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* Yur4ik79,
No, I'm just not certified, that is, action useless.
But Play market is working, the only thing not tested tightened whether in-app purchases on this account did not buy anything.

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* Yur4ik79,
Gservisy stood. Purposefully not tested. I can see how?

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* Yur4ik79,
certification gms

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* ygoda52,
Just to different directions trying times 15, at least once did on Greek, but in step # 2 has replaced version 4.4.
Whether earlier nebylo, I do not seek, in the upper right corner of a menu, it could choose to connect through the Web-based interface, and continued successfully logged. Everything fell with no problems, no errors.
Try on Greek as it is, if not pomrzhet, change step 2 to a newer version.
In addition, only certified their device from Google, according to id, but it is likely too much action.

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* trahelman
Please, tell me, was trying to do for a variety of directions, including and Greek.
Dohozhu to step 11-12, adding the account outputs error occurred while communicating with the google servers, but zhmakat Further web-form from an account entry is not transferred (
15 times already tried different instructions.
Thank you in advance!

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* BiOMeX,
If it is possible - please check if call recording has fallen off.

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If the keyboard is not needed, order in DNS, just below the Buy button plunge offer Profitable set with Namyatov card to 16GB of 20349.
Currently selected card more.

Rep: (47)
faertrej @ 11.06.20, 20:02*
Yesterday I spent 5 minut.Uvedomili that the answer will be in 3 days.

CallBack recently from a megaphone over WiFi Colling:
Blah blah, wevery sorryI do not care, write letters to Huawei and all such services have not.

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Comrades, tell me on a quest with the club.
Held a poll to "Help improve .." really used his old uchetku huawei.
I refresh the page, input output, came from another browser - the price does not change.
Now there are some buns membership?

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andruxa4403 @ 11.06.20, 12:41*
Two megaphone? Or what? Now a lot of sugar and not enough sweet, and pearls are not big enough ... In general, problems with communication is not a megaphone. And the problems with the ringing can be easily solved Vayber, Vatsapp and telegrams. But this is offtopic

Yes, 2 sim card megaphone, Bldg. and personal. No problems with a megaphone when talking standing at the window. Only the laptop to put nowhere.
Messenger is not an option for workers calls. And often receive personal calls.
You're right, messengers and emotion ofytop in this topic. Question asked another.

In fact:
I opened the application through a megaphone, asking them to add to the list of our device support wifi calling.
If someone there is also a need, take 5-7 minutes and create more applications, maybe faster pocheshutsya.

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andruxa4403 @ 11.06.20, 00:59*
and try eMotion? Not?

How to organize the work with two SIM cards?
Threat permission requirements at the emotion course ultimatum.

Rep: (47)
BiOMeX @ 10.06.20, 15:38*
I just megaphone.

It appears not only in this case.
MegaFon declares WiFi calling support already in many cities. MSC and SPB essno list.
Who I turned on the s8 wife, megaphone MSK - works.
I have 2 SIM cards in the PCT device, both a megaphone - menu item no.
And the dog, it is only one of the gadgets that need very tired of the windows following wind that could talk without stuttering (

Maybe there is a way to activate the WLAN calls force?

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* conung,
Order number - 9 digits, without grating.

Rep: (47)
conung @ 21.05.20, 19:18*
Who on Hyper of.sayte ordered a courier delivery, all articulated in terms of delivered? Today I stood delivery, from 9 to 21h., One ..

Go to the website of express courier service cse .ru, type in the order number from myglo cabinet, see the detailed status.
I have a delivery stands at 19.05. When will xs is unlikely this week. It would be better ordered Stick ploom (
If you will reach, complementing the colorful review of services and devices.

Rep: (47)
Pervyy3epeK @ 05/19/20, 22:42*
ploom 3.2020 with it just problems, fry sticks easily to gray, you can smoke only in the second mode, and only with closed holes, has a different marking 01B +

Same story, 01B + only zaklennoy perforation, double click specially fortress does not, but it quickly becomes empty stick.

