Rep: (69)
avsuk @ 22.02.20, 10:47*
Periodically there is a voice message with voice acting assistant type, he found something in my request, but the phone was lying next to him and I do not polzovalsya.Chto of crap and how to get rid of it?

I propose to do the activation assistant to disable voice, as I did. Eat your phone battery is also a little less because the microphone will not be constantly eavesdropping. settings ->Google ->dolistat to "service account" ->Search Assistant, and voice control ->Google Assistant ->Assistant tab ->Devices with an assistant (select phone), well and disable Voise Match. Google Now can do the same to turn off. I turned off to conserve battery life, for used it is still very rare. Perhaps even quite assistant turn off the superfluous.
Attached Image

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SuperFly7 @ 21.02.20, 22:40*
Play Market became vibivat mistake on top does not fit, who faced with such? Update removal does not solve the problem.

Stock works if you do not update. In any case at the latest firmware from March 2019 to the previous revision. In my written somewhere in the subject line that does not need to update the market. But it is clear, the device is not official, Google will block the entrance to it immediately after the update.

Rep: (69)
Stas200912 @ 20.02.20, 11:32*
1. The launcher is not very convenient, which is better to put a min difficulties?
2. Fitting Faced with the problem relevant prog type ES conductor yutuba even in play and other convenience store. Or simply to find their market does not give out, write it on your device may not work.

1. Square Home 3 suits me, only the tiles is not very convenient to move as for me. But configure it once and I forget it, after setting to use very convenient, as the screenshots I got attached. Weather clock widget put on Yandex.SquareHome 3 .
2. ES conductor was removed from the convenience store, can be downloaded fromsavagemessiahzine.comand supply -ES File Explorer File Manager
Regarding Yutuba a lot of options for himself chose the most appropriate - isYouTube Vanced, There is no advertisement, complete interface! But it is necessary to use aeromyshyu (I do not use remote staff generally or anywhere). In this mode there are nuances to our TVBox, will sometimes color ripple and friezes in the rollers 60 FPS, it is all treated -X96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post AL22 # 86072219)You can also use a favorite of many Smart YouTube TV, less problems with it, but he gutted, no comments, and the interface is not to the liking of all, I did not go at all -Smart YouTube TV
Screenshots launcher
Attached Image
Attached Image

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P-47M @ 18.02.20, 22:40*
So head over to their site and behold.

Looked, 8BitDo Lite something new. Not long ago, we added the model is visible. Did not like that he krestaviny instead of sticks. If we are under a retro do without the stick, why the second cross? I do not understand this decision. Other models have clear and distinct. I would not buy this in general. Here's the same SN30 Pro or my SF30Pro and not too expensive, you can find and functionally. Model Lite, is currently well. I would probably then it took more M30. In 8BitDo Lite certainly get more buttons, but they will not be involved in any of the old console games as a grip uncomfortable. M30 can in principle under almost any emulator use the old console, NES, SNES, and others where it is not necessary sticks, buttons, enough with the head and the grip comfortable. Well, better to add money and buy higher advised.

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P-47M @ 18.02.20, 13:11*
Someone yuzal 8bitdo Lite?
I do not recall any of their model range in any software laytovogo nothing.

Rep: (69)
* Babaymladshi,
I did not work for the instruction. I write something like "Unable to initialize driver code 3". Tried in my all). Apparently we have different versions of Win 7, I assume that he updates are more recent. And I'm one of those components that to this day there is little established in 2015. In addition it has 8bitDo Wirless bluetooth which could also put the driver, I also do not. There are simply bluetooth motherboard ASUS STRIX Z370-E GAMING staff, I based on the PCI-E x1 or vertical connector M2, like read somewhere that the second. Those people who also work, you could have either 8bitDo Wirless bluetooth, or the whistle of the Xbox One controller or the Xbox360. I do not have them. There is only wired Xbox 360 gamepad and SF30Pro from 8Bitdo.
I installed Win 7SP1 original 2011 version and the maximum refresh manually Windows6.1-KB2670838-x64.msu, Windows6.1-KB3033929-x64.msu, windows6.1-kb4019990-x64.msu.
Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, and total Redistributable 2015-2019 all versions and x86 and x64 (if that version need both versions for compatibility with some games and applications).
So I always put a set of codecs K-Lite Codec Pack.
Of course the driver on all its equipment.
Updating DirectX library at this linkhttps: // ... onfirmation.aspx? id = 35
Well, about the installed software keep silence, his lot.
Update before the end of the Win 7 does not want to, there is telemetry and extra components are added and bugs. It is better then to play via USB. Via USB, and so works. By the way the Internet write that someone has even a gamepad on the XBox One earned via Bluetooth after these manipulations. In my case again it did not work.
Duplicate manual ktoroy did:
1.paired the controller (start + x) with windows
2.go to device manager in windows>find HID compliant game controller and select update browse my computer>let me pick from a list>have disk this driver, I got the x64 version.
5.unpack de .cab archive in some folder. that folder via the "have disk" button mentioned in step 4. xinputhid.inf and install.
8. finished, controller should be recognized as xinput (I tested with Alice madness returns and rumble was also working)
https: //

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Rep: (69)
Gunjubas1k @ 15.02.20, 01:20*
You will not have done so. We had to go through bltuz connect and take another blutuzdrayver, not the one that you have taken.

