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preot @ 22.06.2018, 19:20*
The new module for Good Lock
Clock Face

(AOD for clock and lock screen)
[Attachment = "13173415: Screenshot_20180622-181545_ClockFace.jpg"]

[Attachment = "13173426: ClockFace.apk"]

After installing the interface system crash, after the removal of the problem remains - the phone is turned on after the restart, the first screen is turned off and turn it on a black screen and the cyclic error interface.

S8, Oreo, runoff.

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A AOD something you can customize (other than those of Samsung shell itself, of course)?

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Colleagues, and anyone can assemble a theme for runoff Oreo (S8), without root-rights and of a custom rekaveri(Nebezvozmezdno) ?

It is only necessary with respect to the following flow:

1. Color Choice navbara settings (or just make it black)
2. Remove the icon from the active simkarty statusbara
3. Add icons network operators
4. And most importantly, because of what the fuss is about, and what I can not find in existing modes - you need to make the possibility of the withdrawal only on AOD notification, that is, in the absence of notification to the AOD screen is black, if there were notices - they appeared on AOD. Time, date, battery level and is not needed at all, as it was earlier Nougat here in this fashion -AOD only notifications (no clock and no battery)

I would appreciate it, both morally and materially :)

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vitrysk @ 10.06.2018, 14:28*
* Legran , Google home. Another option put google trips.

Trips does not track flights, it only takes a ticket from the Old.

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vitrysk @ 09.06.2018, 22:07*
* stuka_pilot In google home application there was a section where all reservations have

What the google home?

Flights - yes, stopped track :(

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* xescobarx,

Place the Dual SIM Selector, and all of this will get.
The fact that there are no really - display in history at which the call was Simcoe. But I'm afraid, will not it, and this will have to accept.

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FinderRus @ 26.05.2018, 15:50*
Hello. Today saw at ATMs marked with Sberbank black eyelets contactless oplaty..dumayu to withdraw money through the body .. and teach how the procedure is done ... who have already tried.

Powered by Tinkoff ATMs, use the same as a roadmap - it brought the phone, reader piliknul, that's all. Money is withdrawn without any problems (tested involuntarily when once forgot the wallet at home).

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At a recent news release, you can whisk your finger?

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* SlaF74,

I have a PCT.
Rolled from 8 to 7, Android, and today at the Carrousel found this glitch.

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Riazon @ 14.04.2018, 18:14*
After a recent renovation was not possible to use the card carousel. It was from someone that?
[Attachment = "12639575: Screens ... ung Pay.jpg"]

Same problem.

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Friends tell me - and whether the fashion for Oreo to display the AOD only notification?

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sashkat @ 10.02.2018, 23:06*
* Senshi535,
Probably trying to put the second version.

But where to take it, I'm sorry?)

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* mus-lk

And undertake to support Binbanka add?
Of course, not for free :)

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* eutechnyx,

For example, the fact that the microphone is located behind the cover (with the opening facing down) behind, as I think you know very well.
The fact that these holes are clogged with property that entails loss of hearing for the subscriber even discussed in this topic, you can make this by searching on the topic (for example, hereSo).

I personally could not a few days to understand what the hell no one hears me, and I have to shout into the phone, the benefit was a new replacement cover, and I was not too difficult to carry out full-scale experiment almost immediately after reading the information on the forum.

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+ Roman + @ 02.02.2018, 11:56*
There is a problem withDroid turbo (The Verizon, zalochenny without root) when an incoming call can not hear me (sometimes general, sometimes only the first word, and then very bad). If you turn on the speakerphone, then everything works fine. Telegram, voice search, audio recording on video - works fine. With the headset and everything works. Factory made rezet - did not help.
Can someone faced with a similar problem or knows the solutions?

Recommend already ordered the replacement of the rear cover, as the symptoms are similar to zabivshimisya microphones.
Or as someone wrote in the thread, a thin needle to clean the microphone openings, but there is a chance to damage the microphone.

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I understand that no root system notifications on conclusion AOD disable no options?

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shatunoff70 @ 30.01.18, 10:01*
On s8 has a diode which flashes when you have missed notifications ...

Pro diode understood interest is the realization of icons on the display.
Actually I want to point out that the logic of Motorola in terms of the implementation of reminders on display in all its other cons was much more correct than the Samsung implemented, starting with algorithm, about which wrote above, and ending with the opportunity to see a preview or banal brush away any notice.
At S8, I was never able to win consistently concluded on the VPN icon display mode and "Do Not Disturb", which are notified well right here does not need ..

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Joined with Motorola to S8, there is a question (suddenly someone else with such wishes already looking for a solution).

At Motorola Active Display I worked in the following way - the screen was extinguished prior to the arrival notification, and only after his arrival began to show the clock and notification icon.
Accordingly, passing by the table and glanced at the phone, I knew that something came, or came by, seeing a black screen.
Always On Display light is always at S8, that is, you need to come to the phone, to understand, you have missed the notice or not.

Can I set the Always On Dispay or whether there are some third-party software that enables the screen only on the arrival notification?

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* FreeGruz,

Pay again with the same card.
Then you call the bank, explain the situation, the money is returned due to the dual write-offs.

But in my experience for a couple of minutes, SMS comes for the return of write-offs.

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Arhibald 1979 @ 13/01/2018, 21:42*
* Legran Not once, this was not.

From the bank of course it depends, but most of the banks in order to minimize fraud still have a trigger on suspicious transactions, including on the spread in the regions.

Here is an example - a couple of years ago, a month after returning from Mexico, the evening falls SMS purchase in any shop across the Bank Of New York in the amount of $ 120, within 30 seconds the call of Raiffeisenbank for whether I bought it.

This year, in the morning to buy water on the way to the airport in a few hours in Amsterdam buy tickets on the train with the same card, the moment of a call from the Tinkoff.

In general, nothing precludes the use of the card in these calls is not simply clarify, whether the transaction is fraudulent. But understand that the call may be worth it.

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