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* Sergio159 It is the March firmware, but in April and down the OTA does not.

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* mishapost , Ofeixin 6222B-SRB RTL8822BS WiFi dual band 2T2R wifi + Bluetooth Wifi Module 5 GHz.
Very nice unit.

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* Sergio159 , Firmware version?

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* igor.shpinov Why AVG antivirus then your costs or you think look xxx?
AVG is difficult to find the keys.

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* filart-2007 I I like ATV liveos Tv screen savers can be a bunch of their supply.
The weather, the election and many other buns.

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Attached fileLiveOS-v2.5.16.MITV.apk(10.26 MB)

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* AndreyD Yes it is so old type of memory on a vozrat 8.1 is not possible, but if you 9 moved onto a new type of memory it is possible to return 8.1 kastromskie firmware is not affected.
This is only the basic firmware there are nyuasy memory.

Posted on 13/09/2019, 13:25:

* simpampon It depends on the ddr3 or ddr4 worth?

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* AndreyD , Cobra111111 ask when I have not sewed sit on 8.1 by 25,062,019.

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* ded_Egor , V311R this revision can return to 8.1.
V311R_P It is not possible to return to 8.1.
ddr4 memory may return old revision 8.1.
ddr3 memory of the new revision, and it is not possible to return to 8.1.
Cobra111111 very respected man knows a lot.

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* ded_Egor Watching what revision consoles and RAM?
On the new revision 9 R_P android 8.1 Unable to install.
X96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post Sergey591983 # 88661997)

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igor.shpinov @ 11.09.19, 16:01*
When you unplug the TV and set-top box from the power for the night, will not fly if the settings wi-fi and other settings? : Rolleyes:

No all saved on the console only in China comes with android 9.

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DPDPDP @ 11.09.19, 14:12*
that is, almost one in ten (!!!), the owner of this device.
Why this result?
I also voted normally works.
4k cables are connected perfectly.
Safety when the technique observe necessary, and then say garjachego cable replacement FIG current there is better to turn off and it will be like one znkomogo with active cable replacement zgorel outputs and a video card.

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* EVTEEV2007 I have also optics, but read on one forum that better gigabiny cable from the router to the TV box.
And if you have a gigabit router tembolee need gigabit cable.

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* EVTEEV2007 The server 69 is from the router to the TV box is a gigabit cable.
Kesh torreserver worth 400 mb.
Vimu player look.

Posted on 09/09/2019, 18:54:

* EVTEEV2007 , About the speed of view I do not know always take active torrents.

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* EVTEEV2007 98 mbar 97 mbar download loading.

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* space71 I only now learned of the firmware.
Thank you for helping all the people there is always help and advise and respect for those who make the firmware.

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* klik55 , 25062019-1801.
It was the April firmware.
20062019 Pretelo from then on 25062019.

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* igor.shpinov 8 android I have a stable working now Aquaman look 85 GB.
Asvalt 9 is excellent, Mortal Kombat X
I have an old version of the console.

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* demis07 , Apologies I do not when you do not sew the console, I have everything works like clockwork.
Use according to the suit on.
And about android 9 is somewhere there is a firmware update, but I'm all ustraevaet me.

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I found a way to watch movies on x96 max without limitation, a PC and a laptop. .

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* Colonel0789 On android 9 only then can be sewn on fota receive updates.

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