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* rafaelbee
If the SIM card to disconnect? Can mobile network eats. I'm here on the old phone network and ate with a dead battery. On my Pocophone also on consumption statistics can be seen, if the phone does not use a long time, it eats a lot of the mobile network. Immediately released. I come in a week when I was on duty I do not use the phone. In this mode, I lived 11 days I once without charge tel. I did not call or anything, just lay the phone. All course off the excess. It is clear that when you turn mesenzhderah, mobile Internet, Wi-fi and Bluetooth phone would not have spent 11 days on a single charge. All Min was in saving mode. Application when new bet, immediately climb to disable all authorization (especially in the background to autorun did not work).

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ifrit87 @ 04.04.20, 14:49*
And how correctly to roll Magisk our android-top box?
I put Magisk Manager and because it set itself Magisk. All went well. The truth then even updated a couple of times, again through Magisk Manager. It seems to work right hands out. Set of threadsВ® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interface

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* ifrit87,
On my set-top box without problems Magisk earned. The truth is I have older version of 4/64 and android 8.1. (The last runoff March, last year).

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Seven768 @ 31.03.20, 12:12*
I'm serious, this problem was not yet. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I have a custom firmware.
Someone had problems?

In my answer to you quickly seeXiaomi Pocophone F1 - Unofficial firmware

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* Ashley33,
Here's to iPega PG-9087 and PG-9087s found the instructions, like there is less written. At least about the USB connection there. To a PC via Bluetooth mode in which it is connected is not written. It may be helpful.

Connecting the gamepad iPega PG-9087 and PG-9087s to via Bluetooth Android (smartphones, tablets, Android TV BOX):

move the lever to the ON position
turn the gamepad in the required mode:
X + Home - to connect to Android in the standard game mode gamepad;
A + Home - to connect to Android in the Direct-Play mode / only model PG-9087s /. After pairing, you can customize the buttons for themselves using the application ShootingPlus from Google Play. Games like PUBG, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Knives out can be started immediately. In the game you need to reset -Manage Settings button to the original state;
Turn on the Bluetooth settings of your devaysa and click search device (if necessary);
in the list of available Bluetooth devices to connect and get the controller, click on it. After pairing the joystick iPega PG-9087s / PG-9087 has to go to the list of connected Bluetooth devices;
to enable / disable the mouse mode on Android, press and hold Y + Home to the appearance / disappearance of the cursor on the screen.

When you turn the gamepad, just press the Home button, gamepad automatically turns on in the previous mode.
Connecting the Controller PG-9087 and PG-9087s to iOS on Bluetooth (iPhone, iPad):

move the lever to the ON position
turn the gamepad in the required mode:
Y + Home - to connect to the iPhone or iPad in mode Direct-Play / only model PG-9087s /. After pairing, you can customize the buttons for themselves with the help of ShootingPlus AppStore applications. Games like PUBG, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Knives out can be started immediately. In the game you need to reset -Manage Settings button to the original state;
B + Home - to connect to iOS in iCade mode. After pairing install English language input in the iPhone settings (in some cases this setting you must make before you can pair your phone with gamepad).
Turn on the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone or iPad, and then click search device (if necessary);
in the list of available Bluetooth devices to connect and get the controller, click on it. After pairing the joystick iPega PG-9087 / PG-9087s is to go to a list of connected Bluetooth devices;

When you turn the gamepad, just press the Home button, gamepad automatically turns on in the previous mode.
Connecting the Controller PG-9087 and PG-9087s to the Windows on Bluetooth (requires Bluetooth-receiver):

move the lever to the ON position
turn the gamepad clamping X + Home
Turn on the Bluetooth settings on your PC and click on search devices (if necessary);
in the list of available Bluetooth devices to connect and get the controller, click on it. After pairing the joystick iPega PG-9087 / 9087s should go into the list of connected Bluetooth devices;

When you turn the gamepad, just press the Home button, gamepad automatically turns on in the previous mode.
Connecting the gamepad iPega PG-9087 and PG-9087s to the Android TV BOX and PC on Windows using a USB cable:

set the selector switch to ON;
turn the gamepad pressing X + Home;
connect the cable to the joystick, and then to the TV BOX or computer.

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* Panazero,
Try pairing en remove the PC, if present. Usually because the conjugation previously created problems arise with a Bluetooth gamepad. In general, if the mode is switched, remove and re-create the pairing.

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Dark_Varrkan @ 30.03.20, 20:02*
whether it generally does for number buttons office dyuti not assign

In other games, such as the old console emulator if you run, the buttons work? Maybe this is the CoD lacks support gamepad simply. Remapery party somehow learned to block, or something. I'm here as long as the information sought, just saw someone wrote that release when the game came out, gamepad support was removed from it.

