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Emulator from Chinese developers. It emulates Android and is compatible with many games. Allows you to play powerful games without lags!

MEmu is a brand new * FREE * Android emulator that brings the joy of Android impressions to Microsoft Windows devices. It works on almost all Windows devices (PC, laptop, 2 in 1 devices, tablets).
Compared to other Android emulators, MEmu provides the highest performance and compatibility.

The richest functional:
- Full Android support with an elegant desktop
- Flexible configuration (CPU, memory capacity, resolution, device model, navigation bar, root mode, etc.)
- Keyboard / joystick key bindings for greater convenience in games
- Transferring data from sensors (such as an accelerometer) to Android, so you can comfortably play car racing
- GPS location simulation
- File sharing between Windows and Android
- Quick install APK by drag and drop
- Create / clone / delete Android system in one click - You can run multiple instances of Android at the same time
- Translated into 19 languages, includingRussian
- Window scaling on the fly
- Remembering the size and position of all copies of MEmu
- Record and play macros, to facilitate routine actions in games
- Record video embedded in the interface application from the emulator screen
- Select the version Android 4.4 \ 5.1.1 \ 7.1
- Save multiple key binding profiles for different games
- Automation run MEMU copies with set parameters through the command interface MEMUC
Using MEmu, you can:
- Have fun playing Android games on PC
- Conveniently communicate using the keyboard in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, etc.
- Watch TV channels
- Run the emulator in 10 seconds

Interestingoverviewfrom userdmstarchikov

Computer requirements
OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Processor: Intel or AMD CPU (preferably with Intel® VT-x or AMD-V ™ virtualization)
Check if your processor supports virtualizationWithout virtualization can also work, but much slower.
Video accelerator with OpenGL 2.0+ support (G31, G33, Q33 and Q35 are not supported!)
Windows XP SP3 - 1 GB RAM
Windows 7 \ Windows 8.1 \ Windows 10 - 2 GB of RAM
2 GB hard drive
Note: Do not attempt to run MEmu in other virtualization programs.

Frequently asked questions (Required to read before writing a question)
  1. Q: I installed MEmu, but it requires virtualization, although I checked through SecurAble that everything is included.
    A: The inscription in the SecurAble program does not show whether this support is enabled, but only shows that the processor supports this technology, so you need to enable virtualization support in the BIOS. How? Look for this item in the BIOS for Virtualization Technology or VTEnable BIOS VirtualizationorEnable virtualization guide from MEMU
  2. Q: It hangs when I try to write something on the keyboard, what should I do?
    A: Most likely, you have installed the programPunto switcherso add MEmu.exe to the exceptions
  3. Switch layouts to Russian1 methodand2 method (who switch layouts on Ctrl + shift)also helps when sticking keysAnswer from vra_roman3
  4. Android version and portable MEmu
  5. Setting up keyboard control in games
  6. Controlling the joystick control in games Video version settings
  7. For those who need to watch TV programs, work programs Bison TV, ViNTERA.TV, Peers.TVBison TV (Post semari # 48413554) ViNTERA.TV (beta version) (Post alekcei1977 # 28900194) Peers.TV (Works only on Android 5.1!) (Post roaster # 23796314)
    Still there Glaz.TV LazyIPTV Torrent Stream Controller (Post vra_roman3)
  8. List of programs to listen to the radioMessage from vra_roman3
  9. Youtube video does not show, but only soundto view youtube you need to useYoutube for android TV
  10. Q: How to rotate the image if the emulator means the screen just turns on its side?
    A: Use any auto-rotate program from the market (for example, "Set rotation")
  11. Q: How to set up access from MEmu to my home network?
    ABOUT:Official Developer Guide in EnglishorMethod 2 in RussianorMethod 3 in RussianorBridge Connection and Samba Server by vra_roman3