Scored on Ploom, I ordered hyper.

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* JaxxVB,
And whether there is a difference in taste sticks pro and hyper? Stronger iqos?

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* graciagracia,
I do not agree, I smoke a relatively strong sobranie blue + Capitain black coffee or alcohol.
Capitan Black Now with coffee - 2 + consecutive meeting (30 minutes), sometimes more, but overdose debts.
From Weipa overdose caught, swill 3mg nicotine Evaporating 5ml for ~ 30 min.
From ploom / glo week has caught a couple of times, smoked 3-4 straight stick.
So that the nicotine content of sticks very respectable + unlike cigarette arrives with a delay.
TX and feeling do not comply with nicotine, as for me - to reduce the nicotine content or improve the TX and the amount of steam.

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State13 @ 11.05.20, 02:21*
sticks need to push deeper, then smoke more.

Deeper than ever.

medvedubiica @ 11.05.20, 08:50*
I realized how many ploom scare her blue sticks.

They taste like more, but yes, very weak.

Nikovn @ 11.05.20, 09:53*
Surprisingly, I Plum has a brain to confirm the age of about one month. All of them are not so all does not suit them. Looks in the darknet already got some data do not take, and that's collected pokachestvennee base.
Here aykosom with no problems, and Plum imagined God knows what.
On reviews I seduced and wanted to try it now for sport continued to correspond with tech support. Just imagine what would happen if in contact with Plum malfunction ...

Ploom confirmed age for 30-60 seconds.
Iqos Statement wife ordered, the day I ordered ploom, her passport photo required.
Promumuchili 3 days for breakfast, "the courier rides" itp when the delivery period ended, called them myself, I refused service, you need to type that his wife had their voice confirmed that it resolves: rofl: In the end, the device (black multi) they do not have in stock and xs when there is. Offered a different color, but the desire to communicate has debts. If offered a replacement immediately - no problem would have chosen another.
2 First call + order confirmation is a strong feeling that you are mentally retarded and has to earn the right to buy their device.
They copy the model of apple, only the worst part (if someone has collaborated with apple b2b - IMHO the same mistakes do not recognize, you always mchudak).

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Review Ploom s.
A week ago, I ordered, delivered in the next day. Quickly, well done.
Crawling with cigarettes. 1 pt per day, of Sobranie blue.

Compare with Glo pro.
In Ploom liked:
Indication of the charging / heating / session.
Functional curtain heating chamber.
Did not like:
Couples like to eat, but oochen "liquid".
We have to seal the perforation 3/4 sticks.
Session lasts well, but actually something you can smoke 7-10 puffs, then as radio listening.
To plant the device is reset using the 2nd power.

Of all the sticks are the most decent taste - the Smooth tobacco, but very weak, a pair of small, nakurivayus with 2-3 pieces. (If you do not seal the perforations can be at least 5 in a row, until the head hurts).
Rich more robust, but the taste is mediocre, like seeds., Nakurivayus with 1-2, the quality is unstable, even in odnly pack from very strong (+ TX bitterness) to weak.
Nicotine content looks the same on both sticks, several times already caught overdose (from Weipa was 1 time after 5 ml for 30 minutes).

The device is nice, but it sticks very raw.
Glo pro liked more, more dense steam heats much faster session on Busto shorter, but IMHO more productive, hopefully waiting for Glo hyper.
Iqos prodinamili, did not want to sell the device. Of all the 3 vendors claim only to their godlike klientorientirovannost. Ploom and glo brain and had done everything clearly and quickly.

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Comrades, I ask for help.
I am trying to make a backup mate 20 pro, HiSuite_10.0.0.510_OVE.
If you do add a backup program - provides: "Unable to create backup copies of application data clones"
In the clones application - only Whatsapp, it is disabled (just tried to turn-off - did not help).
If you ignore the warning, it begins to make a backup and without warning stops, so the circle.
Please poke where to dig.

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