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* Hikkan,
Well, why on disposal,
My, too, was a brick - and the present .. I did not have any logo (and there is a comrade and logo, it means not everything is lost ..
You need to make a loading MicroSDCard burn a dump on it and flash brick, maybe yes will help: D

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* ivandmitriev1989,
Well now there is nothing to lose (it looks like a brick ...
Go to the TWRP Recovery Power Button + Volume Swing Down or Up Try Try (if you don't turn the battery and re-swing the volume.
Next there make a resethard reset This is a reset of settings.
If it does not help then askUv.lisa how to go.

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Attached Image
- Reason to: lineageos
-Theverssion Android: 10.0 q unoffcial
- The latest version of the assembly: 03/31/2020
-For GT-I9192
-Gapps: No.
- Testing testing
Firmware with a large number of settings.
Camera (decrypts bar and QR-CODE)
fm radio
Internet with SIM cards
All sensors.
You can install:
Microg or Bitgapps, as well as of.gapps
Works recovery from backup.

Installing microG
Mix the Microg-10.0 archive immediately following the firmware , set the correct date and time to go to the Microg settings in "Checking the performance" to tap on the line "system allows the signature substitution" to give permission in it, after going to the "Registration of the device in Google". On this settings are completed.
Now we go to Play Market We enter your account with all agree and after Tago as Play Market will not open close it from recent applications "Clear everything",
Now you can go to Play Market - to catch and earn!
Synchronization of calendar and contacts!
Will not work games requiring authorization through Google Account!
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

screenshots dialer
The recording of the conversations is supported, the folder with the recording is created in the CallRecordings phone memory, everything works including sensors!
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Special thanks for help in testing firmware respected vanoscb
Attached ImageFirmware
Attached ImageMicrog-10.0

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* Ampr2me,
In this case, the optimal versionAOSPEXTENDED-V4. 6.In the seventh, in the bundle withmicroG
Firmware smart and operatives of the norm remains.

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AMPR2ME @ 19.04.20, 21:34*
Could somehow influence what I did not take a sim card during the firmware?

No, it does not affect (checked more than once ..
I wrote to you pull the fileapns-conf.xml From the moose where sim cards work and throw into my firmware with replacement.
Hike your cellular network operators have grown something ...
In general, you obviously have something wrong with EFS - you may have once launched someone else's modem (for the future, make backup Persist and EFS - it will save your nerves and your tel.)
Other SIM cards and the Internet are working!

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* Ampr2me,
Try throwing up with the replacement and assignment of the rights fileapns-conf.xml from the working firmware (in your case los13

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* asd_13,
On the stock tens full of bugs (I mean fresh smart), and then the dinosaur, you better flash the firmware, test and report errors here,
Otherwise, if everyone is silent, then no error will correct!

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Kinkara @ 17.04.20, 14:13*
New attack, with a connected headset, the ringtone does not sound, only vibrates

See the settings (possibly the default vibration is enabled ..

Rep: (212)
* Kinkara
I do not know about the moose install-check the more so today Arco updated it ..
I do not think that on the los will be what you wrote in the wishes ..
By the way, in times you have stitched CRDROID Write if you have sims and internet from them,
And then here comrade writes that it does not work for him ..

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* Kinkara
Melody is one on both sim in this firmware.
Regarding the wishes about it better to write CRDROID source developers.

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* Ampr2me,
No idea..
Remove logs ..
Dropbox folder Data / System / Dropbox path CRACH file.
Through ADB team ADB Logcat>logcat.txt
through the app for loving
And direct your logs in the topic of portingPorting firmware on Qualcomm 200/120 / 400/410/600 / 6xx / 8xx / 820 (Post Unbrick # 46460602)
Configured themselves, everyone would have similar problems like you, one thing about you so ..

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* Ampr2me,
Regarding the NFC is not discouraged, it does not interfere with and this is not a flawful firmware, but soon applicability to those models that have this module ..
By the way, you felt you note that the LOS 17 from Arco68 also contains NFC files.
Want to cut these NFC files but it will not give you anything.
And about it works, it does not work - your phone is obviously beginning problems with iron and not doko with flash memory, and then brick ..
Reinstall the updated firmware completely with all the Vaipes and the formatting of the DATA section.
Everyone who put both SIM cards and the Internet work, even with a parallel theme GT-I9190 / GT-I9195 managed to port my firmware but did not bring to mind ...

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* Ampr2me,
It works on my
Attached Image

Carefully read the post with firmware
TWRP Recovery 3.3.1-0 must be installed.

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* NC2020,
In this case, the program for the removal of the log, click the ellipsis and click Save As dialog box, then look for the file in the phone memory or on a flash drive
here after him.

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* NC2020,
I understand you have Ruth would not otherwise worked Catlog ..
throw off a full log in text format. data / system / dropbox file crach a better team through adb adb logcat>logcat.txt

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* valefo,
Of. Gapps should always be installed without problems (if there is no bug in the firmware for this)
Download the desired version of Android, Arm-hand architecture I advise PICO package
Updated CRDROID-10.0:
Corrected mobile data, a dialer with auto marine and other settings was installed, updated the Microg and install it, see the firmware descriptionCRDROID-10.0.

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Good evening everyone!
Tell me. Is there a dialer with a record of dozens, does it work, and what firmware?

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* Trykath,
It's clear.
Exactly what I mean, where do the necessary corrections or comments that would slot sim1 was 3G (now in this slot only 2G

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Good day to all!
Question to connoisseurs, tell me. Where can I reassign mobile data transmission to another slot?
Now the Internet works from the second SIM slot, I would like from the first SIM1 ..

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* 1972al,
In dozens, not watched on / off SIM cards on separately, only the mode of the aircraft is turned off two SIM cards simultaneously.

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