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I take it back, TWRP V 3.0.2 works!
Accept apologies!
Backup was made earlier by another TWRP, so your not seen folder.
I did not have to put the check system data and everything works so perhaps default.

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When you make a backup, it automatically creates a folder on the SD card and it is called TWRP, so he does not see it,
but I'll try one more time, I will unsubscribe after ....

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TWRP V 3.0.2 does not restore a backup, simply does not see the TWRP folder on the micro SD card.

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Earned sound decided your clue pekinul,, and lib / hw / all sound is!
All you can start knowing where to dig!
Thank you for the tip!
Maybe someone more information will be useful will be glad!
But still tossed with the working of the same cyanogen 13 cm where the sound works!

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lineaqe OS 13 is also set no sound ...

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On this issue, you will here a good resusr to change the system files,
read carefully and make yourself
Order table for compiling and editing system resources and applications (Post Fashionon # 26392036)

Posted on 19/05/2017, 10:53:

Here's anotherInstructions for editing system resources (Post Fashionon # 5744876)

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Good day to all ! I ported on DEXP ML 4.5 MTK 6572 CM13 firmware, no sound anywhere, or rather only in headphones,
liby audio and soundfix and in etk changed the result is zero, the audio driver is to blame, look for him in what way?
The speaker is working, verified by other firmwares!

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By what way are the audio driver?

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Welcome all ! Question; Ported to the processor MTK 6572 CM13, there is no sound from the speakers, or rather there are only headphones Speaker worker tell me where to dig?

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Hello! there is a phoneDEXP Ixion ML 4.5 - Firmware (Post Prohozhiy777 # 48448224)
portDEXP Ixion ML 4.5 - Firmware (Post RedSlow # 52038294)
does not work; GPS, Bluetooch, camera, Wi-Fi, 3G

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Hello! There is a telephone Dexp ml 4.5DEXP Ixion ML 4.5 - Firmware (Post Prohozhiy777 # 48448224), Flash portDEXP Ixion ML 4.5 - Firmware (Post RedSlow # 52038294) ,
do not operate the camera GPS Bluetooch

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Hello !DEXP ixion ES150 - Discussion

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Hello ! TWRP recovery is needed for Dexp ES 150 processor Spreadtrum SC7731DEXP ixion ES150 - Discussion5.1 ROM firmware


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