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Comparison Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro VS. Datakam 6 Max in identical conditions:

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Alex611611 @ 09/11/18, 18:55*
120 fps, as on a top-end Yi action camera, would certainly be better, because a car hiding from the accident scene will only appear for a moment in the frame and low resolution and low fps will not allow to recognize the car.

IMHO, 60 frames in comparison with 30 will not give any advantage.
A clear picture with a fast car in the frame will only be in the case of a very short exposure, and it does not matter which framerate is 30, 60 or 120. Under normal lighting, the exposure is much shorter than 1/60 or even 1/120
In case of insufficient lighting, exposure and 1/30 and 1/60 will give a blurry picture, and for 120 frames you also need a more sensitive large sensor so that the picture does not turn out dark.

Compare the same action camera at night at 30, 60 and 120 frames and you will be disappointed in 120 frames.
Xiaomi takes off terribly at night. Vehicle numbers will not be visible at 30, 60 or 120.

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With Smart, the transfer of video to YouTube works. At least with the latest update of YouTube.
Li worked before I do not know.
Connected to boxing manually.

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I have
- Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced, stitch 1.5.33
- NAS Synology server with home video B main in format - 1080p 60fps 50Mbps with fotika and camcorders.

Problem - Kodi slows down when playing video. Constantly draws buffering icons and slows down. (very rare when plays without a coaching)
Connected to the NAS server and via WiFi 5G (router directly near the console) and via Ethernet 1GBit
Ball with video connected via SMB and via NFS. inhibits in both options
Via UPNP seems to be better, but there is no inspection at all and the properties of video files are not

But !!!, the same videos are played without problems with a player from the standard Media Explorer, which is not entirely convenient for navigating video.
What's wrong with Cody? Where to dig?

And what else can you try for convenient cataloging of domestic video and photos with convenient premots.
I tried SPMC - also slows down like Kodi.
And what else to lose 1080p 120fps with the Action Camera Xiaomi? Through everything I tried.

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* efim123 ,
EFIM123 @ 3.12.17, 17:04 *
I changed the post, there is a new archive

Strange. I pushed the archive after your otmashka. The new archive was identical to the first.
I'll try again as I get to home

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Give Link to a new archive with 2 APK files

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also managed to put. Voice search did not earn.
The console version is the same
We are waiting for new signed files

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SergeyGavrilenko @ 27.03.2012, 00:00*
Well, if it comes to kardoke SGS2, there should be two things to cut.
1. The rim around the sphere at the very foot. It rests itself phone holder.
2. The hole inside the sphere to mate, in its edge abuts seem screw.

absolutely right.
cut should be two things.
Cut only the rim does not solve the problem completely.
you must also sawing holes into which screw upiaetsya.

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But the native has meals and the polarization filter can be delivered.

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Strengthening the original holder for SGS2
The idea - to strengthen the Mr.-shaped leg with an extra strut in the form of a wooden bar
Video review:
Original condition:
Attached file20120325_150801.mp4(24.53 MB)

reinforced with wood:
Attached file20120325_151102.mp4(21.56 MB)

The wood is wrapped with a black tape for beauty, so as not to catch the eye:
Attached file20120325_151750.mp4(21.01 MB)

Video 1080p in action, like in my opinion I became less than the shaking.
Attached file2012_03_25__15_30_25.mp4(82.34 MB)

30th second - shaking with strengthening
55th second - shaking without strengthening
70th second - again shaking with strengthening

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Rustar73 @ 02/12/2012, 21:27*
Can engine vibrations are transmitted to the phone, you, like, Diesel tractor?

I have a diesel - waves in the image precisely because of the vibration at idle. And I see this vibration on the holder.

D4NTE @ 02/12/2012, 21:54*
This is not a zoom, as such, and when shooting in 1080r, only the central part of the matrix is ​​involved and stretched into full screen
I'm even embarrassing somehow, but I refer to Wikipedia for the second time: Digital Zoom - you practically led to his definition

1080p on ghs is not digital zoom.
According to the definition of the Wikipedia, the digital zoom is stretching the image from the central part of the matrix to the video resolution.
in ghd matrix 3264 x 2448
In all modes, in addition to 1080p, the image from the entire matrix is ​​frozen to the desired aspect ratio and will be mastered in a lower resolution:
3264 x 2448 ->1280 x 720
3264 x 2448 ->800 x 480

And in 1080p instead of the whole matrix, only the central part 1920 x 1080 is used without masting
1920 x 1080 ->1920 x 1080

From the entire determination of the digital zoom coincided only the use of the central part of the matrix.
But there is no interpolation. Picture on the video point to the point from the matrix.

