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GAGra82 @ 17.12.19, 18:04*
when swipe down anywhere on the screen, climbs fucking search. The screen is not small, and to draw the curtains need to reach to the very top.

Here's a program, you can customize gestures bottom up to the desired.
You need a computer and adb.
Fluid navigation

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Net-vol @ 11.12.19, 07:49*
I have the moon was in the same place with the clock. And do not move.

I checked. Similarly, in the background does not move Vivo AOD. One should be careful, this function may lead to burn-out of the display.

Posted 12/11/2019, 9:53:

AOD software for flexible configuration.
Display information about notifications, clock, date, current weather conditions, with side lighting, adjusting the brightness of the background, and more right on your screen.
You can add to the cap.
Always on AMOLED | Edge lighting

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Net-vol @ 10.12.19, 20:21*
amoledy suffer burnout display in a place where there is a permanent icon.

It is already corrected. AOD icon moves around the screen every minute.

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Net-vol @ 10.12.19, 19:51*
As far as I remember.

No it's not that. It is necessary to precisely AOD mode was activated while the notification is read. Perhaps this has not yet been invented.

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Net-vol @ 10.12.19, 12:58*
There is. I notice and it is set, and the screen seemed extinguished. And when picked up (as selected) is seen on the freezing notification.

Tell me what settings you want to produce?

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Greetings. Is there any function switch AOD mode only when incoming notifications, so as not to burn the screen constantly. Type it received a notification - AOD started, looked - turned off. I think ry convenient it would be, as there is no display notifications and battery saving face.

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And the dial on the splash screen while it is impossible to create?

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CSA @ 13.06.19, 21:53*
puntik13, wait 14 days, then take the conclusion that they can not fix it. Contact the seller - a refund or replacement on the same or similar goods

According to Russian law allowed the repair within 45 calendar days. After expiration of that period the exchange or return of money.

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Hello. How much do they average / live on 1 charge with the heart rate monitor turned off? I plan to use it as a fitnstreker + clock, without notifications and with a periodic connection to the phone to upload the activity / sleep / training history.

I have 19 days under these conditions.

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bas-67 @ 05/29/19, 21:05*
A sales receipt as the strikes? No check - there is no guarantee.

The absence of a check is not a ground for refusal of warranty.

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* deadxobbit, Thanks. Wallpapers are the same as in max pro m1.

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Anybody can put wallpaper stock?

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* student05, It weighs on the splash screen with pumpkins. And then, no, no.

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Black 3/32 of MVideo for 10k

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Valera353076007 @ 21.07.18, 11:16*
As you all so easy to say, Go hand over, change within 14 days, the law clearly states that the product falls under the concept of good quality, and what is not ... touch-screen smartphone is a technically sophisticated device and it must be replaced only in the event a defect, and the fact that you do not like the color or the operational channel is not enough ...

Personally me and tablet and smartphone. The main thing that all the stickers and shildiki were at the scene, so to speak saved presentation.

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Gaborak96 @ 04.07.18, 09:57*
I do not understand Sony zapilvaet software on a disk or disk can be upgraded with
Who knows to explain

That's right, the software has already been recorded on the disc.

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ubytok shots, but probably all sounds in CoD WW-2 was pumped from CoD Advanced Warfare. So very much alike.

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The PSN Resident Evil 7 Biohazard 1.899 p.
https: //store.playstat...42_00-BH70000000000001

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masi4ek @ 26.11.17, 20:11*
Who plays Titanfall 2, as there is with online? No worse than in the first Battle? I think whether or not to take action until

Everything is good, the people are.

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alsem07 @ 05.11.17, 21:40*
I bought a revolution. I bf1 not come. I played one evening I realized that's not mine and sold. Wait, I am pleased to titanfola 2 play.

Sold cheaper? And by how much?

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