  12. Configure access byFTP: MEmu Emulator (Post Latent # 57663090)
  13. Q: How to set up SOCKS5 proxy or VPN access for anonymous surfing through a browser or encrypting Internet traffic (at a public Wi-Fi point) or for access in case of blocking the application for my region?
    O: 1)Shadowsocks 2) LinkVPN Free VPN Proxy 3) VPN TRUE 4) Betternet: Unlimited Free VPN 5) Orbot + Firefox
  14. Q: How to get SuperSu?
    ABOUT:Answer from vra_roman3
  15. Q: How to win a message about logging into your account when trying to install an application from the playmarket?
    О: Settings \ Applications \ Google Play services - Clear cache, Erase data, exit, reload emulator.
  16. Q: Why exactly MEmu, how does it differ from many other emulators, can you give a brief description and comparison with others?
    ABOUT:Overview: Differences and Features of Actual Emulators
  17. Q: How to change image parametersOracle VM VirtualBox, such as: the RAM of the device, the number of allocated processor cores, the amount of video memory, on / off sounds and others?
    A: Run fileC: \ Program Files \ Microvirt \ MEmuHyperv \ MemuHyperv.exe with Administrator rights (right mouse button, "Run as Administrator" item)and there change in the settings the values ​​of the image you need. Increase inSystem \ Motherboard \ Base Memory(RAM) until 2048, if there is enough memory, then it is possible and 4096, but in my opinion, this is already redundant andDisplay \ Video \ Video Memory(video memory) up to 128 MB may affect the increase in performance and stability of games
    ----->Since version 2.8.0, the "Memuhyperv" image configuration files have been removed, you can download it from hereof the siteand put here:C: \ Program Files \ Microvirt \ MEmuHyperv \

  18. Q: How to connect to the emulator using adb?
    ABOUT:Answer from vra_roman3andso that MEmu works adequately with adb
  19. Q: How to install® Xposed?
    ABOUT:Answer from vra_roman3 + Easy installation of Xposed on Android 5.1RC4 (Fair555 tip)
  20. Q: The emulator does not start or the application \ game crashes with the error "Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library"
    A: Install Library Package by Referencefrom the postsilver073000
  21. Q: How to enable the developer menu?
    A: Go toSettings \ About Tablet PCwe scroll down to the build number and poke 10 times on it until it says that the developer menu is available to you
  22. Q: I do not see the files on the computer, what should I do? When trying to install, an error occurs: "APK installation failed" may be displayed in Chinese as two groups of hieroglyphs, separated by a comma
    A: This is a problem with Russian folder names, go toSettings \ Shared FoldersHow to find Shared folders in the new version 3.5 readanswer from Anderuskfor exampleC: \ Users \% USER% \ Music \ MEmu MusicWe create there a folder with English. name "MEmu Music" and indicate by clickingFolder selection , the same for all other folders, after the changes do not forget to restart the emulator
  23. Q: Does LuckyPatcher by ChelpuS work on Android 4.4?
    Oh no. But it works on 4.2.2 (download the android 4.2.2 image morehere) and on 5.1.1
  24. Q: How to make the camera work in applications?
    A: The camera works only in the first window of MEmu, it does not work in other copies.
  25. Q: Does not start, gets stuck at 59%, 99%, 100%, etc. what to do?
    ABOUT:http: //
  26. Q: Why is the emulator window in the middle, because I set the "Save the last position of the window" option ?!
    A: This is a feature of MEmu, if the coordinates of the window go beyond the edge of the screen to any part, then after restarting the window will be in the center, thanksAnd_re
  27. Q: The game does not start or the image flashes / incorrectly, what should I do?
    О: Install® GLToolsand try various options of settings, you can also change the type of visualization from OpenGL to DirectX (System settings \ Main \ Video card)
  28. Q: Where are the macros?
    A: Macros are here.C: \ Program Files \ Microvirt \ MEmu \ scripts
  29. Keyboard switching
  30. Switch Russian layouts in MEMU 3.7 Android 5.1 without dancing and tambourines
  31. Q: How to replace the stock launcher? How to remove pop-up ads, and automatic installation of games?
    A: Set the other launcher, Nova (Nova Useversion 6.2.3On version 6.2.9. in Android 5.1 did not work) or Hola (version 3.1.0) And after installation, simply freeze the stock launcher command:
    cd c: \ Program Files \ Microvirt \ MEmu \
    memuc -i 0 execcmd pm hide com.microvirt.launcher2
    Way fromAjacobs
    Another way ofjwoegerbauer with xdafor the design and verification of thanksvra_roman3

