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Berzerk.KdK @ 04.07.20, 20:52*
Ray Spark - creator MindCell and Slaughter - razrab from Arkhangelsk. I think it can be and to support the ruble.

And how does it differ from the import of developers? If the game is free, then believe me, there are advertising to and more, just like that, no one would do that. : D

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bl @ ck_m @ ge @ 04.07.20, 13:16*
tv-box I would recommend to take two wired gamepad. Wireless have a bad habit to lose compound catch crosstalk and make small input delay. DualShock, for example, I without crutches for bluetooth works only on a single device out of five.

How many friends and I use wireless, no one has any problems either. I have 2 xbox one s gamepad, no problem.

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* Persik73,
If the model is T32D19DHS-01B, I can throw a more old firmware V8-T56FSPK-LF1V053

Rep: (207)
Novelty 2020. The sale should be available in July. This updated model line A7500 2019.

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DiscussionTalk HISENSE 43/50/55/65 A7500F
Discussion »
Model 2020.
Diagonal: 43 "50" 55 "65"
Screen resolution: 3840 Г— 2160
Frequency Index renovation: 60Hz
Backlight Technology: DLED
TV Type: UHD Smart TV

Screen Format: 16: 9
Viewing angle: 178 В°
the color depth of 8 bits + FRC technology
Local dimming: None

Light source
Contrast:43" 4000: 1 (type); 50" 5000: 1 (type); 55" 4000: 1 (type); 65" 4000: 1 (type)

Processor: Quad Core / MSD6886
Standard HDR: HDR 10, HLG
Support for HDR: HDR
Image scaling Ultra HD: Yes
Technology dynamic compensation MEMC: Yes
Decoder: HEVC (H.265), VP9, ​​H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, VC1, MVC
The delay time of the signal in the playing mode:<20 ms
3D Technology: No
Converting 2D to 3D: No
The noise canceling function MPEG: Yes
suppression system "mosquito" noise: Yes

Sound power:43" 2x7Vt; 50" 2h10Vt; 55" 2h10Vt; 65" 2h10Vt
Sound system: DTS Virtual-X
NICAM / A2 Stereo: NICAM Stereo
Technology volumetric sound / Audio Decoders: Dolby Audio (MS12), DTS

Format support
Video: .AVI, .WMV, .MP4, .MOV, .3GP, .MKV, .MPG, .MPEG, .VOB, .FLV, .WebM, .OGM
Audio: .wma, .wmv, .mp4, .FLAC, .MP2, .MP3 music (mp3 aac wma wav)
Picture: .jpeg, .bmp, .PNG, .GIF, .mpo

the Internet
Internet Browser: VEWD
HbbTV: HbbTV 2.0.2
Appendix Anyview Cast: Yes
Appendix Anyview Stream: Yes (DMP, DMR)
Application Smartphone: Yes

And TV tuner
Digital and Analog tuner: DVB-T2 / T / C / S2 / S
Teletext function: Yes
Parental Control: Yes
PVR function (record TV programs): Yes
Function Time Shift: Yes

Front panel Material / color: Plastic / Gray
Rear panel Material / color: Plastic / Black

Media Player: Yes (The format of Video, Audio, Image)
Unique technologies: Dolby Vision; MEMC
Suitable for use in hotels: Yes
User Interface: VIDAA U4.0

Connection Interface (CI +): Yes (V1.4)
USB: 2
USB 3.0: No
Digital Audio 1 (optical)
Audio input (L / R): 1
RF tuner 2
Composite entrance: 1
Component YPb (Cb) (a digital signal) / Pr (Cr) (analog signal) input Yes
Ethernet RJ45 port: Yes
Support for WLAN: Yes
Wi-Fi: 802.11ac standard, dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
Support Bluetooth: Yes
The number of HDMI ports 4

Power supply
Power supply: 100V-240V 50 / 60Hz
Labeling energy efficient: A
Power consumption (typical):43" 100W; 50" 140W; 55" 150W; 65" 190 W
Power consumption (typical):43" 72 W; 50" 90W; 55" 99 W; 65" 145W
The peak value of the brightness:>65%

Weight and Dimensions
Weight with the box:43" 11.4 kg; 50" 16.3 kg; 55" 20 kg; 65" 27.5 kg
Weight with stand:43" 8.9 kg; 50" 11.7 kg; 55" 15.4 kg; 65" 19.8 kg
Weight without stand:43" 8.3 kg; 50" 11,2 kg; 55" 14.7 kg; 65" 19.0 kg
Packing size (DxGxV):43" 1080 Г— 140 Г— 683 mm; 50" 1236 Г— 145 Г— 790 mm; 55" 1362 Г— 145 Г— 881 mm; 65" 1600 Г— 172 Г— 997 mm
Product Size with Stand (DxGxV):43" 959 Г— 194 Г— 615 mm; 50" 1112 Г— 250 Г— 704 mm; 55" 1227 Г— 250 Г— 770 mm; 65" 1447 Г— 294 Г— 904 mm
Product Size without stand (DxGxV):43" 959 Г— 74 Г— 559 mm; 50" 1112 Г— 79 Г— 645 mm; 55" 1227 Г— 78 Г— 711 mm; 65" 1447 Г— 79 Г— 835 mm
The maximum distance between the base (A):43" 685 mm; 50" 741 mm; 55" 742 mm; 65" 742 mm
Single Stand: Yes

