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Aleksey akimoff ,
Thank you very much!
I downloaded, according to the screenshots - what I need. The truth requires some kind of Vindovy update, which should be set from the computer, so the test drive will have to be postponed for the evening.

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I will reformulate the question somewhat:
access point and neighbor's laptop through which it is configured. Encoding is configured by the WPA.
I want to:
get the Internet on Lux with the least interference in someone else's laptop and other people's settings.

Additional (and, possibly, suggestive) questions:

0. Is it possible to connect via E2E with encoding WPA and not EEP?

1. Is it possible to save more than one connection in E2E? (and then at work I have everything set up and losing these settings somehow does not smile). I tried, but never found how.

2. Is it possible to connect to a WLAN through other programs (which ones? Where to get it?)?

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Internet, I hope :), coffee grinders will wait until morning.

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There is a Lux with German Windows (with a rough knowledge of the language),
And Wi-Fi, everything is already configured on the laptop.
Problem: on the WPA coding (at least the German abbreviation is), and Е2Е can only WEP.
Is this bypassing without reconfiguring the network on the PC?
Thank! :)!

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