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dnsankin @ 23.10.2016, 18:23*
It was plain Stock firmware, which has been frozen verizonovsky trash than anything explains. After a wipe, freeze settings reset.
So it is necessary to dig into the modem line

Yes, but the man says that he took the new smart.
IMHO, too, it seems that the picture is incomplete.

On the topic - if namudrili with a radio module, reset does not help, only a complete firmware or radio firmware.

Rep: (59)
a.galchenko @ 22.10.2016, 18:19*
Guys, tell me how much eats phone battery, still permanently enabled Bluetooth. thank

The battery is affected very little.

Rep: (59)
sura40 @ 18.10.2016, 05:36*
Please tell us how much time you have enough of a bracelet of charge.?

On this question in the header has 836 people responded ..))

Rep: (59)
And what happened with the weather, and it is not clear?
I look in the latest updates and have not corrected ...

Rep: (59)
08sv80 @ 06.10.2016, 22:24*
I have both phones in the hands of the two I use the stitching. Turbo2 much better holding Akuma !!

I do not know, really what you are there pierced, but all other things being equal XT1225 battery at 6.0 live significantly longer than the XT1580 with the same 6.0.
A set of software is the same, use the same algorithm.

I suffer a month, and returned back to the XT1225, the good enough sense not to sell.

No, well, we can certainly in the Verizon XT1254 screwed in, and vice versa XT1585 all improved, but on the international iron and operator versions are almost similar to each other.

Rep: (59)
dimasol450 @ 02.10.2016, 20:38*
Good evening. Prompt anyone sailed with him in the pool? Swim with him possible?

And swim in the sea and in the pool.
Just before the sauna / steam bath rented.

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And fuck, excuse me, the latest version of the trying to open pdf from gmail? I should for this application, eReader what does it do? And from the file manager opens the appropriate application, and from the mail - Fbreader.
2.6.13 put - everything is OK, from your mail opens the appropriate application.

And specifically I checked - as a pdf reader by default in the system worth the Quickoffice, and even if you put an ordinary free version, still trying to discover through FBReader, just now also writes about the missing module.

In general, the feeling that the program really gets in the way of Clean Master, and those with him ..

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He stumbled with spontaneous self-discharge - the bracelet after the first charging lived for 17 days, the charge during that time dropped to 42%. And then suddenly I fell from 42% to 8% in one day. With what it can be connected?

In the settings for this time I have not changed anything, there is one alarm clock pulse at night, and raising his hands indication. App notifications disabled.

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1S I live about 25 days. Including everything with exception of alerts on calls / SMS.

Rep: (59)
Because of what can happen optimization of all applications after each reboot?
XT1225, 6.0.1

Rep: (59)
Colleagues who know Turbo or Maxx, tell me two things:

1. The microphone is located on the main board or on the display module?
2. Long metal insert on the upper removable speakers?

What is the essence - there works fine Turbo, but with pokotsali housing Maxx is in an ideal case, but problems with the microphone, and it is not clear where the undertaken a scratch on the metal insert on the top speakers. There is an idea to rearrange the front of the body along with the display by Maxx on Turbo, plus rearrange the metal insert to get the phone works perfectly in the ideal case ..

P.S. Also I will be very grateful for the recommendation service, where such can make straight arms.

Thank you all in advance!

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With what may be due to the inability to recover from a backup?
Click on the recovery, I go to the folder with the backup, the program sees them, but does not choose. Clicking on any backup, he stands out as his finger hold, as soon as you release your finger, the selection is removed. Version 1.7, but I tried on 1.5 and 1.6.

Rep: (59)
And can anyone recommend a service with straight arms in the capital?
We need to change the frame of the screen, and put a new back cover.

I would be very grateful for the advice.

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* kayotster Plus furiously.
I'm seriously thinking of going back to the first X Force Turbo.

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* ViperUSSR, Thank you, help. Everything will run.

Rep: (59)
And how to make the default dialer?
The app has risen as a system, but the call is called dialer system.
If it is frozen, when called from Google Dialer call coming, but the dialer is not active, that is, just somewhere in the background there is a call without the ability to call dialer, and to do something (eg dial an extension number).

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* luiszevs
Nexus 5, for example)
He is older than even ..

Rep: (59)
Moto X Force, Android 6.0.1
Application Version -, after upgrading to this version of the all application settings are switched to English, the card is also partly in English.

No one came across this?

Attached Image

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Lekar @ 03/25/2016, 15:15*
colleagues who have a dialer which is rotated in the album when finding the body on the edge of the cradle in the car? Advise, who knows what on the matter, it is inconvenient to call a cradle in portrait mode. Thank.

EX Dialer is able to roll over.

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mainbord @ 25.03.2016, 13:33*
Lord, who updated to 6 on the ex moto. Please tell me. How much free RAM you show if all applications are here to close this program?
Advanced task killer
And disable it or if you removed any built-in application?

Owned Moto XT1254 (Turbo 1) now Moto X Force. Never even looked for one and a half years, how much free RAM, for the presence of 3 GB is nothing to slow down in the phones.
But just after the use of any task-killer is usually a problem, and there are, without our phones work wonderfully.

P.S. Now I look for the interest - if you close all applications through Gravity Box, the following picture:
System - 749 MB
Applications - 495 MB
Freely - 1.5 GB

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