Material and color stand: Plastic and metal / dark gray
Stand (LxW):43" 685 Г— 194 mm; 50" 741 Г— 250 mm; 55" 742 Г— 250 mm; 65" 742 Г— 294 mm
VESA compatible bracket:43" 200 * 200mm; 50" 300 Г— 200mm; 55" 300 Г— 200mm; 65" 300 Г— 200mm
Batteries for remote: AAAx2
Appendix Quick start page: Yes
Power Cord: Yes

4K resolution
4K-TVs provide Hisense image is 4 times higher resolution compared with FHD-TVs. I am pleased to see your favorite shows and movies and appreciate the high quality of graphics in modern games. With 4K-TVs Hisense you find yourself in the heart of events broadcast on the screen.

Televisions have Hisense 4K resolution besides 3840 * 2160 as decoding technology and improve image quality. This allows for full enjoyment of viewing any content in high definition.

accurate color
UHD-TVs Hisense can create a wide range of colors with 10-bit color depth. Thanks to an improved built-in algorithms they also reproduce more accurate, natural colors. At the same time TVs avoid saturated colors, so you can discover the true beauty of nature with vivid yet realistic colors.

Wide range of colors
In TVs Hisense UHD uses sophisticated optical technologies and techniques to improve the color to create a great color palette. Hisense TV will not play oversaturated or unnatural colors, they provide accurate reproduction of natural colors. On the Hisense TV screen roses are bright red, the grass - lush green and the ocean - deep blue.

Dolby Vision в„ў technology makes your entertainment even more vivid. Compared to the standard image of Dolby Vision can reproduce colors that were previously unavailable. It makes light areas of the image 40 times brighter and black - 10 times darker. The result is the most realistic portrayal.

Hisense TVs support a special algorithm to analyze the input signal, which helps determine how best to adjust the dark and light areas of the image. Using different contrast curves for different image areas in accordance with a content type, Ultra Dimming technology quickly adapts to provide maximum image quality of the dark and light areas of the image.

Hisense Depth Enhancer technology analyzes each image and automatically adjusts the dynamic contrast ratio. In addition, it adds distinct layers to the background, the middle and the foreground to create a greater depth of field over the entire image. This leads to a more realistic perception of the image with a clearly defined sense of depth.

Technology UHD AI Upscaler increases the resolution of the content to the level of 4K, so you can enjoy the highest picture quality even when viewing the FHD-content. Rather than simply duplicate each pixel four times, UHD AI Upscaler technology calculates the color of neighboring and automatically compensates for them by using the corresponding pixel color scene by scene.

Smooth motion reproduction
Unlike conventional TVs, which often blur dynamic scenes, Hisense TVs define the fine details associated with fast-moving objects, and restore the pixels to transmit clear and accurate movement on the screen. After recovery clear image television reconfigures exact frames as needed, greatly reducing any traces of movement or jitter. The result - a bright, clear and smooth motion in each scene.

The Hisense TVs use noise reduction technology. This technology improves the quality of each pixel in real time and provides a sharper and clearer image quality to improve the overall viewing.

MOST realistic sound
With the support of DTS Virtual Technologies: X в„ў Hisense TVs reproduce the exciting sound without the need for high dynamics. Listen to the news without straining your ears, or enjoy your favorite movies dialogues. Hisense TVs define and separate speech from background sound, so it can be easier to hear. A high-quality bass helps you to be in the heart of the action. Not to mention the fact that you can watch TV at high volume without any distortion.

Movies, shows, music and sports events - Dolby Audio technology improves the playback quality of any content. It provides crystal clear sound reproduction is well audible dialogues, exceptionally detailed and realistic surround sound.

Scene Detection Technology uses artificial intelligence to instantly detects the type of content and adjusts the picture and sound for the most accurate reproduction of features, whether sports events, movies, cartoons, transmission, news or any other content.

We know that the main wish of the users of our products - it is simplicity. Our international team is working on improving the OS VIDAA U more than a decade. Applying advanced development, we have created a "smart", intuitive and personalized platform for content playback. Meet the latest version of OS VIDAA U4.0.