As it is written in your statement and, so did he. There are written "Go to device manager in windows>find HID compliant game controller and select update "which translates to log in to the Windows Device Manager>locate the HID-compatible game, controller and select the update (did not finish the driver). Well, and then manually install the driver from the unpacked file is, indicating xinputhid.inf. And your pictures too, did not work (although it is in fact the same thing, you just opened another location is the same as the first time I). The driver of the same idea on your I still found on trial too, he just did not work.

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nikitarozq @ 15.02.20, 00:10*
you try to compare the photo on the machine with the same drain and place gkam difference in detail will surprise you, and astrofoto, and just a night photos is yes, video is recorded on runoff recommend.

And I can not check. I sit on the old firmware RU, and do not want to be updated yet. I put some GKam for android 8,1, but did not see the difference in the pictures. Perhaps it still somehow had to be set up. There is something like that seemed complicated settings, scored did not understand and deleted. The topic is still about some profiles for Gkam then wrote, I wondered what else and not with all the settings it works correctly. I did not understand in general.

Rep: (69)
* Gunjubas1k,
All the same, decided to try your method. Driver Install, but cursed when installing on is not compatible, and once installed does not work. Set twice, once asked the installer to restart Windows and back to the older driver, the second time to restart is not offered, the driver left, but hanging with an exclamation point in Device Manager. Game Only one tried to run - Sekiro Shadows Die Twice does not react to it at all gamepad for anything (via the USB cable is working fully).
Fair to say that the same driver downloaded from the court buthttps: //www.catalog.up...h.aspx q = Xbox + Wireless?, Comparing the files in the package installer for the same as the file name, and according to their size. Well, I have Windows does not have all the updates are coming out for 7ki. Only put the necessary updates, without whom there were any problems with the games, but. Bluetooth I have implemented a separate module to the motherboard (removed, similar to PCI-E x1), the mother of this - ASUS STRIX Z370-E GAMING. Not sure, but maybe something needs to be installed before it turns to run the driver. And Windows is not a way of official sobrka 2011 Windows 7SP1 - the assembly it was impossible to integrate the USB 3.0 driver for the new motherboard chipset with Z370.
Attached Image

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* Gunjubas1k,
It is a pity the driver from unknown source to me, the atoms can be, and tried it. And yes, gamepad does not work, in other games crookedly works on Win7 in a number of games. By USB works well everywhere. 10 This problem does not say. I'm only the Win 7 and have been using SF30Pro they are similar to yours, but with a different design. On this problem already posted. By the way it is supposed to be with all Bluetooth gamepad on Win 7. I remember buying a wired gamepad on the XBox360, and why the wire, but because the wireless does not work on your PC to write, and while the latest OS Win 7 was. In general, it is not a problem but the problem of the gamepad drivers built into the operating system.

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lobzik93 @ 14.02.20, 22:27*
And what is fundamentally mi8 from Poco 1 is different? Not particularly like what ??

Well, compare, open except Pocophone F1 theme is also the subject MI8, compare characteristics. I can only say that MI8 Amoled, then IPS screen, launchers different camera. While many write that Poco even better camera, someone saw versa said. NFC on Mi8 have on Poco it is not, different body materials, battery on MI8 less (for Amoled by the idea while working around too) well, and the little things is something else.

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Rep: (69)
* lobzik93,
I and the native camera missing. But GKam say for night shooting better suited. Updates arrive of course. But RU firmware later than MI, moreover, it came very late. Ito I to the last not updated (I sit on android 8.1). And up to 10 android on the RU until all the firmware on my no. Updates of course affect the autonomy, as well as any other third-party software, which may further eat into the background quietly. I do not use the Internet, rarely use the phone, sometimes 5-7 does not have to be recharged. If you start to play for an hour a day, then the day is 4 missing. I remember the series looked at low brightness, and all 14 hours of the screen enough. But smart new was schA probably do not have enough. Although the notice if the day when he was actively loaded smartphone juzat start - screen time will be much longer than if by a few within the same 3-4 it her land. On the day you even with the internet, and games should be enough until the new. Ato and 1.5 days. How to play.

