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EROP2 @ 11/29/20, 16:00*
I do not know what is different from the air, but by phone in Sonya said different

The fact that the entire Arochivka is poured through the PC, and not in the form of additions and corrections.

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Leprec0n @ 11/20/20, 17:45*
what the hell

In Sound Peats - in Sound Peaths

Rep: (23)
Gall07 @ 11/20/20, 09:26*
how well they hold

Vanplas heavy checkereds and discharge strongly, the same three dynamics in each + magnets, and all this is connected with a cord among themselves, which also pulls down, the chances of falling down when running velee. But Soundpeats light and clearly in the form of ear, I think, you need someone heads to die, so that the headphones fell out.

Rep: (23)
Aleksbled @ 11/20/20, 10:41*
White noise

If you talk about the noise, which is heard a couple of seconds. After connecting, it is, then it disappears. This noise is on Vanoplas and on Paint's Sounds. During the music on the quiet moments, it was specially listened, I did not hear. Everything is about it.

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Bobar @ 03.11.20, 16:43*
Soundpeats Trueair.

Sorean, I will answer late, ordered myself from the office. Seller on Alik with all the promotional codes there (selling gives a promo before sales (11.11, black bu in and so on) and coupons 1-2 $ from him for $ 31, the usual price is 35-36 $
So, the ears surprised, in terms of frequencies, even a lot of bottoms (for me) for liners, a large speaker is felt (14.2 mm). Yuzayu week, glitches and all sorts of dishonor did not notice. The battery holds (+ -) 5 hours, for some reason, the right of the right wow 20 minutes earlier, the case has not yet been discharged. The first included the first included (the first to take out of the case or turn on hand) when the right (slave) The moment the presenter (left) continued to work, i.e. you can use one by one. Control Touch, I'm in the header, no false positives. You can do quieter louder, next. or before. Track, raise-put the tube, call a voice. Assistant. Microphones are ambiguous, since alone they say that everything is OK, others say that it is not very angry, but the question of pickup.
Case straight is very small and the headphones themselves, at the expense of small legs, are also small, and not as bananas in the ears. They are sitting in the ear right perfectly, do not fall out, even the child gave their own way, says that it is convenient. I have a XZ2 Compact, a machine work as APTX, a child has six and a child, there is SBC. It is noted for LG TV, but there is no sound, only agona, I don't know the reason yet.
In the last, I compare the sound with OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2, yes, yes, they moved to these, and did not regret it, so far, at least sound and worse, but the convenience won in this contest. And yes, I also listen to books and music from memory.
Overall impression: Solid Four with a mini plus. I ordered more black and white children under the Christmas tree.

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Ikarusstr @ 11.11.20, 09:33*
How to really distinguish restored from the new,

I kept my restored and familiar original from the store on my arms, here it was straight, spit, the cover was removed, the differences did not find at all no longer, not program.

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Ikarusstr @ 09.11.20, 15:28*
acquire a new one

When then ~ 2016 bought on Ali Sony Smartphone, it turned out to be better bought in the store. I believe that the Ref Smartphones is better in terms of the fact that these were chosen. The only thing that the quality of recovery can be different ...

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It is better not to glue anything ... earlier only h stickers yuzal, and now it came out, which is better and more practical without glass / film. While the screen is crashing, it's already a smart time to change ... Do not deprive yourself the pleasure of using a smartphone.

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This is how our optics work in the flow of IR light. I did a few attempts, the result is the same.
Attached Image

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Autumn morning. The photo is all on the machine, snapshot with a button on the side. I got it, cried, photographed.
Attached Image

Attached Image

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All security update is red on July 1?

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Delicious autumn
Stock automat.

Attached images
Attached Image

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- = butcher = - @ 24.01.20, 08:54*
Just Possied Geonet Applied Patch Support Inapp and LVL Emulation

Thank you, I did it, after which I deleted the changed APK and re-installed Geonet from the market and downloaded the card, writes purchased.

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dwarf_2002 @ 09/29/20, 18:24*
Recently began to notice that the phone began to reboot independently.

My smart rebooted when I forget to turn off smart, pulled out a tray with a SIM card. Consequently, I suspect that you could worsen the contact SIM card. Try to start cleaning the contacts with an ordinary pencil eraser, only alcohol liquids are not three ...

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Amitabkhu @ 22.09.20, 07:35*
Is it possible to flash Russian

You can anyone.

Rep: (23)
Washtalk @ 21.09.20, 14:11*
Where the new firmware?

I think that all on it. Perhaps the correction will be swollen by buying a new smart.

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Ilyaskax @ 21.09.20, 09:36*
Who faced the problem of the sensor hangs

Rarely, but happens when you write here the answer from Chrome. I think that this chrome with the Swift Kay is not friends sometimes.

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Silent_Jeronimo @ 09/20/20, 14:08*
Well, I also sin to update, but why after the rebut, and not immediately?

Because the changes entered into force after the rebut.
Try to delete the update and pisters again.

Rep: (23)
Silent_Jeronimo @ 09/20/20, 13:40*
All updates are fresh, yesterday rolled.

I generally do not update the embedded applications, because Constantly some problems begin. All Stock Exchanges fully cope with their tasks.

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Naruto02123 @ 11.09.20, 10:57*
It seems he weighs more xz1c, and more in size

I will tell you that his weight is pleasantly heavy, the size is straight small, compactness is felt. And about the rounds and convex back, it gives him the perfect one in his pocket. + The camera does not touch the plane on the table, which reduces (does not exclude) the opportunity to scratch the chamber

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