* The availability of apps varies by region.
A photo
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uvVvu @ 03.07.20, 20:51*
And in some sort of CCs Conder search and solder will not, and if so, will take the same 15,000 that the mother immediately change. pechalka.

Normal SC first find the cause, then stop ringing and coordinate repairs. I do not even know what it is you do for CC, who for Conder sderut 15k rubles. So they have no orders and trying to rip at least why the money. If you are satisfied with the telly, I'd buy his mother and himself changed. And on the projector, and can be 30-35 rubles to invest in it. But the need and the screen. But the picture is 100 "and more and viewing experience will be very different. At most projectors have a home. Telek just what the background, because kinoshki and computer, Curling / Xbox only deduce it.

Rep: (207)
uvVvu @ 03.07.20, 20:41*
Master suggested that just died on the processor level and proposed to change the entire motherboard.

Remote assumption)). It is better to take him to the service of the other, not one where the phone has offered the mother to change immediately. Let feel, what it is, especially if there are no traces of something burning on the board.

Rep: (207)
* uvVvu,
And what exactly is burned, not talked about? Other inputs work? With USB flash drive started? Usually, if an HDMI connection if there is a break through, it takes off the chip HDMI if their input is no protection on the board.

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A couple of rails, doing leg and attached the screen to him and he is standing near a wall.

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No one knows whether sold under the guise of a new 50A7500F 6140F? All the same, the price tag is now in a good difference.

Rep: (207)
* LrdPilgrim,
Only firmware.

Rep: (207)
* CoDydnb,
So pricheslyayte themselves not all, well, someone gets to 18-20 and feeds the family to them. It is necessary to take this factor into account. My friend did not consider the box below 150k in price, it is generally said minimum, but it would be a slag, as he says. And he has the right to judge so, he bought for 300k box.
And in general, people asked, the answer has already been given, or ali watch 6140 43 ", but the purchase is not looking with all the consequences, either immediately at the place to look, and Sams and ski 43" before the 20k he will not buy, and if they buy then it will be the same deksp, only more expensive.

Rep: (207)
* squall-anime
Those. according to you, in a review on the site write real buyers, and write the pros and cons and who bought specifically for curling 4pro the box and happy, they do not have to trust and believe it is those who write on this subject, it is nonsense? About backlighting, it's all in one perspective, these deshmarey.

Rep: (207)
* CoDydnb,
Each consultant receives% of the sale of their brands no no%, with the same trouble in Eldorado, do not get on the Hi or anything and discouraged from buying the same. In general, the argument is irrelevant, there is a limited budget. Yes, about haysens, I have a couple of days ago was in the CSN, the consultant also advises against the 43 "7500 model is not me, the buyer chose, and I stood up and wedged into the conversation simple. In every way he tried to load almost 10k more expensive to buy a box.) )

Rep: (207)
squall-anime @ 01.07.20, 19:06*
that is, in your dekspah it not?

And at what here that do not have it in deksp? I am writing about the fact that prior to 6140, this overpayment of almost 5 to rub, and a problem that will be present is the same as with deksp. And voiced by the budget and purpose of the box read, for what.
Although there is a request by 43 "high, then take a chance and take 6140 Ali to 6 the number of deshovochke, or playing the same deksp in the store. But there will be pixels broken if, or does not like to be lighted, return not be longer than playing live in Magazev.
Up to 20k watch in store Sams ski and just not worth it, stupid overpayment for the brand will be. Now you can find a full HD small, locally boutiques poured this stuff is old.

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* CoDydnb,
Familiar works in the service center, and so, races brands in many times greater than nedobrendov, although these nedobrendov buy a lot, since there are one to ask Statistics in El Dorado and the same MVideo.

Rep: (207)
CoDydnb @ 01.07.20, 18:55*
I wonder what you see in them? Both - the poverty of the wild.

On any TV, I just can not answer. 20k to advise a person better or start writing, and add a certain amount of money? By this your nth amount I write, it is better to add another amount and so on. You can offer haysens 6140, but not many people are willing to buy without seeing the product itself. And shimmering shim no one canceled in it yet.

Rep: (207)
CoDydnb @ 01.07.20, 18:17*
I certainly apologize, but you have seen the TV? If so, and advise, what is more or less adequate, but certainly not deksp

Yes, I saw. Write your objections. And also you can read reviews online about it. And if it's just a bias towards Deksp, I have just had, while he did not go and look at them in the store.

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* LLIypuk64,
The CSN has a 50 "4K is not a smart TV 50" (127 cm) LCD LED DEXP U50E7000E black / 50 "(127 cm) LCD LED DEXP U50E7000Q gray for 17999 rubles.

Rep: (207)
Tortomvmordu @ 30.06.20, 11:50*
But I'm not sure about the friendly android with x box one and also need somewhere to look for him holder, Ali sold separately Holder

Excellent friendly with android and the holder is precisely for him Ali.

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