  32. Q: How do I install 7 android?
    A: Launches Multi-MEmu. In the lower right corner is a button - "New". Push - pull-down menu, there are three buttons - Android 5.1, Android 4.4, and Android 7.1. Push Android 7.1 - the program downloads from the Internet 7.1 image (if it was not downloaded previously) and deploys Manager Multi-MEmu.
  33. Q: How do I run a specific application automatically when you start up MEMU or with certain parameters?
    A: Examine the command-line guidance for MEMUC, powershell analogue for Windows, but the team will have to examine yourselfhttps: //www.memuplay.c...-reference-manual.html

  34. Q: How to increase the size of the system drive MEmu?
    ABOUT:Emulator MEmu (Post vra_roman3 # 98281910)

  35. Q: There is no connection to the network \ internet, what to do?
    ABOUT:Emulator MEmu (Post Romantico # 99682294)

Developer site:
Attention, online \ Web Installer version has a variety of programs, which are imposed on the installation, be careful and do not blindly click on, remove unnecessary jackdaws. And the best place offline version from the link below
Developer's blog:
Developer FAQ(be sure to read before asking a question)
Facebook Developer:
Discussion on xda: XDA
Russian language: Yes

Offline installer:
Archive versions with of. site: Release-archive
Mirror Archive Versions (Google): Google
Mirror versions of files (uptodown): uptodown
Chinese version (offline installer):
Appear before the Russian or English, Chinese language by default, but you can switch the language to English \ Russian after the entrance, there is the Google-services-only beta testers or who want to try the latest version
Image Android 4.2.2: MEmu.ova (Placed on emulator and below, the image is already inside)
Image of Android 4.4.4: MEmu44.ova + Yadisk mirror
Image of Android 5.1.1: MEmu51.ova
Image of Android 7.1.2: MEmu71-20180928000003FF.ova
Note: Please make a copy of your applications and data before updating, readthis blogfor details.
Changes MEmu from 09/21/2020
- Fixed a false warning about the failure MEmu Headless in some cases,
- Fixed the displacement of aiming in Brawl Stars problem.

Older versions, download links
Links to old versions:
Google exchanger, thankLatent

Changes to previous versions of 2020
Changes MEmu from 08/31/2020
- Sidebar describe keyboard now has an edit function
- The smart key can be removed and set to normal
- Updated default wallpaper and interface "About"
- the macro can be activated by other key macro script
- The user interface for multiple languages ​​has been updated to the latest version
- MEMUC now supports creating application shortcuts on the desktop
What is fixed:
- Fixed an issue which caused the new image freezes when you first open
- Fixed and optimized smart key for Free Fire and CODM
- Fixed a bug which caused Brawl Stars sometimes could not cancel the skill off
- Fixed the problem of accidental displacement joystick when you right-click in the Mobile Legends
- Fixed a bug due to which the Arena of Valor skills interrupted click
- Fixed an issue in which some controllers were not recognized after shutdown
- The default setting for resolution is set to 720P DPI 240
Changes MEmu from 06/07/2020
- Added :) Membership Center, which offers premium features to customize the interface and to remove ads. Sign up to win a premium membership MEmu and rare skin for free!
ClickTo view additional information about the premium membership
- Added support for vertical sensitivity adjustment
- Added mode "WASD" (switching between the 3 modes)
- Added a "joint keyboard layout" (start action on pressing / pressed for individual positions)
- Fixed an issue offset macro keys, caused by an increase in authorization system (seen in Free Fire)
- Fixed a problem with the general accounts in several games
- Fixed a bug with skill depressing "Arena of Valor"
- Fixed an issue with "Brawl Stars" movement.
- Fixed a problem in "LifeAfter" impossibility of running diagonally
- Fixed an issue with the refusal of the first skill of four heroes skills "Mobile Legends"
- Fixed a compatibility issue "Kwai"
- Fix a problem, because of which some of the Xbox controller is not detected
Optimization MEmuC:
- Added option to exit the Setup
- Fix a problem when the window is hidden with the "boss," could not be activated
Changes MEmu from 05/09/2020
- Android 7.1 is now the default version
- New Homepage Android, the icon with the best visual effects
- Added the ability to scale the same percentage as in the Windows system
- Optimized disk cleaning function for cleaning will require less space
- Optimized speed of the WASD has, wheel, stick, you can turn on "fast movement" to speed up the response time
- Fixed an issue which caused button LT, RT joystick Xbox can not be activated
- Added subscription system: Premium MEmu. For more information: checkthis post
Changes MEmu 7.1.6 from 25/03/2020
- Optimized rendering performance for LifeAfter
- Now, the audio output device can be selected in the settings
- Fixed a smart key mapping Brawl Stars
- Fixed a bug due to which it was not possible to create a new copy
- Fixed a bug due to which the input screen is displayed, then vanished
- Fixed a bug due to which in MEmu not have an Internet connection
- Fixed a bug due to which when optimizing GPU memory in some games was a black screen
- Fixed broken buttons Lt and Rt on the gamepad Xbox
- Fixed problems with Google Play on Android 7 image
Changes MEmu 7.1.3 from 03/07/2020
- Added support for multi-touch and macro recording function
- Now it is forbidden to cause the top Android swipe down menu in the game
- Added contacts and gallery as the default application
- Fixed a bug which caused some games could not go full screen
- Fixed an issue where the text could not be removed
- Added command to gravity sensor
- Added command to get a list of third-party applications
- Added an option to create a shortcut on the desktop when you install applications
- Added file import .memu
- Fixed a bug due to which the rename command is not working
Changes MEmu 7.1.2 from 11/02/2020
- Updated the effect of the display layout of keys
- Now Asphalt 9 can be controlled directly from the keyboard (with Android 7.1)
- mass action added to Multi-MEmu: «Clear", "Optimize"
- Fixed a bug due to which sometimes did not work shooting button (left click) for games such as PUBG Mobile and Lifeafter
- Fixed a bug due to which Auto Chess flew off after a certain period of time
- Fixed problems with MEmuc: lag listvms team; GPS config command; clone team
- Fixed a bug due to which ADB could not connect to the image of Android 7.1.
- The Multi-MEmu Fixed a bug due to which some of the properties of the emulator is not changed when cloning \ randomization
- Fixed compatibility issues Fate Go, Teon, Badoo, Oceanhorn, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on the Android 7.1
Changes MEmu 7.1.1 from 01/09/2020
- Support for 64-bit emulator Android (Lineage 2m, World Flipper, etc...)
- Optimized performance of the following games: Lifeafter, Call of Duty Mobile, Asphalt 9 in OpenGL mode
- Fixed a bug due to which the emulator may stop responding at 99% in OpenGL mode
How to use the 64-bit Android emulator?
1. Open the Multi-MEmu
2. Click "New" and select the Android 7.1 (64bit)

