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Tushik 04.11.06 @ 18:43:55
I Tried. Slide show

In the sense? TCPMP compared with CorePlayer? It does not happen. Check your settings.

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Clover ,

I not found how to attach a file. Let the soap, AC3 throw for TCPMP PM. (It is for TCPMP 0.72, 0.71 can also go).

Ugh, I found how to pick up a file, catch ...

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Womudszczuk ,

Similarly, no. The only mention about playlists: Menu->Options->Settengs->Player->Keep playlist.

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JDima @ 29.10.06 13:44:45
And where it is written about support nvidevskogo accelerator?

What do you mean where it is written? Enjoying _ see:
Features: blah blah blah ...
Hardware acceleration on supported devices
Look further: blah blah blah ...
Compatible Devices: Acer: Acer N310

I understand it so that the support nvidevskogo accelerator developers promise.
I am wrong?

2. On my machine the buffer should be reduced! When buffer 512 Kb gained at the same speed as TCPMP 0.72 (even several. Poshustree percent, but this can be attributed to experimental error). By default, the buffer was 4096 (on TCPMP - 2056).

PS. Wherever Put - at least in main memory, at least for a card, the speed of it is independent. Well, that's understandable. After all, in any case, the player is first loaded into the RAM, and from there begins to work.

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1.02 The setting was more, of course. But there is still the declared support of the accelerator. TCPMP again faster (buffer sizes are the same - 2400).

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Put on the card. On the device itself is TCPMP 0.72. Both work without any glitches. At first glance, TCPMP works more efficiently. The Acceleration Settings item is blocked - a pity, the developers promised "Hardware acceleration on supported devices". So while TCPMP taxis.

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