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* samdnn , Well, if you believe that that there is written RU lagging a bit.

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* dorik-xxx , Well, I read it.
There's a PC and need it before the weekend unfortunately is not.
I mean both the weekly globalki stupidly download the firmware and go through 3 points.

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* ceragon And if you do not mind, we write 4k video with 60 fps Stabia.

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Judging by the fact that people write on RU firmware nothing to sit at all?
Refresh py very far behind
Bad that after 3 points can not jump as well as to the output means to endure.

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* Dweller + , About 4 to

Posted on 20/08/2019, 18:32:

* Dweller + I asked, and the man replied that the stub can not cope.

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* Dweller + Yes here we wrote that though it is only in the EU but bad.

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Say this about the region he so Troll or really is the case?
Attached Image

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* arl19 , On the RU either.
Well one figs 4 to 60 fps in it the most valuable and which does not plow as it should. For me as a 4 is not needed at all.

Posted on 08/19/2019, 22:20:

* pksm , And Alice do not like do not put on a button?

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* arl19 , Well, it means you have firmware from EU.
And we tried to shoot 4 to 60fps stub is?

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* arl19 , Write the firmware.

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* dorik-xxx , Well, what else can be changed with the release of Miu 11 and the emergence of virgins firmware.
The forum by the way is a set of testers only there is not written on what he Miu.

Posted on 19/08/2019, 21:28:

* Segich13 , Proof the studio and firmware version))

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* dorik-xxx , Now I do not understand how the phone for 30 rubles to no stub at 60 fps.
A state employee who was taking pre-orders for over 15,000 stub once was.
In fact to stab me in the phone and spoils the mood of buying and spending almost 30000: rtfm: rubles.

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* dorik-xxx , exactly

Posted on 19/08/2019, 21:20:

* dorik-xxx I once even ran with it and tested the results were very stub not bad

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* dorik-xxx , electronic

Posted on 08/19/2019, 21:17:

* dorik-xxx , A fact that he is there Zrazy at release

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Kick me and scold outs but this is my personal opinion about this phone.
I bought in the store 9 mi take over the 29,990 delivered by the way almost two days by courier. (1000km).
I used them for a couple of days and I realized that I had bought for the money your redmi note 5 but only for maximum speed.
1 camera complete garbage bought spontaneously have thought to see that there is no optical stub.
2 for the money could buy E IIR June 3 .128
4 body very easily soiled
5, the difference in speed between the notes 5 and 9 E, I even did not notice personally for me it is 855 and 636 are distinguishable only in games.
5 weak battery but you can get used to.
6 What about the photo until I can keep quiet for finished firmware.
7 Well, I do not feel I am in the hands of the leader of all.
phone Goodies:
1 wireless charging
2 functions in several cool chamber
4 amoled
6 fast charge.
I'm totally disappointed in buying this phone because it has bought for himself Xiaomi redmi note 5 but with a couple of new fichey all.
If my phone has a contactless payment I have not even looked in the MI range.

Stab 1080 fps to 60 notes 5

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Another day of use, and write opinion of the person who passed a line on redmi mi.
But I will say right now that the sense of how well it does not wow.

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* Yurikin , Save presentation)

Posted on 08/18/2019, 22:01:

* Yurikin Yes, and I can and will not change unless change your mind if you will Xiaomei flagship 4000-5000 mAh.

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Prompt book cover to normally closed chamber.
And it is worth to buy the glass on the camera?
And from the reviews it is easily scratched and not guys are sapphire it.

Posted on 18/08/2019, 21:31:

* maloybrother If it is necessary to believe yutuberov cover normal because we have there is a very low-cost sapphire or there is not at all.
Well, I personally think about buying glasses on the camera.

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It's ok that's just took off charge 100% charge, and after 3-5 minutes of use 99?

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* pksm ,
During the games affect battery on eye care
Played Evil Lands at maximum speed.
3000 is still very little

Posted on 18/08/2019, 14:53:

By the way if anyone wants on lyubovatsya on grafon swing Evil lands

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