not even reach, but okay, it does not matter.

Sorry, did not even know about it. I will google this question.

Rep: (49)
Z-SG @ 14.01.21, 17:51*
How are things in the dried

Reading Linux forums, often meet unusual terminology. So now I went to google about the "dried", and there it is: lol:

Attached images
Attached Image

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SERGA @ 14.01.21, 16:45*
General - For nerves, it is easier for a pc sledge hammer to rollecent immediately, to speed up
: lol:

SERGA @ 14.01.21, 16:45*
It used to be out of the box, but nothing bothers to put it yourself.

Do you have a clean Debian or LMDE? I may immediately go to Debian, but I have knowledge zero in this matter: D

And so in a couple of weeks, more or less figured out with the installations of CINNAMON, MATE, XFCE. My home also liked everything. The female half in Linux Mint received its Windows Lunar calendar program (they are time for haircuts and other astrological prescriptions get: lol :) True, a little tinted with Wine, but after installing all packages, Windows installer started. Well, a couple more such programs. I installed them chromium, synchronized bookmarks. Some games threw.

Ruswolf2 @ 14.01.21, 15:41*
I shy to ask, and why are you already two sections?

Here for home and opened access to a separate section. There she moved them to their music, video, photo, and so on, so that you could get from Windows and Linux Mint. And for operating folders and other backups, created a separate section to which there are no access users.

Once again I want to say that installing Linux Mint the second system is the perfect solution. All that you need to housewife users are there. Especially pleased speed. Turning on - Shutdown - Complete session - Entry for a different user - All this takes out some seconds. In Windows, on this old laptop, these procedures are eternity: Censored: It is necessary to more actively distribute Linux distributions. I spent the survey among my relatives and friends among the case: the people are still afraid of the words Linux or hears this for the first time: lol:

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* unknownanonymous, Yes, here they wrote about it. But, probably, it is for experienced users. Yes, and like the developments themselves against the installation of non-default DE.

I forgot to tell about one glitch. I unpassed disk area 4 additional logical / dev / sda7, / dev / sda8 with the BTRFS file system to have access to Linux files from under Windows. Installed the drivers for BTRFS and Windows everything perfectly saw.

So, in the settings of the TimeShift program, I specify the place of saving the pictures on any of these discs: / dev / sda7, / dev / sda8. And then they disappear from the list of available devices in the explorer. But Linux sees them in the terminal through the "$ lsblk" command, sees them through "drives and carriers", and they are not available for the user in the explorer! Then I am in TimeShift I change the place of saving on / dev / sda6 (it / home) and these discs (/ dev / sda7, / dev / sda8) become visible in the list of available conductor devices! What kind of magic? And only Mate glitches. At Mint did not notice this.

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SERGA @ 10.01.21, 19:45*
It's not about de, but in the braked Ubuntu-based - is not an option for weak PC

It is a pity that Mate did not on LMDE. Although I read that on Pure Debian it is.

SSV56 @ 10.01.21, 19:54*
CINNAMON and should eat more, as it is based on gnome shell

Maybe you also try KDE, only on Manjaro? : lol:

By the way, yes, I have not reinstalled Windows for all the years as Linux distributions over the past two weeks. This is already a drug addiction: rofl: the benefit of the installation takes about 15 minutes. Now I will put MANJARO and I will stop at anything.

2940149 @ 12.01.21, 16:51 *
For the first time, I thought about installing Linux. The 2003 laptop is needed for sending Cesia, now on Windows XP.
If you, as I first put Linux, then it is better to first pass the session, and then experiment and study.

Rep: (49)
I decided to get acquainted with the Linux Mint 20.1 family. Today put LM on de xfce. They said that it is much easier to Cinnamon, but in fact loads the laptop, like Tenth Windows: LOL: Only the menu call from the "Start" button lays out the cooler! Apparently, it also depends on the "iron".

Before that played on De Mate. For the sensations of Mate on my laptop, much shrouded and less demanding than the rest of the desktop environment. The laptop is unusually quietly behaving. But damn organization settings on Mate wildly infuriates: D

Probably, to understand all this, you need deeper for iron settings, but at the moment there is no time or desire to study all this.