Changes to previous versions of 2019
Changes MEmu 7.0.9 from 12/23/2019
- Now you can set the FPS limit with a minimum interval of 1 FPS
- Now Multi-MEmu will keep ordering copies
- Now supports the recorder off after running the script MEmu
- Now you can disable the notification after the creation of screenshots, disable notifications Android
- Now the volume +/-, you can synchronize synchronizer
- Fixed memory leak GPU MEmu
- Fixed adb commands that could not be used in MEmuc, using a network bridge
Changes MEmu 7.0.7 from 18/12/2019
- Optimized sensitivity problem in the game Free Fire, now the sensitivity is more stable;
- New configuration "Autostart application". Now you can set whether the AutoRun application is permitted;
- Optimized user interface notifications, pop-up windows, mini-window MEmu;
- Optimize the use of resources such tools screen capture as OBS;
- Optimized performance HTML5 applications.
- Fixed an issue which caused the bridge connection did not work in Windows 8;
- Fixed a bug due to which not worked cleaning function (found in version 7.0.5);
- Fixed a bug due to which sometimes show memuc Chinese (found in version 7.0.5);
- Fixed a bug due to which memuc could not create a new copy of the emulator Android 4.4, 7.1.
Changes MEmu 7.0.5 from 11/29/2019
- Multi-MEmu Now you can hide the notification area (system tray) Windows
- Fixed some problems due to which MEmu hang on loading 99%
- Fixed a problem with the lack of a sound after launch
- Fixed a bug due to which the icon flashes in the Windows taskbar
- Fixed an issue which caused an error message appears when you close MEmu
- Fixed memory leak in certain situations
- Fixed a bug due to which the Multi-MEmu hangs when you run a batch
- Fixed a bug which caused some teams MEmuc stopped working after version MEmu 7.0.1.
- Fixed a bug due to which the speed of the new plant was low
- Fixed a bug due to which the display key mapping and FPS was not displayed after entering the full-screen mode
MEmu 7.0.3 from 11/19/2019
- Full integration with Discord. (Join Now!)
5 reasons to join
1. Systems for Self FAQ
Using bots in the channel #faq you can enter the keyword you want to set, and receive a response automatically.