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* Dark_Varrkan,
On the Exynos? If so that is also not the best choice. Most compatible to SD as I understand it. If the percent SD, it seems all the same thing is in the firmware or the android. Can upgrade to android fell 10 incorrectly or he's on skebe castrated or firmware from Samsung does not have the correct driver. Here it is necessary to try before you buy, read or topic, can someone already bought what may be a gamepad and unsubscribed about performance on your phone. But then again with a firmware update to support the situation could change.

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* Dark_Varrkan,
Alternatively thing Kirin 970. You have the same judging by the signature HUAWEI P20, and he Kirin 970. Maybe there as processors MTK poor support for third-party devices. And 10 android is not particularly favor. In any case, the theme of my phone is constantly someone something is not working as it should with the transition to 10 android.
By the way read the topic of your device, write that wound up on the Xbox One gamepad on Android 8.1 -Huawei P20 Pro - Discussion (Post An3or # 78099863)The remaining unsubscribed who write that they do not work the other gamepadsHuawei P20 Pro - Discussion (Post GreatIvan # 78089352)andHuawei P20 Pro - Discussion (Post lubsan81 # 78097770)

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DovaKill @ 26.03.20, 17:48*
and generally someone faced with the replacement of the stick?

Generally sell sticks, but that's the quality of what they do not understand. I bought reserve your wired XBox 360 couple, solder will only if absolutely will lay. Ito saw somewhere people recommends potentiometers with old sticks removed for new quality worse. In fairness, my gamepad bought a long time ago (in my opinion it is much more than 10 years already), while it is not broke. Although the sticks are not as good as it used to work. They became a little center stray probably return springs are stretched. Fungi also bought themselves the way. Perhaps your gamepad like potentiometers suitable, but not the fact that they are different from their relatives for the better. It would be necessary to refer to a certified product.
By the way gamepads from 8BitDo sticks cool, I have SF30Pro them - very precise sticks!
stick mechanism is as follows
Attached Image

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MirotvorezPerm @ 24.03.20, 21:26*
Only Kingston and Samsung

But I'm not taking Kingston. This of course has a long history, of which 2 were faulty memory die, the truth for a long time, and I have a friend in two different assemblies with a period of several years. And personally, I had a couple of flash drives has not conditioned (from scratch). Still do not like Adata, too, the problems were. But faced with the problems until Samsung, Transend and SanDisk. Although in fairness saw vysheshuyu damaged flash drive from SanDisk ito in the recorder, after several years of operation. That's just stick these firms and are now taking. Aside Kingston, Adata, and other consumer goods are not looking.

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votoru @ 22.03.20, 14:54*
There have been cases?

HTTP is not a secure protocol, unlike HTTPS, which is already annoying because almost everything has already passed to the HTTPS. At the very least suggests the idea that the address left. Anyway looks like the update downloadable from a third party site - I have a different update are displayed, I really miss them, and 8 android still yuzayu. In any case, the address where I can not see the update will be downloaded and decorated differently.

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Kislorod4410 @ 22.03.20, 14:10*
Thank you, and that already wanted to install !!! Drive in the address in the browser, he immediately skachivat this crap!

If this is indeed the virus may have an application being initiated downloading this update. It may also be a virus. You may want to re-install the firmware that is now worth over again rekaveri with the loss of all user data. Although if you do not lose something on your phone -. Some games, there is no payment system, etc., you can not bathe.

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zaber @ 20.03.20, 15:41*
I keep an eye replacement.
I look at 8bitdo SN30 PRO +. But the price began with the fall of the ruble, not humane, even for the upcoming sale.

Gamepad is good, but at the moment something better at home to look. For example something from Microsoft, you can take a count for the same money but in Russiahttps: //www.dns-shop.r...rand=microsoft&stock=2The theme of performance data gamepads with Android has been discussed - should work fine. At the same PC via Bluetooth, these gamepads work precisely on Win 10, possibly via USB on Win 7 will earn. Anyway my gamepads on XBox 360 and 8BitDo SF30Pro on Win 7 work fine using a USB cable. Via Bluetooth unfortunately did not get to play on the Linux operating system, although SF30 PRO gamepad and well connected via Bluetooth on Win 7, passes the test pressing any of the keys, but in games in such cases will be all through one place. Gamepad XBox 360 from my wired - remember that chose wired for already many years ago, people wrote that a Bluetooth gamepad correctly on the PC will not work (at that time there was no Win8, no 10).
By the way I have the OS and now I do not use - not lyubyu. Only Windows 7! And play it safe, do not take in China until the situation is resolved with the coronavirus. Especially since they say again, the Chinese border was closed for an indefinite period in connection with the coronavirus. And when your purchase will arrive is unknown.

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sergey - 34 @ 17/03/20 14:12*
Somebody tried ipega 9167 on redmi note 8 pro?

I have not tried. But if I am not mistaken on this phone MTK CPU, they are poorly compatible with various devices. Sobiretes need to buy to find out for sure operation. You can fly with a device on the MTK.

