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VaseCD3 @ 11.11.20, 23:39*
You are welcome! Only the torus will always be launched, hanging in processes. Someone strains it.

But I did not do it and I have written off all traffic)))) Your cant)

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* vasecd3,
Really earned, thank you good man!
Honor 20 (Tariff)
True speed jumps from 100kb to 3MB, but oh well)

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* f1six,
* Shtibert
It turns out, there are no problems.
But I asked how to make a double-click on the left headphone answered Alice.
With the settings that you indicated, Google responds.

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* Yurip
I tried to no avail
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Today I noticed that in a pair with headphonesFlypodsOn the double tap on the left headphone, the head assistant google is started, although it was originally said about the Chinese assistant.
And the question arose, how can you make so that at a double tap on the left headphone answered and managed Alice's telephone from Yandex ??

I apologize if suddenly this offtopic, did not find it.

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* Sergey Viktorovich 1973,
I bought a couple of years ago, I could not not notice this.
Recently, "picking up" with him, because IMEI flew.
I stitched it many times, cleaned, unlocked the bootloader and all operations from this subject, but I could not "reduce" the size of the built-in memory?
If some files were not selected, he would simply do not work.
The fact is that the phone enjoys mom and now turned with the problem of a shortage of memory, so I saw such a strange detail.

* Stormstream
The karat of memory also costs, just like 8GB, but if you get it, then all the data can be read. That is, the device memory is used.
And in general, in the settings there is nothing about the memory card. Very strange.
And still look at the system memory ...
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Good day to all!
There was such a question, why in this device I have 2/8 GB in my hands? After all, it must be in all characteristics either 2/16, or 3/32
Splan attaching.
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* hishnik206,
GTX 1050 TI 4GB
+ Put immediately Samsung 970 EVO at 250GB and hard for 2 TB

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* blood star , Reboot was successful) thanks!

Apparently updated bios
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Good day!
Tell me what happened, updated Bios through Lenovo Vantage, restart, took a strip of renovation and stopped on this screen
Attached Image

Prompt, what is it? And what to do? Is it possible to reboot?

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* andybs, AA, perhaps! Forged, disy.
But still let's dwell the developers to return this desired function!

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* Sparc_jr, Well, once the developer takes into account user comments, I think it is worth trying.

I wrote them in response that I was surprised by the decision of the developers - to remove this function, but leave this item in the dialer settings menu, when you click on which, it is turned off by a few seconds, which is on the device.
But they did not answer me.

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I decided to learn from technical support when they plan to restore the recording of conversations.
Got this answer:
Hello Paul!

Thank you for contacting Honor. My name is Irina, I will be glad to solve your question.

Thanks for the interest manifested to Honor!

Unfortunately, by solving developers, such a function of recording conversations is currently not supported. We also recorded your appeal for our developers. We want to draw your attention to that the developer takes into account user comments and it is possible that in future updates your wishes will take into account.

Alternatively, we can recommend to establish a third-party application for recording conversations in the Play Market application.

If you have any questions, please contact us any way convenient for you. We are always ready to help you.

Best wishes,

Honor support center.

Vkontakte community

Group Facebook.

Email: [email protected]

Schedule: 24/7

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* romaM197,
* MegaFon929,
The first found under the lid, the second I suggested in online support!
Thanks a lot, everyone)
* TpyTeHb_91, Indeed, the difference is +8

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* romaM197, Thanks! Found! But only imei1, and how to be with the second?

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* MegaFon929, It turns out I need a manufacturer to write a letter with a serial number and request to suggest the necessary data?
Where to write in this case will not tell me?

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Please tell me how to restore IMEI, if it (this IMEI) is not!
That is neither the boxes or documents.

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* a.rizoev , * igor-gnedko2009 , thank you good people! With your tip found.
It is necessary in the properties of the "Phone" application to allow it access to the memory of the device and the access buttons to the call records appear again as it was on 9 '
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184 flew .. it used to be better.
• Tell me how to return the photo of the caller in full screen, or at least half, how was it before?
• How to return the access button to write a call directly from the dialer? So as not to climb the recorder and look for the desired call there ..
• How to turn off the effects in standard audio player so that they do not impose on AIMP?

And this is only the first impressions ...

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* temazavr1994,
Obnan flies.
Clean cache and update data and reboot, you can also try to clean it all from Hicare

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