2. Instant Customer Service
After using Facebook for many users, we can say this: Facebook sucks! Join the server Discord and enter channels like # online-tech-support to get answers from MEmu personnel directly.

3. Obtaining the latest news about MEmu
Afraid to miss the message from MEmu «The problem with such a game?" Now you never miss anything. Check the channel #announcement, to receive the latest news.

4. The ability to join the group of beta testers. You want to experience the latest features before anyone else? Do you want to participate in the development MEmu? Then prisoedinyates to the server! We will continue to recruit members of the group of beta-ONLY through Discord.

5. Periodic events (contests, sweepstakes)
Gift Cards Google Play, Amazon gift cards and more! (Join Now!)

- Significantly optimized compatibility of PC games with graphics cards AMD. For example: (Call of Duty Mobile, Lifeafter, Identity V, Onmyoji Arena, Cyber ​​Hunter, Creative Destruction, etc...)
- Optimized menu to select the keyboard layout dialog for the different characters in the MOBA-games (Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)
- Optimized user interface for the compression process (cleaning) in the Multi-MEmu
- Updated version of Android System WebView to improve application compatibility associated with the browser
- Fixed the problem of increasing the use of memory (RAM) after repeated opening and closing applications
- Fixed a bug due to which MEmu hang when you click "Recent apps" in some games in DirectX mode
- Fixed problem with black screen after the creation of a large number of emulators (more than 1800)
- Fixed a bug due to which the apk files uploaded to the system browser, can not be set by pressing
- Fixed an issue which caused some games (PUBG mobile) shooting randomly interrupted
- Fixed a bug due to which MEmu hung to create a diagnostic report
- Fixed a crash that key mapping macro: «mapkey»
- Fixed a bug due to which export of the image takes too long
- Fixed being able to older versions (up to 6.0.1) updated to the latest version. Older versions can be updated directly by the update is installed
- Fixed a bug due to which interrupt the sequence of batch run
- Call of Duty Mobile: Optimized smart key layout mode: now available for smart and intelligent treatment of a pomegranate. - You can use different items simply by pressing
- Fixed some graphical issues in DirectX mode
- Fixed a bug which caused the game crashes
- Free Fire: Fixed some graphical issues in DirectX mode;
Fixed black screen problem on some of the events pages
- Clash of Kings: optimized rendering performance and reduced resource usage when playing with multiple copies
- PES2020: Fixed a problem with the black screen in OpenGL mode
- Knives out: Fixed some graphical issues in DirectX mode
- Matchington Mansion: Fixed some graphical issues in DirectX mode
Princess connect! Re: Dive (tw.sonet.princessconnect): corrected black screen when the game starts;
Fixed delay of game time
Changes MEmu 7.0.2 from 10/29/2019
- Added region for scaling MEmu (outer region) to facilitate
- Optimized rendering and input-output performance MEmu
- Fixed random hangs at 59% during initialization time
- Fixed problem with high CPU usage for some users NVIDIA GPUs after closing MEmu
- Fixed a delay after clicking on some skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Changes MEmu 7.0.1 from 29/09/2019
The all-new interface
- Optimized MEmu performance, especially on low-devices
- Added a new option to optimize GPU memory. Inclusion can reduce the use of GPU memory at runtime
- Added option to enable / disable anti-flicker and screen capture
- Added option to enable / disable the application tabs
- Added the function AutoPlay MEmu in Windows. Added adding shortcuts \ subtraction volume
- Fixed a bug due to which switching between applications is too slow
- Fixed a bug due to which virtual machines names were incorrect in the synchronizer
- Fixed a bug due to which MEmu dropped to a black screen on a PC with built-in GPU (graphic series Intel HD). (New to 7.0.1)
- Added group function
- Added randomization function
- Added batch setting for all virtual machines
- Added filters for select virtual machines
- Fixed compatibility for games: COR, Valkyrie Connect, PUBG Mobile Lite, One Punch Man, Garena Call of Duty Mobile
Changes MEmu 10.09.2019
- Significantly optimized sensitivity in Free Fire:
Now, the vertical sensitivity is enhanced for better cooperation;
The overall sensitivity is more stable than the older versions;
- Significantly optimized user interface comparison gamepad keys:
Optimized notification when connecting / disconnecting Controller;
Macros are now supported;
Optimized performance of the left stick;
Fixed a bug due to which MEmu in Windows 10 may not recognize the gamepad when it is connected;
- Fixed a bug due to which cloned the emulator does not control keyboard and mouse
- Fixed a bug, because that distorts the sound in some games
MEmu changes 08/26/2019
- Fixed the problem with the inability to expand disk space
- Fixed smart keyboard layout Brawl Stars
- Fixed high CPU usage after starting MEmu
MEmu Changes 08/20/2019
- Added full support for gamepads (Playstation, Xbox, etc.) )
PS: the function is still in development, share with us your opinion and reviews about it
Various options for skills and movements have been added for MOBA games:
- Starting a skill by pressing (pressing and releasing) a key, the skill will be activated in the direction of the mouse sensor
- If there are no target skills, then you can select the key as a normal touch
- You can change the skills of the opposite direction
- You can stop the movement by pressing the key
- You can control the distance of movement
- Optimized response time when shutting down and restarting MEmu
- Optimized download speed of games and applications
- Optimized overall performance of MEmu
- Optimized installation speed apk \ xapk files
- Now you can minimize MEmu to the notification area
- Fixed a random crash when installing xapk files
- Fixed random crash when restarting MEmu
- Fixed random synchronizer crash
- Fixed smart key mapping for PUBG mobile, LifeAfter and FreeFire
Game / Application Compatibility:
- In Mobile Legends, you can enable HFR (High Frame Rate) mode in the Learning options
- In Princess connect TW, JP, you can play without display errors (lack of animation \ black background)
- In the MPL Tool you can play the game without compatibility issues
- In Cyber ​​Hunter Lite you can play without delay
Changes in MEmu 07.15.2019
- Greatly improved graphics performance
- Now you can launch “Record Operations”, “Synchronizer” and “Screen Record” using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + F1, Ctrl + F9, Ctrl + F5) on the main screen
- Now MEmu notifications (Android) will be displayed in the Windows interface. (In the notification center)
- Now there are additional performance parameters for low-power computers (with a single or dual-core processor)
- When MEmu runs on virtual machines (without a graphics card), DirectX mode will be the default option
- Fixed a bug due to which the icon and text could not be displayed normally
- Fixed a bug due to which the synchronizer did not work
- Fixed a bug due to which MEmu hung on 63% initialization on some laptops
- Fixed a bug due to which MEmu could not be restarted
- Fixed a bug due to which the processor load was too high
- Fixed internet connection error when setting up DNS in NAT mode
- Fixed a bug where the shooting mode was invalid when entering full screen mode
- Fixed a bug that when entering shows the letter V
- Streetball matchup. Now you can play this game without crashing on launch.
- Game of Thrones Conquest, Now you can install this game without errors
Changes MEmu 06/13/2019
- Added support for Smart Mode 2.0 for Free Fire
- Added selection support to prevent Windows from falling asleep in Multi MEmu (MEmu console)
- Added support for sending messages using the Enter key on keyboards in some applications (for example: Whatsapp)
- Added new MEmu homepage interface
- Fixed a problem with the microphone and mouse (stuck) in Free Fire
- Fixed the problem of entering special characters in some languages
- Fixed crash issue in Call of Duty: Mobile in DirectX mode
Changes in MEmu 04/23/2019
- Optimized graphics performance of MEmu
- Optimized initialization time MEmu
- Optimized download speed MEmu
- Optimized control control in "Free Fire"
- Optimized increase / decrease function on the F2, F3 and mouse wheel keys (Ctrl + mouse wheel)
- Added support for customizing image capacity
- Added support for displaying mouse coordinates
- Added support for restoring default settings in key layout settings
- Added support for disabling Windows sleep mode while running MEmu
- Added support for setting the sensitivity of the 3D-review key
- Added support for blocking mouse sensor in MEmu
- Added support for editing imsi and ssid in MEmuc
- Increased the maximum number of images in Multi-MEmu: from 2048->up to 8192
- Fixed smart key mapping in Brawl Stars
- Fixed some typing problems with the AltGr key
- Fixed a bug due to which the built-in recorder did not synchronize sound and video
- Fixed some problems with internet connection
- Fixed a bug due to which the BOSS key could not hide the FPS display
- Fixed compatibility of some applications: Microshare, Puzzle and Dragon, Utopia: Origin
Changes in MEmu from 03/03/2019
- Added support for landscape window fixing
- Added asynchronous interface to some MEMUC commands (view details)
- Fixed compatibility issues with BlackDesert, ToramOnline, Real Racing 3, etc.
- Fixed key mapping compatibility issue with BrawlStars
- Fixed problem with an error when entering the keyboard shortcut "Alt + @"
- Improved memory usage of the MEmuHeadless module
- Improved MEmu loading speed
Changes in MEmu 01.31.2019
- Added support for merging multiple script operations together
- Added support for 3D View button in key mapping
- Added support for more commands in Macros (Details)
- Added support for pinning a landscape view window.
- Added the attack button on the right mouse button and cancel the attack in the matching of keys in the game Brawl Stars
- Improved user interface of multi-MEMU settings panel
- Fixed memory leak problem in OpenGL mode
Changes MEmu 01.14.2019
- Added support for smart key mapping for Brawl Stars
- Added support for controlling movement stoppage when the skill button is released in MOBA mode.
- Added support for setting up the VM when running through the MEMUC command
- Added support for the "loopstop" command in the key mapping macro
- Fixed problem with periodic error loading game resources.
- Fixed the problem of accidental failure during disk compression

