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sologuitarist88 @ 14.07.19, 13:31*
lighter / candle prokoptite reverse spoon (convex) then carefully assemble a cotton swab and from the center to the edge remove dirt. before this blow enema into the lens to prevent the grains of sand and other abrasive possible.

and this rite chance demon will not cause?

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* Happy__End, too, all in thought to order if they have, today the price 30,5+ -4t + shipping costs, etc., and I have in 48 stands.
About warranty found on the site Epson - valid only when buying from an authorized Maghazi, where it is on sale projectors, not printers, for example. Those. CSN, Citylink, rather than have to buy up

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wirsus01 @ 27.02.17, 21:05*
there is also ordered 2 pieces

Yes, and I did not expect a dirty trick, the seller is recommended and a lot of reviews.
Week already corresponded with him, offered to send back at its own expense, and then a full refund (except the shipping cost back). Or return to 1000 p, and then I will spare strap and charging, because all the same will order again. Here I think now

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Zelestik @ 27.02.17, 18:15*
2 hours?

Yeah, 2

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Marriage came too ((buy from Mc-Tech. By the way, in vain did not immediately note that the box which holds the capsule is broken, if not reach them carefully. Although the top course was in the film.
I pulled out of the box with a small charge, but charge it took 7-8 hours, and sat down to zero for 2. Charge managed 2 more times and also: 8-10 hours to charge, and sat down at the 2. After a longer included - charging shows but once disconnected from the cable off. And if the application to search for the bracelet, he responds.
During the time he worked with the phone skonektilsya, pulse measures, steps believes firmware updated. Even the name display caller Russian managed to do.

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I bought the MC-TECH Store delivery of Russia 9.02. Brought home 17.02, online pony express monitored.
But it turned out to be married. By the way, in vain I did not immediately note that the box which holds the capsule is broken, if not reach them carefully. Although the top of course was in the film.
Out of the box was a small charge skonektilsya with the phone, heart rate measures, steps believes firmware updated. Even the name display caller Russian managed to do.
The first time being charged 7-8 hours, and sat down to zero for 2. And so a couple more times, and then completely stopped included - charging shows, but once disconnected from the cable off.
Offering to send back or 1,000 compensation.

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overdosel @ 16.02.17, 22:43*
Bring to the house or the apartment, according to the time of delivery?

The apartment - Pony Express brings the courier calls before you arrive on time negotiating

Gomezzzzz @ 17.02.17, 04:20*
That's about the elongated strap cap is, and whether there is a short-cut? Well, teen / woman's hand, and general ...

Also not be refused. And if to fasten the last it looks not very

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Damn, I did not manage to roll back. Tomorrow I will continue with this information

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And share their experiences of buying Elena 5c A1507 32 GB.
After talking with her a couple of days (in the operational on weekdays during the day on weekends silence; guarantee promises a year away from you) July 21 I paid (for 1507 by paying $ 15), the 31st received the parcel number (after the reminder, of course), August 5, she begins trekatsya, 20th take away from the post office. As a result, the road 15 days, but in fact a little bit more.
Of course, the screen showed a small play, a bit of glue and a little recessed button home. But the battery was a new, but as LTE simply flies, it sits I still have a day. Network of catches, has been updated, the screen is not buggy, charge, photo \ video shoots. Later she will write a review. Included was no cover, so I did and did not ask; film, headphones, cable, and charger are.
Given the fact that now stands on the little yellow 4000 more than a month ago, buying more than satisfied.

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Elenka writing - came imei. Sends neighing smile. Whether the difficulties of translation, whether immediately open debate ..

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CRA did not order, if you will need to order a ebey

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Also I decided to order from Mr. Elena Luo. During 1507 to 32GB Surcharge $ 15 (there is only yellow and pink). I inquired further about the new battery, offered to pay him $ 35. He promised to send the track

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2 months the book has just appeared. I do not drop exactly

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And normally, that inside the battery (or even all the stuffing) hanging?

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I'd turn on (terminals + and the power button) is not loaded rekaveri, though, and is at the root, and also with all firmwares except 2.0.3 tried
similarly with the + and rezet kn.vkl. simply there is a picture, not a native
but now the wait when discharged completely and try again

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rekaveri here and not put, although discharge is not waiting, just cut off contact AKB
and a breakdown of what to do?

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maybe someone can help ...
He updated the book to 2.1.2, stood up without any problems.
He caught the eye manualPocketBook IQ 701 - Flash (Post # 13617327)
I tried to put through rekaveri ANDROID 2.1., after a reboot immediately began and on the logo does not go
no firmware is being installed
internal card is empty
I killed a book or something else you can do?

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