Rep: (69)
lobzik93 @ 14.02.20, 21:07*
I just do not know good phones with optical stabilization to 20k

And our phone is not stabilized optical and electronic. The hat look. I did a little rented, and the video even more, but I remember from the reviews that the stabilization does not work for all shooting modes. But like in FullHD 30 FPS it is, maybe even 60 (do not remember exactly), in 4k it is no longer in my opinion. In general, the phone is fully satisfied. The truth is I'm sitting on an old Russian firmware, do not run the risk of renewed fear of losing autonomy. And sew clean in case the bugs will be I do not really hunting. Well, even at this firmware more than satisfied with everything!
But perhaps another Mi9TPro worth seeing, it is interesting in characteristics, no bangs. Judging by e katalog can buy and 24K. But in your budget it is no longer fit.

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Rep: (69)
bondana @ 13.02.20, 00:06*
It is necessary to put a version of Ruth, is stable rather, wherever they put:

I and NON-ROOT version has no problems. Disable only 60 FPS for the Frisians had been, and ExoPlayer v2 included to avoid zelnki all. No advertising, it works fine, no crashes. Well, just have to put franca and all that enter in to account, all manipulations. After reading the description ROOT version, it seemed that there should be more actions and restrictions there, which no NON-ROOT.
In general, my version NON-ROOT, after reading the description of the two versions, seemed better. It and put.
And by the way smart YouTube also does not use for the same reasons that you wrote in a post on the link. If you use aeromyshkoy why I YouTube that under control sharpened?) And komenty also love to read (and sometimes write with TVBox komenty). And also, do not like the style of the ATV.

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Rep: (69)
Lider78 @ 12.02.20, 20:30*
Priaet people! Th ...... for x, somebody knows how to fix ....

I do not remember why I rejected this version, too, maybe something like that was, in general does not work correctly. I use an old version 0.2.4-105, with this version there are no problems. Vanced not the freshest worth if that.

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Rep: (69)
tpw74 @ 11.02.20, 06:04*
Material - buggy Cullen, in any case, a 9-ke, look toward the Bottom Quick Settings - works well, no failure and Gluck.

Tried Bottom Quick Settings instead Material, cool stuff. It would be if the eye lower location not to hurt) And we can somehow make the top position? I'm afraid I'll get used to the lower long. I did not find these settings. Another tried MIUI-ify, the same mistake, but with a different design.

Rep: (69)
Noboru @ 10.02.20, 10:34*
Device use for 10 months. During all this time and could not get used to nominate menu Poco Launcher application, the rest are satisfied.

And now I understand and MIUI will put forward the application menu, or already have as well as in Poco Launcher. In any case, there was news thatWe add it to the Chinese firmware. So either already, or will soon spread to globalku. And as for me it is more convenient. While it may because the previous phone had a similar menu. On the desktop just the basic that must be taken out, the rest are all in hidden applications menu.

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Rep: (69)
* kigba
Bugs have been less clear. Well, to play on the console could be anyone should. On our course you can play in something, but the performance is poor ... But if someone can have nothing to compare and check out this kind of performance. I basically only on the console YouTube generally look background when the PC is playing, or in the evening before going to sleep comfortably, so that enough.
Kosatelno price tag
Kosatelno price tag (it has already started to turn up in connection with the coronavirus probably). Send parcels can not, and the demand is there, and prices probably rose. Today I watched the prices really higher than steel at all, on average. Well, the same smart phones with SD are relatively expensive screen and the battery has a telephone module, 3G, 4G, etc. The prefix that has not, the manufacturer NoName, the quality of the overall so-so -. If all the price zaminusit in price is not much higher is what I think. Well, let it be 5000r would cost such a set-top box, given that the phone on the 639 SD about 7-8k worth Ali, the atoms and less than a buyer would love to find.

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YANEPRODALSYA @ 09.02.20, 19:36*
With these requirements you will need to take the elite controller

There, too, in my half of the claims and will not be implemented, which mbj presented. Probably also for 1500P + - she wants. Unfortunately, at this price is nothing.

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Rep: (69)
* kigba
to which the SD or whether pristavochku made, at least on the Snapdragon 632 as weak phones, it would be better to think less and crutches. Only here Amlogic then to whom to sell?)

And most of all to me it seems strange that the site Amlogic there are no relatively fresh S905X2, X3 and S922X and so forth. Processors. As if we did not sell consoles on the modified chips. Inzhenerniki what be. But there is an old stable versions, such as to put MiBox - S905X and other older chips..

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