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* slonus1,
Yes, everything is set to

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I play in two games, and they inhibit one of them NFS NL, and so began to write teelfon notice "Slow read / write speed of the SD-card."
I have a card SanDisc Ultra HC January 10, please tell me, this card is dying, or what should be the other?

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* gass ​​gass , But it is not found

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Tell me, please, in this handset you can set the percentage of charge? and that the image is not clear

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I have a few blyutushnyh headphones with Ali, S530. One earphone I have connected to the Honor, but noisy (marriage). Second earphone is not connected, writes that the wrong key and blablabla. A headset connects easily to other devices. What's the trick?

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Tell me what chip, please. by changing the theme does not change the "Messages" icon. So rezhit eyes ....
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Heaviest NFS NL, but it pulls even Lenovo K3 note)
but some applications, my old baby does not pull (and he's only the 2 and a half years old ...
Yes, so it is difficult not to worry.

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What else about these two and Honor 8x

Here it is worth to pay more for the RAM 6GB? Or choose from 4GB? Big a difference. I would not want to change your phone in a year when 4 GB is not enough (would it?).

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What's the best advise to take? Apart from the difference with the presence / absence of NFC
Where the camera is better, the difference in power? It seems like a very Pokofon, and like Mate camera is better, but worse Accum. Who used, what impressions? Month choose ... (

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viptambov @ 05.10.18, 12:09*
The fact that the want to reduce the limit to 0.

Here I am about this!

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They say, we must take now, and then later (later / soon when?), Ali will introduce a tax of 30%, and as a result will not be beneficial to take. Heard what?

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Plan 6/128, who Took on (China)
While the cheapest ....
What do you think how much the price tag will drop in November. o.O I suffer to take now or not. If the difference is obvious, it is worth waiting for, and if not a lot, until dozhdeshsya this product, it is now easier to book ...
Oh .. and so suffer ... :(

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* swen451,
and so I do as told, TWRP 3.0.2-6v4 from Denis_PDA, shikarnenko, all otformitirovala, no mistakes, well, since I was a woman, then ... ^ _ ^ sank at the last moment and put 7ku ... AOSP EXTENDED . I do not know what chip, but the phone is flying))) But passed only day.

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When you wipe wrote unknown mtp message type 1 (natural red).
So, on foreign websites I read that helps a reconstruction backup. I have a backup (I arrogant goof) .There is it possible that someone did to my backup phone, and I would restore to his?

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Another problem laid OS has established the same firmware, reboot the phone the next day, he wrote, "Optimizing Applications" (like so) and does not load further. Had now do a full wipe the OS and re-sew it. Until you reboot. When you wipe wrote unknown mtp message type 1 (natural red). Actually the previous firmware version (previously released) the same garbage was. Only there bylok 50-a40, and this firmware k50-t5 (if that matters).
I remind, K3-NOTE_VIBEUI_V3.5_1631_FINAL_v2_rus_V2.2.5_VDT_final_test2 firmware

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* sergkren, and the problem about the contacts? And it would be desirable in order to restore your contacts, in the spread of all saved

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Flew previous firmware, as well as the backups did not downloaded K3-NOTE_VIBEUI_V3.5_1631_FINAL_v2_rus_V2.2.5_VDT_final_test2 and accordingly established over through rekaveri,without wipes .

Question , The recommendations written
- Do I need to be sure through the FT? And you can not just vaypnut entire axis, and deliver this firmware via rekaveri?

The issue with the jamb Wipe did not do, yes! But! I look in the firmware does not work I have a flashlight, as well as the contacts can not choose to display only Google contacts, and there is no place editing settings to save your contacts. (Well, let's say in my sim card and want to hum account). It's all right? It can be something to do with the contacts? True Phone probyvala there can not be edited. (After all, vryatli the fact that I did not wipe ...)

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PS loop also changed for 1000. repairs (work + plume from China)

Prompt, pliz, after an upgrade to A6 missing pieces, which supposedly shouting type tablet Hey Enemy, and he'll Hello I'm Here. and one that calls accordingly on voice command. It is really removed? Or I can not find it?

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Comrades, tell me, please. Rolled last update. Memory released on 2,46Gb, Other 1,52Gb but grumbles that it can not install, as the place is not enough. What does he want?

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foundcool themebut she Solo, and this program can convert at the nova for example, or else in need, or not really?

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