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* ou74 , I have the same after the recent update, but this apparently already the appearance of the application.

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* aidar1155, * Kandidatik, just tried, the error remained.

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Does anyone know how to fix this? OxygenOS from 2.08.19

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Has anyone put an Android Q beta on our device?

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* Marsikov , I’ve been using the 9th for a couple of days and this is the only bug, although quite unpleasant.

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* Marsikov 9

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* Tandream I listen to music through the mob. network, wifi and so off.

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I recently purchased this unit and one problem was revealed: music in any bluetooth headphones starts to lag and interrupt after about five minutes of listening. Has this problem been encountered before and is there a solution?

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* Jpeacekeeper , why do you think so? I have smart on the cake, I just recently played the portal and half.

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* AlexNod32 , I already had a map attached, because made purchases on Google Play.

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* AlexNod32 , I use it constantly, everything works perfectly.

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* home54man , but what's the point if this is all displayed on the lock screen? Just to be?

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On MIUI 10, on the lock screen, notifications are turned on for each application separately in the settings. And for the players too.
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* RuslanYusibov ,
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It still doesn't work. Apparently this time luck is not on my side. Okay, at least the wallpapers are normal: D

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* RuslanYusibov , I don’t have any at all. Strange ...

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* RuslanYusibov , Notifications and Status Bar ->app notifications ->for the necessary enable notifications on the lock screen
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P.S. Lock screen wallpapers do not change.

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version: 1.07

Last update of the program in the header:10.06.2018

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Short description:
198 radio stations from Russia and Europe

The application is under testing, errors may occur on version Android 8.0+

Android required: 5.0 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Edemo devs.
Google Play:

Download: version: 1.07
Attached fileRadioO.apk(3.73 MB)

Download APK

Past versions

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Collection of useful software for tablets on Windows
Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 and 8 | Windows vista | Windows 7 | Windows xp | Windows server | Drivers | Antivirus protection | Install Windows | LiveCD / DVD / USB | Network setup | Search for programs and drivers | OS care programs | Acronis Backup & Recovery | Games for tablets based on Intel Atom Z2760 | Windows RT and UWP applications | IT smoker | Windows club

Attached Image

Virtual gamepad
Program to emulate a virtual gamepad for touch screens.
Download:Attached fileVirtualGamepadDemo.exe(871.76 KB)

Touch Keyboard Opacity
The program adds transparency to the stock touch keyboard
Attached Image

Download:Attached fileKeyboard KB)

Windows 10 DPI Fix
The program correcting the blur of fonts in Windows 10. To make it work, do everything the same as in the screenshot.
Attached Image

Download:Attached fileWindows10_DPI_FIX.exe(1.08 MB)

WinDirStat is a program that shows the contents of a hard disk, which allows you to see all folders and files on one screen right away and see their sizes. In addition, there is a directory tree display, expanding which, you can see the indicators occupied by folders and files of the place. In WinDirStat there is also a selective disk cleaning module, as well as the option of sending reports by e-mail.
Download:Attached filewindirstat1_1_2_setup.exe(630.59 KB)

Touch Mouse Pointer
Logitech keyboard driver
Some games insist on a connected keyboard. You can work around this driver. Tested on Fallout 1.2.

Mobile Broadband SMS Toolkit
The program "Mobile Broadband SMS ToolkitВ»Designed to receive and send SMS messages via a broadband mobile Internet modem (Mobile Broadband Modem).
As well as the program supports work with USSD requests (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).
Download:Attached fileMbnSms + v1.0.0.76 + - + MB)

TouchZoomDesktop is an interesting and affordable software solution created to help you zoom in and out of any application with several different gestures.
Download:http: //www.lovesummert...sktop/en-us/index.html

ThrottleStop- This is an interesting application whose goal is to make your Intel Core i or Core 2 processor work better.
The program offers 4 pre-installed profiles to help you improve your experience in front of the computer.
The 'Efficiency' mode improves overall performance, the 'Game' mode is ideal for gamers, the 'Internet' mode is suitable for web surfing and the 'Battery' mode can save you more time.
You will be able to view statistics on speed and temperature at any time.
You can even change the temperature and speed, although we recommend not to do this if you are not sure what you are doing.
ThrottleStop is a really interesting program to get the most out of your computer.

Management of power plan, processor cores, metro applications, closure speed metro
Battery mode
Replaces the standard Windows battery indicator on a more beautiful and functional, and also adds a convenient backlight control.
Download:Attached fileBatteryModeInstaller32.exe(1.63 MB)

I was looking for these programs in different themes about tablets on Windows. I made this collection in order to make life easier for myself, not looking for these programs on different topics, and for people like me. All programs were tested on the Prestigio Visconte Quad 3G tablet and should be great to go on other tablets.

Useful software for UMPC - Collection of useful software for tablets on Windows (Post MAD_GooZe # 6560942)

Write the programs you would like to see in the collection. Be sure to see and add everything.

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Ambulance laptop owners | Laptop processor overclocking | Manual disassembly and repair of laptops | Search for drivers for laptops

Ambulance TabletPC owners

Attached Image
Find answers to common questions for all tablet PCs. Discussion, comparison of devices, as well as solving problems with software is conducted in the profile topics.

Useful tips
  1. How to operate the battery correctly?
  2. What if some applications are blurred?
      Need to install the program Win10 DPI Fix . Customize as shown in the screenshot.
      Attached Image
      Before after
      Attached Image
      Attached Image

  3. What if the keyboard covers the floor of the screen?
      Download archive , unpack to any folder. Open Task Scheduler and import the Keyboard.xml task. In the security settings, change the user to your own by entering his name. Open the Actions window and change the "program launch" action by writing the path to the "AdjustTouchKeyboardOpacity.exe" file in the "Program or Script" field Then click OK twice and run "AdjustTouchKeyboardOpacity.exe". Now at the entrance of any user, the keyboard will become transparent.
      Before after
      Attached Image
      Attached Image

  4. What to do if the tablet does not wake up after 10 minutes of idle time?
      Go to the device manager, there we find the branch "USB Controllers" and open it. In it, open the properties for "Root USB Hub", go to the tab "Power Management", remove the checkbox "Allow this device to turn off to save energy" and click "OK".

  5. How to save photos from windows spotlight?
      Click Win + R and enter the following command:% localappdata% \ Packages \ Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy \ LocalState \ Assets. Click OK and the system will drop you into a folder with files with long names and without any specific extension. Copy all files somewhere to your hard drive. Now you need to change the file extension. Press Shift + RMB - open a command prompt and enter "Ren *. * * .Jpg". All files will automatically acquire an adequate extension and you can sort the pictures by selecting the most beautiful ones.

  6. How to free up disk space after updates?
      In the command line running as administrator, enter the command:dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / StartComponentCleanup / ResetBase

  7. What if the tablet terribly slow?
      Perhaps you have completely run out of space on the C drive, from which the tablet draws the paging file. Release at least 2 GB for comfortable work.

  8. How to delete the Windows.old folder?
      In the command line running as administrator, enter the commandcleanmgr =>Select the system disk (C :) =>Previous installation of Windows.

All images must be hidden in the spoiler.

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* krest-finn , Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + 4G places in 8.5 hours took 50%. The screen holds about 6-7 hours.
Attached Image

It charges up to 100% in about 2 to 2.5 hours.

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