Posted on 17/03/2020, 20:33:

Tleyn @ 17.03.20, 09:33*
I remember when I bought it about a year ago, he was already recognized as a gamepad on the xbox 360, now in Device Manager, it is displayed as pxn-9613.

Chances are you're not in the mode of trying to connect. It is necessary in the X-Input try to connect, should help.

Excerpt from the instructions
2.4G insert the adapter into the USB device socket;
turn on the gamepad touch Mode (Home);
press BACK + Mode to change the regime in the D-Input, Start + Mode for regime change in the X-Input.

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zaber @ 08.03.20, 19:10*
And how he plays on android friends? I get accustomed to the + version.

I have not tried, only emulators. And a couple of games through keymapper side (game gamepad is not supported). In the subject there are people who say that all is well with the games, too. In any case, the game must support a gamepad to play without keymappera. Specifically look for games that support gamepad natively and did not try. These little games anyway. I took an emulator.

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Direktor32 @ 08.03.20, 11:18*
Tell me whether you can stick on the xbox360 connected to atv-top box?

I have a gamepad on the XBox360 (wired), work on X96Max fine. But there is not firmware ATV stands and sink, ala in the phone. Only launcher replaced Square Home 3 for the stock is very poor and not convenient. But this is beside the point.
There are 8BitDo SF30Pro, too perfectly with the prefix works already on Bluetooth to connect it, instead of wires.
It goes without saying the game should support the gamepad, I basically only in the emulators of old consoles to play them.

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* Fark11,
Not in the phone business.
Just some games behind the curve with protection against cheating and hacking, monitoring every action the player. I remember in Allods Online on PC play, there is also enough of this trash. First on the MBT everything went smoothly, the people were crowd, then people become less and lags, freezes, and even setbacks in the player's actions became a lot of time, once entered StarForce MMOG system. In general, it used to be on the developer site StarForce StarForce MMOG chart work, I figured that the traffic is at a minimum zadvaivaetsya, plus delayed security server. SchA they may on the other, but in those years, according to the chart of the operation to protect the system on their own website, at StarForce MMOG was a separate server through which traffic was exchanged with the game client and the game server. As usual added zaderki data exchange as well as an intermediate server implemented (protection server), which did not exist before. In addition he protect the server, processing a large number of data from both the players and the game server, too, with a delay to process them will love. It turns out that with this approach, even with a small ping, all the player's actions will be delayed. In particular, those players that are more physically on the data protection and game servers are servers.
By the way modern diagramku found, there is now general server protection are not designated, it is the client has taken root as a spacer between the game server and the client. And the added traffic protection module through which communication with the game server is.
Attached Image
Perhaps now it became better, but I have not played online to see this. And with the Russian-language product description of the site removed incriminating diagramku, there is certainly a description, but now it has become more superficial -http: //

I certainly do not dispute that the lag is from not optimized client and the game server in order for it does not understand, and on the number of gaming (not to manage the server starts) and on the Internet, but simply told how things were in this online game in which I I played. And I think that it was the introduction of the protection which had not been tainted gameplay dramatically. Donat generally silent about how mail bought the game, it became too hard there. Protection they too entered immediately. And away we go ... Just in PUBG can do completely different protection should I this protection just as the example cited.

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FORTUNA123 @ 22.02.20, 19:49*
I have camera mx sound stopped off and did not see the stick connected via otg. I knew that this would have not been updated

I try to update all as part of the soft-as little as possible. And it is only updated if it is not satisfied with the old firmware, software, or operating system. It has long been understood that it is not always the best means new. After all, despite some improvements, sometimes something cut out, things can become not work correctly and so forth.
It can not read
I'm like one of those who still sits on Win7 though iron is relatively fresh i7 8700k + GTX1080 + 16gb DDR4 3200 (8 + 8gb). There are a number of reasons, not only added telemetry. And I have not updated the phone for a long time, sitting on 8,1 MIUI RU. Although it came even to RU region has long Itch updated. A tuned for updates or when not engaged. I understand that first and foremost all the security updates is nothing more than an excuse. For example under them often is pushed changes in the defense of Google Android and pleya to soft broken did not put, it is their money. Before the loss of custom they do not care. Which is so actively in the media and custom haypavyh get hard (to update, the update patch serious security hole in the system, and so forth. Crap), the ears go shorter. They are still on the safety of users, the main thing that they have no income fell because of "free" software with new holes in the security system. I noticed even the functional cut steel. For example it is impossible to drain the application to the memory card set as before - all for security reasons. New Windows 10X generally castrated it turns out, even access to the file system will be closed, the conductor will go back in time, staff will only be miserable trimmed UWP applications and Win32 will run only in containers that did not break defense. All this is pathetic.

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* Chippo7,
Yes, this is the Google works both on its own and from others. He does not care who says.

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