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* Mishanstvo13 , Linux and Android contrast core structure to set-top boxes internal memory you will have a lot of trouble programs for linux is not a lot, but why do you need this crap on your head?

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* Vasily_5 Yes 89, my life is a separate issue.

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* myboris2005 , * RequeLine I took not to download movies can change or stay on for life I have a different life is bodybuilding, it is for the rest.

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* myboris2005 , * myboris2005 , Nvidia Shield TV will cost you dearly, but I do not play a player does not play more than I suddenly direction.

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* RequeLine , I do not chew for the renovation of its set-top box, and a year later Mauger Beelink GT-King will take.

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I'm doing great on 25062019
pomyanyal laucher all ustrayuet'm playing the game the mouse is connected via yusbi port.
I will perturb aeropult and a mini keyboard and ssd 1 terabyte.

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* myboris2005 If you release a product you should ota constant At least 2 times in the months are.

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* myboris2005 , We do not quadrupeds manufacturer of our miracle, and you need to cleverly make the transition as do the mobile giant.

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* myboris2005 , Brought to mind not 9 they threw a bucket of all, I think so.

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* Pablo-Esc , X96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post Cobra111111 # 88250949)

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* remik , Tereoticheski yes it is possible, and he would like to connect by wire.
Check the access point mode rosdachi, but only after months are to say.

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* zibuchigor , I like this.

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* slavan1 , Realtek RTD1296DD, a new processor came out not long ago this was why 3D movies if 8K want to do even 8K TV manufacturers are already doing.
Spoiler: Features
Model Z1000 4K UHD Media Player
Configuration aluminum alloy
Realtek 1296 CPU quad-core 64-bit processor A53
GPU ARM T820 MP3 (3-core)
System Android + OpenWRT (NAS)
Memory 2 GB / 16 GB eMMC
HDMI output HDMI 2.0a 4K @ 60fps 10Bit, HDR10; the output audio and video simultaneously
HDMI 2.0 input audio / video input 4K @ 60fps; 48 kHz 2-channel audio; signal recording support,
translation and PIP
Playing a local media:
-Video: resolution and frame rate 3840x2160,60 Hz maximum (support 23,976,59,94,
25,30,50,60 automatically change the frame rate and resolution AFR)
Video -dekodirovanie:
support for a wide color range HDR / HDR10 hardware decoding 10-bit
HEVC / H.265 / VP9
Video Formats: DVD / BD / UHD BDMV / ISO, MKV, M2TS, TS, MP4, MOV, MVC 3D, etc. D..
Audio formats: SACD ISO, DFF, DSF, APE, FLAC, WAV and DTS lossless playback, and tracks CUE;
DSD256 / PCM maximum output of 192 kHz
Image Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, RAW, etc. D..
Playback with HDD: Hard Disk Formats: EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, ...

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* slavan1 , You need to take z9s for 3D.

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* myboris2005 , Class I think the problems will not be.
review of this miracle.

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* Cobra111111 , I understand that 9 android runoff, but not seriously by the manufacturer.
He shall be responsible for the product vypuschiny them.

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* Vasily_5 , I think the official firmware android we never will see.
These samurai and will be fed with promises.

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* derenihc , Many people buy consoles firmware 9 android.
By date 20190717 20190727 tons.
Yes officially only 20,190,625.
I currently laucher Founded great and I will continue to sit.

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Reason for editing: Firmware

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* 4002 At 55 mb must ichi fine, but apparently there is a less of vayfay I also have full hd, but 100 MB of Internet and real skachuvanie 32MB and 60MB download.
Maximum razsherenie more.

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* Dream_fall , I do not know is there ...

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