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Hello! Wear a plane, is it worth taking modern laptops at the moment? After reading, as I understood, after a socket G3 began to make a shipped proq, AMD has the same situation! That's just with RAM it is not clear, somewhere in Vpyana, that again is not an option, somewhere there is no! What is better to take?
The laptop will be taken for long-term use of 5 years, because There is no extra money to change the beech like gloves! Of course, the soess of the PGA socket, so that at a convenient case would change not only HDD (SSD), but percentage and RAM! Used will be used for the Internet, print (Word, Exel), light video editors.

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* Blackpanthera90 Respected! Why do not read the cap! The second tab in the "Personal Experience of the Group participants", there a person described what to do after installing the chip! I do not doubt your talents, but most of the problems because of non-knowledge (or reluctant to read the header)!

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* bfmv86 , Rutreker has distributions from a large number of games, both Russians and English. There are always distributing!

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* bfmv86 , What for? On the network ready images, just write to the disk.

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* bfmv86, What do you mean by "remake"?

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Personal experience of members of the group (to reading necessarily!)

A little about Xbox Original
Date of issue
Xbox - game console, developed and manufactured by Microsoft. For the first time went on sale on November 15, 2001. This is the first independent performance of Microsoft on the game console market after a project to develop a version of the Windows CE operating system for the game prefixer DreamCast. Microsoft Xbox directly competed with Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube. The heir to Xbox was the xbox 360 prefix and later Xbox One. Initially, the console had the name DirectXbox to emphasize the use of the DirectX API console. When the console was first announced, the name did not like the companies that bought the right to sell. With the help of an Internet survey among users, 20 options for the new name were formed, among whom "Xbox" won.

operating system
An operating system for the Xbox game console is a very much changeable Windows 2000. During adaptation to the game console in Windows 2000, a lot of code has been changed (in the part responsible for working with file systems), so the operating system of this game console cannot be called belonging to the ruler Microsoft Windows. Specialists call it "Xbox OS". [3] However, a member of the Garry Trinder console developer team in its post in the appropriate blog, briefly gave an explanation that the Xbox operating system was developed "from scratch" and only some APIs from Win32 are introduced into it.

Xbox has become a popular gaming prefix containing a hard disk used mainly to save the state of the Games and for files loaded from the Xbox LIVE service. This made unnecessary use of memory cards. Most games also used a temporary caching disk to accelerate the game download. Some games also support such a function as "Custom Soundtracks" - the user can install in the game playing its music files stored on a hard disk, instead of standard, built into the game. Although Xbox is based on a PC architecture and running under the trimmed version of the Windows 2000 core version, the console has a number of differences, including optimization to use for games, as well as restrictions made to ensure that the user cannot use the prefix invertible methods. The same scheme (PC as a basis and trimmed windows) was used in the entertainment system Tandy VIS.

Technical har-ki
Since Xbox is largely the heirement of IBM PC-compatible computers, then you can make an idea of ​​the capabilities of the prefix in its technical characteristics.
  • Central processor: 733 MHz Intel Pentium III, with 133 MHz FSB with a reduced to 128 kb of second-level cache.
  • Graphic processor: 250 MHz Specially designed chip, called NV20A (Modification of the NV20 video chip used in GeForce 3 PCs; NV20A Power is comparable to the NV25 chip in GeForce 4 Ti video cards), the development was carried out jointly Microsoft and NVIDIA.
  • Memory: 64 MB of DDR SDRAM operates at a frequency of 200 MHz, MICRON manufacturer. • Memory speed: 6.4 GB / s.
  • The number of ports for connecting controllers: 4 ports, your own version of the USB format.
  • Support full-screen smoothing: Yes.
  • Information media: 2-5x DVD, 8 GB Hard disk, additionally You can use 8 MB memory cards
  • Audio channels: 64 channels 3D sounds (up to 256 stereo)
  • Support 3D Audio: Yes
  • MIDI Support DLS2: Yes
  • AC3 (Dolby Digital): Yes (via Toslink)
  • Network connection: Yes (10/100 Mbps Ethernet).
  • DVD playback: Yes (by separately supplied DVD Playback Kit / Remote).
  • Maximum resolution: 1920 (horizontal) x1080 (vertical) at a 32-bit color depth (16.9 million colors). o Note: Standard NTSC television signal contains 525 lines (visible raster 486 lines). The standard PAL television signal contains 625 lines (visible raster 575 lines).
  • High-definition television support: up, 480p / 720p / 1080i (depends on the game).
  • Weight: 3.86 kg.
  • Dimensions: 324 Г— 265 Г— 90 mm

HBOX performance characteristics.

  • Note: Numbers are named by Microsoft. Some critics argue that in practice this productivity for XBOX is unattainable
  • Performance of the graphic system: 125 million non-textured polygons per second.
  • SUSTAINED POLYGON PERFORMANCE: 100+ M / S (Transformed and Lit Polygons Per Second).
  • Micropolygons / Particles Per Second: 125 m / s.
  • Particle Performance: 125 m / s.
  • Simultaneous textures: 4.
  • Pixel Fill Rate - without textures: 4 billion / sec (with anti-aliasing).
  • Pixel Fill Rate - with 1 texture: 4 billion / sec (with anti-aliasing).