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All suggestions for filling caps offer me inQMS

Discussion and comparison of different emulators is conducted inspecial topic

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Good day, phone Xiaomi Mi9 (6/128 Global), the device data will be reset when you unlock whether, and if so, there is the opportunity to avoid this, or make a complete backup of all applications? Thanks in advance.

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* turyst
Thank you for your response, may then approach this photo?
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* turyst Thank you, but I need to just another picture standing there)

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Good evening, please replace the image below with Yoda on another image, which I attached to the post.
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, The file itself
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* The last of the Mohicans
Classmates even wonder why I did not change the phone, it’s also old. I zapadlo change, I do not like to constantly move on to something new, stability is what is best)

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* Double2,
But this way)) The phone has already started to fail, although the custom, the battery is generally planted, it hangs and reboots with strong heating ... And this is not all the problems with the phone. But you can use it)

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* ktotam23,
Contact the appropriate topic of your phone. Hello! I have not been here for a long time) I still go with S6: rofl:

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LexX-V @ 19.05.19, 21:14*
Floyd OneUI V2.0 - Android 9.0.0
LexX-V @ 19.05.19, 21:14*
After installing the firmware should immediately flash the file to fix the camera and the image to fix the system performance.
Can you tell which particular way, where they were 2, with an inscription and G92X G92XUS. Thanks in advance.

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* Sur Fer,
And if I live in Kazakhstan?

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* Sur Fer, Is it possible to ask me at this point Samsung Galaxy S6, with the patched receiver, weak on battery, a broken camera and scratches on the screen, at what discount you can expect?

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* XA2,
It is a matter of aesthetics, what sizes I liked it, I will say this, I fingered them, but the difference is not very big, they are equally comfortable

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* VLADdock
What about increasing the screen, it is almost imperceptible to me, 400 mAh difference for me is not important operative and telephone quality in accordance with the price,
VLADdock @ 20.01.19, 18:08*
More screen, more autonomy, greater operatives more camera features.
and all this extra 7000 rubles. Maybe there is some reason to buy + version instead of the usual?

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Hello comrades! Whether or not to overpay for the S9 + in comparison with the S9? Prices: S9-41400 rubles, S9 + 48200 rubles. Thanks in advance!

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Hello, please make a compress to the size of the forum and the animation was good. Do the same with the other GIFCA. Thanks in advance.
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Thanks to one scheme has circulated a hell hound from 0/20 to 20/20!)
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Good day, whether work on Helium Android 9.0 available?

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* Mad_Johnny Yes by the way, the second time out, but when you restore application data goes into cyclic reboot

Posted on 09/09/2018, 19:31:

* Mad_Johnny Maybe there are some ways to move applications to the new firmware with full recovery of application data?

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* ovepar Maybe, but it depends on the location of sounds as emoji downloaded from the server, and maybe sounds

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* Mad_Johnny Yes, I did wipes are

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