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* amk1
In Microg is a sick topic ..
Try to flash, after unsubscribe about the resultAttached MB)

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Fallen15 @ 03/24/20, 11:08*
and there is an instruction as a Magisk to roll up the simple root need and don't know how to install

* FalleN15,
First you need to understand if you have a custom TWRP Recovery (if not then hereSamsung SM-T331 Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 - Discussion (Post prototip_zxc # 74266999)
I have GT-I9190 / GT-I9195 Galaxy S4 Mini - LineageOS firmware (post i9666666 # 86229793)
Well, then if the TWRP is installed, swing Magisk - We go to the USB or internal memory, go to TWRP (press the three buttons simultaneously and keep: Button ON / OFF + Button Home + Volume Swing Top
As soon as you see in the upper left corner with a yellow word Recovery - I let go all three buttons should appear TWRP itself, in it we click the installation and looking for the desired Zip, then the wipe left-to-right ..,
After pressing the reboot into the system .. something like that ..: D

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WinkArbik @ 03/22/20, 20:50*
After that, remove the logs:
adb logcat>logcat.txt
adb logcat -b radio>radio.txt
Everything did it (I threw the wrong files from your list, it would add a list to the instruction somewhere to add)! : D.
In general, both SIM cards earned! : rofl:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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* FalleN15,
The menu for developers may be item ..
Or roll Magisk ..

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* Nomad_TYV,
It is easier to change the launcher for example thisAttached fileLawnchair.apk(6.96 MB)
In it, everything is configured!

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* WinKarbik,
All besides a couple (now everything is podkin ..

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* WinKarbik,
In general, the endless chain went in the logs .. but it seems to be more clear ..
Simock not yet ..Attached fileradio.txt(54.56 KB)
At least the dialer ceased to fly ..

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* WinKarbik,
Found one in vendor

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* nojick,
These characters are in the files:
They are in donor.

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* WinKarbik,
Removed the log via ADB
There was not enough two files from the vendor, I skipped them), after that, the log changed and no longer referred to the receiving files.
Now I do not know what's the matter .. Log writes [2: No such file or directory]
Attached fileradio.txt(61.32 KB)

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* WinKarbik,
I registered what you need for this:
In Build.prop, registered lines from Working Lose 17
rild.libpath = / vendor / = dsds
ro.multisim.simslotcount = 2.
ro.telephony.default_network = 3 = simactivation
Boot.img repaid a donor, he replaced only on his kernel boot.img-kernel, only such files in Ramdisk:
It's all the rest is in System and VENDOR / INIT
The second RIL-daemon I have on the working LOSE-17 is in System / System / Vendor / etc / init
In the donor did the same (transferred the second RIL-demon on the way as it should).
In Rild2.RC there are such rows:
Service RIL-DAEMON2 / VENDOR / BIN / HW / RILD -L /VEndor/lib/ -c 2
class main
user radio
Group Radio Cache Inet Misc Audio Log Readproc Wakelock Diag
Capabilities Block_Suspend Net_admin NET_RAW
In this regard, I added at VENDOR / LIB that do not get files from Losa-17:
Also replaced the Modules and Firmware folder donors that are on the way System / System / Vendor
But all the unsuccessfully sim cards do not work and do not see the icons of their presence (at least empty .. in the status bar ..
I suspect that there is not enough coma in the config on my Non-Hlos.bin modem or the donor is not supported by my modem format ..
It is a pity that SIM cards do not come true - the firmware is good smart (LOS17 is just a brake compared to CrDroid, there is no one because there are no other donor, and we have only los17, more than anything ..

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All good!
Question to the connoisseurs in the logs ..
Made a port with a single-hand-LTE on a two-sick-3G firmware CRDROID Q started, works: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, etc., but do not work both SIM cards,
There are no empty icons in the status bar (apparently does not pick up the modem itself or something else ..
Threw all RIL..SO. from the vendor in the folder Lib and a lot more related to it, but without a sense ..
Can someone tell me where the reason is not the start of the SIM cards ..
Logs are attached:
Attached file2020-03-21-06-24-00.txt(618.96 KB)

Attached file2020-03-21-06-22-10.txt(27.06 KB)

In any case, thanks for any information and advice! : D.

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* Rovik13,
MagiskР’В® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interface (Post Anais10 # 53515726)

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Bluetooth, the point of access is not checked ..
The rest is working

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* Kinkara
Every time it becomes more stable (in the last assembly of Arni included the second kernel (two kernels work constantly - the firmware has become a little postpower ..

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* ooogo,
Sadly ...: scratch_one-s_head:
Reinstall the firmware is good ..

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* ooogo,
Delete your ES and set

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* ooogo,
What is your ES (if the old then it is a maximum of nine.

Rep: (212)
On LOS17 applications are installed from the "Files" application
If you want to remove something from system APK. then you need Magisk and a new applicationES File Explorer File Manager Attached fileES- MB)

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* Uznetplus,
In your case, two options:
1). Difficult to choose IMEI. Do not care in the dialer * # 06 # is there both numbers of your IMEI. If there are no numbers, then search for recovery methodsEFS Recovery and IMEI (Post busy17 # 25148266)
If there is IMEI, then keep your modem for your particular country and only for your phone.(do not think to flash someone else's modem).
Samsung GT-I9192 Galaxy S4 Mini Duos - Firmware (OS Android 4.x.x) (Post SatXtreme # 34502189)
https: //forum.xda-deve...owThread.php? T = 2768593
2). It is from frequent pulled out-inserted closure of the SIM card tracks (you can try to clean the tracks to the toothpick-helps but not always, because it fails the chip itself -Then change of the SIM card).

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