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* kotyara366 ,
the match (simple) not only shows a live broadcast of the Italian championship.

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* MasterE ,
I'm at work, the same Italy does not show in any of the three programs on the internet. Home satellite (plus), everything shows. By the way, it's just like Italy is concerned, other champ show normal

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* MasterE ,
you are not talking about the champ Italy? If so, "Ruth, Ruth" nothing to do with. Only over the air should look.
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zen_99 @ 06.03.20, 12:31*
Today, that's got such a bug.

At the same ten of 5 December.

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Vermus @ 23.02.20, 10:06*
but there is some review panels specifically for consoles?

Here such there for G30S :)

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azot62rus @ 21.02.20, 8:38*
not solve the problem ??

Frankly scored on it, and turns off after 20 seconds of waiting, well, or by remote control consoles, not soared in principle.
But this morning (you know how to ask) pulled off at once (at the G30S) and all-inclusive without delay. All that done recently it was updated to 0.2.8 firmware by air.
More potyrkayu evening and see how it will.

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bro @ 12.02.20, 8:58*
What to do?

Check cable (try other cables), check the battery charger.

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* volglexigon ,
please give your cube version, which writes on 10. And your recording settings. Thank.

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volglexigon @ 09.02.20, 22:07*
4) call recording - work !!! It should be a cube acr Market.

And that, says the line more than a minute? Or with a microphone over a minute? I wrote more than a minute if only speak loud.
Without root.

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SSA-Mio @ 08.02.20, 16:38*
and there is no IR mode at aeromyshi not invent

G30s can operate in two modes:
mode of operation via radio (RF) - standard functions for controlling the TV-box function + air mouse;
IR channel mode (IR) - Administration of IR channel devices by trained buttons.
Read more:

Posted on 08/02/2020, 16:50:

SSA-Mio @ 08.02.20, 16:38*
by radio works with the TV? well let you have so will

C TV it works on HDMI SEC

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SSA-Mio @ 08.02.20, 16:06*
programmable button to turn off work in IR mode ONLY, you did it teach through the TV remote control via IR port. Regardless of which mode you are aeromysh.

Yes, well, I know how to teach it. I G30S works by radio and do not need to program anything, and switch from radio to IR /

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SSA-Mio @ 08.02.20, 14:38*
at mene has two remote g10s and H17, both have a programmable button on \ off infrared, works as anything :) on g30s probably the same, ie, She works as a remote control on the TV, sent to a TV included :)

So your remotes are working in infrared mode?
In general, everyone enjoys because it is more convenient.

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wap4wap @ 07.02.20, 23:15*
Well, as was expecting anywhere 10vattnaya charging will not go away. Simply "fast charge" will have removed all.

I have no one, not cleaned anything. How was this inscription "quick charge" and remained.
10, a drain, a native charger.
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SSA-Mio @ 08.02.20, 08:57*
I do not turn off the console, why? I knocked telly and everything on any console has at least one programmable button on IR. If the set-top box itself is cut then the CEC when the TV set is switched on, all right comfortable rather wakes up.

Yes I am not the same disconnect in the truest sense. I by pressing the power button G30S console goes to sleep, and a television in standby mode, and when turned on, the TV and set-top box also includes one of the buttons. Plus, you can control the TV's volume. So there is nothing to reassign it is not necessary.
A programmed key will work if the remote control works on a radio channel, or whatever it worked need to switch to infrared channel?

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* motor2110 ,
I have just one button (power) included both consoles, and TV, well on and off the same with her. No switching on IR the same is not necessary.

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motor2110 @ 7.02.20, 22:44*
He generally hdmi s needed in the presence of the remote 30s?
What was his trick?

And without it (HDMI SEC) can be enabled, turn off the console and the TV remote control with a single button (G30S)?

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Prompt what to put on the TV Wink Dexp, 8 android ..
RT TV set-1.17.1-arm7_Djigik_Fix.apk, takes off immediately after starting.

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zscpsd @ 07.02.20, 17:32*
said prefix apparently incompatible with Samsung TVs in 2013 and below (tested on F series, D, C.).

With guys it? I Sams 2010 C Series, 37 ", perfect for HDMI works with him, and the SEC HDMI works, G30S turns on and off ...
X3 cube.

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* alek_j,
Sensor with batteries, wired to it does not connect. But the batteries have enough for a long time, first worked for more than a year, is now the second stand.

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10, the drain, without root, nothing nowhere rules:
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At nine was 75 Mbit / s

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