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V-OZ @ 02/09/2012, 21:37*
Do you want to say that the type of angle is at 720r or 1080r the same? ...
Well, do not be labeled, make a record and compare logs.

Discussed this already.
The angle in the logs is about anything. It is relevant only for the photo.
In the 520 and 1080 record logs on the SGS2 one and the same angle that is incorrect.

Post has been editedqxbutch - 09.02.12, 23:23

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SergeyGavrilenko @ 18.01.2012, 21:59*
Not too .... hinge not boltaetsya.
Dangles removable cradle and hinge mate.

and I for some reason, if the finger poking at the screen, the foot bends, and not joint and cradle.
I myself cradle firmly planted on the Mount.
IMHO on rough roads - to blame a flat foot. Not enough to her ribs on the vertical axis.

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SergeyGavrilenko @ 17.01.2012, 22:23*
It seems to me that part of the "sucker-leg" just pretty tough, but the latch that holds himself cradle, just hanging out ...

but it seems to me that the shaking is mainly due to the L-shaped legs.
Would make of the letter T - triangle must be tougher

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Bronsvn @ 17.01.2012, 12:43*
Fotkat nothing special, the usual steel strip, set "vnatyag" between itself holder (not leg) and torpedo podobranny size. It gives almost the required rigidity

still I would like to look.
and then I think that the original can be made. long curved leg hard enough.

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SergeyGavrilenko @ 17.01.2012, 08:52*
And here you can read more? I sawed very little leg, where the rim of the inner sphere, get more rotation.
And in what place can there hinge drank, not realizing.

1. The cut flat file cylindrical outer rim (this angle increases, but sufficient)
2. round file to cut edge of the outer sphere of the ball joint, do little egg from which the screw hole exits (the screw is not rested on the edge of the sphere and thus increases the angle even slightly)
3. Attach to the glass a little leg at an angle.

pictures I've been lecturing.
VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 10146976)
shoot taped do not want to read more zafotkat
But if you really need - and will make pictures napilinga.

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BRONSVN @ 01/16/2012, 19:26*
Original SGS2 holder, "modified" homemade struts:

Photo strut in the studio.
By the way, I modified the original holder so that the suction cup in the frame did not fall at 720p
A sufficient file to handle a ball hinge to increase the maximum angle of rotation.

Posted on 01/17/2012, 00:25:

Grand1 @ 01/16/2012, 22:53*
On 4 transmission from 40 km / h picks up without jerks and stones and confidently gains speed, on the 5th from 50 km / h ...

Diesel - torque under 300 nm, at idle rushes and rides from the second without gas.
But not for your frost. And then we have this winter so far there are no ice on the water bodies.

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Grand1 @ 01/16/2012, 20:30*
Tingle engine 1.8 l.; 120 hp

Cheto somehow to modern European cars are still far in power (where with 1.4 there are more than 150 horses)
My dyssel 1.6 will be more powerful, and would not say that the rocket. True mass more - 1.3 tons

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Grand1 @ 07.01.2012, 22:45*
Quote (Qxbutch @ 07.01.2012, 22:47)
And even instant readiness of the voice recruitment is like ...?

You can immediately speak after clicking on the microphone.
And not wait until something is loaded there and write "say"
In general, in general, voice recognition has a faster reaction.

Posted on 07/01/2012, 23:08:

Qxbutch @ 07.01.2012, 21:47*
Generally the phone is a thing. The smaller size is larger in size, but the 1280x720 screen decides.
After him seems to be ax.

And forgot, the memory card does not support. Only built-in :(
While it is the main minus.

Post has been editedqxbutch - 07.01.12, 23:04

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Today I looked like a camera on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
1080p writes without zoom, and when focusing Infinity, auto exposure is working as it should.
Maybe this is due to the fact that there is a matrix of only 5 mpixels, and there is enough performance.
Or maybe we have happiness on Icecream.

Generally the phone is a thing. The smaller size is larger in size, but the 1280x720 screen decides.
After him seems to be ax.

And the instant readiness of the voice recruitment, and the camera without lag is also a thing !!!
We are waiting for ice cream !!!

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