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Mr @ ck @ 21.06.19, 22:03*
After installation:
-proydite to settings and return (to use my config)
take a random picture and delete it
-gotov to use

Members Snapdragon:
-If you see green and black bug, try using / unixcamsd and change to the same setting as in 1.1. I will make SD-version, if me and Noel will be enough time

Iridescent ring:
- you can hide it if you set a higher exposure compensation, for example, + 55%, but you can see the different colors of the worst characteristics of the dark and the sky exploded.

-pikselny config ZSL 2017 and model nexus 6. Faster capture and processing on c8.
-2 photos in a row. If one of the two photos done, you can shoot again
Optimized values ​​for noise frames 10
-10 frames instead of 16. 10 - a maximum number of frames on zsl, xenius named 12 (pixel stable), but it is 10. Do not modify it, because you will notice the error gate.

-for night photos (a road with lights, cityscape, etc. e., xmarksight + auto iso should be better
-for the sun photo, you can try instead of the standard range srgb fix2.0, but with greater contrast.

Guys, who can translate to worthwhile Russian)))

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* pahand Question - working scheme or not.
As I have described, the working scheme. So I will try again. If it does not, I will return again with detailed questions.

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Hi guys. Installation outside face method has not changed?
Allthisscheme do?

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* Sheriff-Leonid @ 11.03.19, 10:21*
This information is already not once mentioned, just no one wants to read the page itself.

I spent two days trying to read what people post new updates and really do not have time for the post. There posts updated darkness. and search - honestly could not even express in words the problem. Therefore, I load the video that was understandable.

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Chichikov @ 11.03.19, 00:46*
master_piter, the developer put the animation 0.5.

Damn, you're a genius one. : Clap:

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The guys have a program that notifies the user has become online (went into Whats APP).
In the spaces of the Internet there is a program for IOS with great functionality (though it works or not - I do not know).Tyts

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Guys, tell me that in Trouble after the upgrade. Nonsense when you call.

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* pekoron , * LaykoMetr , * smallesh_13 , Thank you guys for the clarification. Strano Iphone 5 draws, 4 aypad not.
Sorry sorry, very sorry. And apparently the diamonds do not help.

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Hi guys! Help for IOS nuba. There IPAD 4, A1460. Installed IOS 10.3.3.
Installation with app store gives an error
Pubg Mobile is not compatible with this device.
Help, or rather explain what he needs.

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Guys, Iphone owners. Tell me about Gear S3 and Iphone ligament. Health work?
A relative asked him to pick up a smart watch. The ratio of hours, the use of response functions, viewing notifications and sports (swimming, fitness).
Since he owns the Iphone, a little thought. Gear S3 compatible with the Iphone, but read that it is not perfect, there are faults.
That is thought to offer Gear S3 or Apple Watch.
I am the owner of Gear S3, in conjunction with the S8. And they fully satisfy my needs.

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Comrades hello! We need your experience and advice!
A relative asked him to pick up a smart watch. The ratio of hours, the use of response functions, viewing notifications and sports (swimming, fitness).
Since he owns the Iphone, I turn here about the Apple Watch. whether they are suitable for such whims? How are they compared to Galaxy Gear S3?
I'm just the owner of Gear S3, in conjunction with the S8. And they fully satisfy my needs.
Watch at the time of considering the size of the (perfect for me), but flew out of the lack of synchronization with the android.
But Gear S3 compatible with the Iphone, but not perfect, there are faults.

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Hi guys. Need advice.
I decided to buy Acer A715-71G.
I7, 7700HQ
RAM 8 gb
Hdd 1 + ssd 128
GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
As a choice? Indicate the type of matrix LED
Catalog number NX.GP9ER.005
According to this directory on off.sayte I can not find anything.

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My question best answer. Lit balabolstvo.

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Hello guys!
Prompt program to view WhatsApp. To all conversations can be viewed.
Set W-History. But it is in English, in a confused setting. Sometimes a message comes on the phone and immediately open the program settings, and constantly duplicated notification. Wrote somebody in Watts ann, ann are notified Watts and vhistori.
Just maybe someone else prog uses or settings tell me how to put that.

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* BoSSSman,
everything went. Thank you comrade. Hold in a turnip +)
I, too, something to do through the store. But to buy 5 Face SWF as that reluctance.

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* Bosssman , not. I'm going to try now. I put on a face of the statement that laid out in the header in the FAQ.
I think it is necessary to adjust the hat for a long time.

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Guys, a pancake for a few days can not download face set. Prior to that installed without any problems.
Several times did reset, face flies. Twice put, and here it is impossible. I suspect that swears on port 26909. opens it.
What are the nuances may occur when you install?
Maybe after the last update such confusion.

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* kovalew1989 , It looks great. Sorry my card buggy.

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Guys, today on the clock got the blue circle. It goes everywhere. But lost in the settings. Not Tapan.
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* And1790 ,
Let's throw a photo with hours to avoid being branded blabbermouth.
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