End of product support
March 2, 2009 Microsoft graduated from XBox support.
On April 15, 2010, the console was disabled from the XBOX Live service.

Diagrams of decay chipov
Aladdin XT.

Quite interesting video about chipsYou will find out what chips went out for boxing, plus learn their pickup.

Original Xbox Recording Manual, using ImgBurn.
You have houses chipped or soft mounted Microsoft Xbox Original. You downloaded the image of the game from this subsection. However, do not know how to record the game, what would she play on your favorite console? Do not worry, now I will be painted in detail one of the options for recording the game image. To do this, we use the universal ImgBurn program.

Depending on the size of the gaming image data, you must select the discs of the desired format - CD / DVD / DVD DL +/- R (DVDRW use is extremely not recommended, their use will reduce the drive resource at times), depending on the manufacturer of your console drive manufacturer. Dicks are worth buying high-quality not to plant a laser head. I recommend using Verbatim and TDK brand blanks.

After downloading and installing the ImgBurn program, we launch it.

1. Click the option "Write Image File To Disk" (write file image on a blank).
2. We are looking for and choose a game file-image on your computer.
3. Set the 4x recording speed, then press the option slightly below and to the left, which will lead to the recording start.
We are waiting for the end of the record, after which we happily play with friends.



Found a good siteThe mods are not so much to the box, but it is useful for informing.
Video cable1, 2, 3, 4
https: //
Replacement / repair drivebut

Replacement HDD on Softmode
Hard drives must be supported by everything as SATA and IDE! But about a rare incompatibility is not necessary! I read on some forums that the console is not friendly with WD Hards! It is worth WD 2.5 Black (7200), it works without problems! AdapterSATA-IDE, still infa. Single but! The adapter is best to check immediately by arrival, and I had a marriage case, I had a good reviews, the time to open the dispute was naturally passed!
https: //www.instructab...ox-hard-drive-upgrade/
https: //
https: //

Xbox Original Forums, Games, Instructions

Spare parts, accessories, chips, etc.

Update caps
UPD 18.05.2020 Added a couple of references to chipovka, repair and fashion. Made the "Replacement HDD" tab.
UPD 03.11.2019 - Added the section "Video Cable" in the "Fashion" tab.
UPD 15.09.2019

A convincing request, if you have any info, which in your opinion will be useful, write in the beginning of the message the mark "Add to the header"! It will be easier for me to update it, which would be due to the lack of on the forum many days, I never know, I did not re-read the last pages, and I found it on the search and added the necessary information!

The topic will be complemented in a timely manner, both by references and texts from other resources and personal experience! All offers and wishes in a personal or topic: thank_you:

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* megavolt85 No, I put it on the size of it!

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* Kamchatkarus41 I have only 4 pads, three China and one original from the logic, let's call it like that! So here compared to these three, on the logistics to play a pleasure! Smoothness in the shooters is excellent!

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* Kamchatkarus41 , Well, you and fed!) My opinion, the boxing of such costs is not worth the gamepads of $ 40? Allow! By the way, I also took 2 pad, one China, but the wire is long, as in the original.

Attached images
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Attached Image

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* Samson68, Problem in time! Looking for a battery or order it from Ali for a long time, so I want to make from the remedies, as I wrote above! As I understand it, if you have an additionally diode Skotka and resistance, the battery will not charge and everything will be fine!
* Nikulyar49 Bit off, did not help!
* Another old bastard, Giving 3V!
Here isandhere, Similar situations! I will not argue that the problem may be much more serious, but still I want to start the option with a battery replacement ...

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* Nikulyar49 When you turn on, it is just a black screen, even the matrix does not shine! Searching in the network similar problems, sin on the dead battery of bios, so I want to check if it is! If not, then expensive in service!

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Hello everyone! There is a laptop Acer TravelMate 5542G, you need to replace the BIOS battery, but the format of ML1220, which is not so easy to find! Under hand there are CR2032, I want to replace it! In nete a lot of controversial information that this battery, CR, put better temporarily! I want for a long time! Until it sees! there issuchandsuchOptions, and many others! Now the question is, is it safe to change it?

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* sashhh95, I'm not Wanta! You at the beginning of the spare parts, the IDE of the loop (80 PIN), you can take two PC IDE drives (just in case), it's all a penny, and in the future you will be useful! Himself noodles, how can I know what you do not work? Tell me what and how did you do! What is your drive, there is there any indication or not, did you put jumpers, etc., the photo would not prevent you from ...

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* sashhh95, Native drive disconnect completely! PC drive jumper Put to Slave mode! Here Still read!

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* sashhh95 , Cap for whom made?! Henceforth read the cap, there are most of the answers! Hold on!

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* megavolt85, No, I do not even know about whom you! In addition to throw out, do you advise anything else?)

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* sashhh95 This is already depends on where you live! First of all, local flea markets, if there is nothing, then Ali or ebay!

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* sashhh95 , Buy IDE PC drive, any, plus a molex splitter, connect and rejoice!

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* sanyok82, I ordered with ebey, there and the price tags more than!

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* sanyok82, Then the first option, he is the main, order chip and chipui console! The second, if not tolerant, then put a new softmode, but remember, you can kill EEPROM, and the console itself this method, I am about hot swap.

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