In short, while I return to Mate, and then we'll see.

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* Terskihanton. , Replaced new?

Rep: (49)
SERGA @ 08.01.21, 03:09*
Administration ->Sources of Applications ->Additional repositories ->Add and add

I'm trying to add PPA: NrBrtx / Xorg-Hotkeys, in response I receive a message: "Incorrect input data, the repository is not added." The same with PPA: DanielRichter2007 / Grub-Customizer.

Black1980 @ 08.01.21, 03:38*
It is put in a couple of clicks a separate repository!

Same. After entering the password, the message appears "Adding PPA is not supported."

Black1980 @ 08.01.21, 03:43*
My advice to you, do not be afraid to experiment, stop at LMDE ...

Many advise LMDE. Advise how to make friends LMDE with PPA repositories "in a couple of clicks": lol:

Post has been editeddreamkz - 08.01.21, 12:41

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A_S_D_9 @ 05.11.20, 19:05*
Yes, I found a plugin in the settings - now everything is looking for, great.

Also, the question is on the desktop version on Linux Mint. Do you have covers for tracks online radio picks up? I put the extension Album Artwork, put the ticks at, Musicbrainz and others, but no covers.

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UNKNOWNANONYMOUS @ 08.01.21, 00:17*
I was zadolbala Ubunt, I think the manzar go
How to go in the same song:

Everyone chooses for himself
woman, religion, way.
Debian, Ubuntu IlDragor
everyone chooses for himself.

Rep: (49)
* GeraSats, Thank you very much for an adequate assessment. And then you will hug these "orthodoxs", that even be ... Repeat on Windows again: lol: In general, it is interesting to read Linux forums. What other battles do not occur there. Nifiga does not understand what we are talking about, but it is very exciting. Someone with Ubuntu delivered stability on Debian, the others have taken out other stability to the liver, and they escaped to look for an adventure on other distributions. This is where the real life is boil and boils! : lol:

Rep: (49)
SERGA @ 07.01.21, 17:59*
No - it is not. Assist as in Debian - handles. Google to help - write too much.

Received the debian forum. There is for such questions, local attans heads tear off: lol: write, they say, the system can snew at any time. Sorry.

Rep: (49)
Dreamkz @ 29.12.20, 17:31*
Tell me, please, how to configure the keyboard in the Linux Mint so that the cursor can allocate the whole words with CTRL + SHIFT + arrows (right-left)? On windows it is default. Running in the Linux Mint keypad settings, I tried to add a custom combination, but nothing came out. Does not want a keyboard take such a combination.

I found an answer to my question. It turns out this issue for many years. Solving this patchPPA WITH PATCHED XSERVER-XORG TO FIX BUG 865. But, unfortunately or fortunately, on the LMDE repository from PPA: not supported. This is true?

Black1980 @ 05.01.21, 23:39*
Grub has not been updated, it was with Minthold, I did everything through Grub Customizer

As I understood, Grub Customizer is also not available on LMDE?

Arkanium @ 06.01.21, 00:21*
So that
# Grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Created a GRUB.CFG file. Is it now you can edit on my discretion? : blush:

I read and watched differently on the topic of Linux distributions. As I understood, for stupid winemakers, as I will be most painless to go to the desktop versions of Ubuntu. Linux Mint version 18.19, 20, and not LMDE 4th version. I do not even know. Learn a little more with LMDE. The most common tasks are performed, besides the smallest things: switching the keyboard, the audio players in the tray do not want to cloud, the timer with the alarm sounds does not pick up the sounds, etc. It would be time, just that would be engaged in: lol: And as a whole, everything is very cool, the old laptop just flies, more and not necessary.

Rep: (49)
* Seryoga Please forgive for the laughter. Intel Core i5-3210m @ 4x 3.1GHz processor. Refers to Outdated IntelВ® Core в„ў processors.

SERGA @ 05.01.21, 18:10*
in the direction of the Governor control driver
Googled this terrible terminology and was horrified o.o, I am not morally ready to do something at the nuclei level! I am better to demolish everything and finally put: lol:

Rep: (49)
SERGA @ 5.01.21, 16:48*
The percent is not an Intel case?
Yes, it was he.

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