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"Must have"

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Many users at one time the question arises: "And what is better?" Especially for newbies, which has now become very much.
In this topic we will share the setstheir"most needed"programs that may be useful in a given situation.

Perhaps you have questions: Why do we need this topic? Simple examples from our users:
When I switched to android I was in a panic where to run with so many programs in the market, I got acquainted with this topic and downloaded the first set, then I figured out along the way - something left something was not there. But at least some idea received.

I will give an example.
There are many games that are called and are Fifteen, but one author turned out better, and another one got worse. And if I want to put such a game, then I will look for the best and, if possible, free. And in this topic they spread the programs that the forum users, and their subjective opinion, seemed to be the best among other programs with the same functions.
The main idea of ​​the topic is not to look for yourself, but to use the advice of others, those who have already figured out and chose the best program.
What is "Must Have?" If the literal translation - "Must be" or "Must have", but it is not necessary to have this or that program in the device. To each his own.
Example 1
Someone has a root, but someone does not have it - and the choice of prog is completely different.
There are programs that just interfere with each other, they may also require a certain screen resolution, for example.
Someone has little memory and he wants a functional combine, and not a bunch of applications, or you have to sacrifice something so that the specific program needed by the person works.
Someone has a weak percentage and graphics - he has his own preferences for browsers and players.
In some bodies on the drain (like the type of motorola Defy?) There are no IP tables and the droidwall will not work, etc. etc.
On some bodies, you can record a conversation from the line, and on some not (agree that no one would have refused this feature -).
On some, you can screw the frequency control of the probe, and on some not.
On some bodies, you can improve the sound (audio bit, dpmenager, etc.), but on some not.
Example 2
1) File Manager
This is a very important program! Without it, nowhere. It is not all pre-installed. And where it is installed is not always quality.
Define the criteria for the file manager.
- Free (full free without pruning abilities in free versions)
- Low weight (the less it weighs, the faster it works)
- Decent functionality able to satisfy the average and above average user!
- Clear interface.
- The convenience of use.
- Must go at all and always.
All these functions are answered by some file managers. The choice is yours.

2) Browsers
A standard browser may not meet all the requirements you need. What do we want to get from the browser?
- Free. Although most of them are free;
- The speed of opening pages;
- Saving traffic;

3) Security
Here opinions differ. Some say that there are no viruses, others that are. The choice is yours. If you are downloading apps from anywhere, install and rest easy. The choice is big. What should be an antivirus?
- Do not clutter the system;
- Frequently updated database;
- Plus, if necessary, additional functionality (blocking access of applications to the Internet, blocking calls, etc.)

Top 10 Masthev on the results of user moderation (updated 120920)
If you decide to add your list to the topic, then consider the following points:
  • First of all, the theme is designed for beginners, keep in mind that bad masthead will not bring them any good!
  • Try not to make a “sheet” of solid text that is difficult to perceive.
  • Do not write all 100,500 programs / games, etc., you have installed. Describe the main ones, that is, those that you really consider to be a must-have.
  • Do not write stock (preinstalled) programs in Mast-Heve due to the fact that these are often specific developments for a specific device or Google programs known to very many if not all.
  • Required (!)When writing the list to link to threads with applications / games or page in the Google Play Market (links to other sources are likely to be removed). For many, especially for new members of the forum is much easier search process.
  • Try to set aside half an hour of your time to create your own program description worthy of your choice, because even in program topics the description may turn out to be crooked, uninformative or in English!
  • Keep in mind that here the sets, which rating is lower than zero according to user moderation, are not delayed. Users decide for themselves which is good and which must be deleted !!
  • There are other selections forAndroid media consolesMany of the programs will be quite useful for smartphones and tablets.

Also read some of the rules of the topic, the violation of which would entail the rapid removal of the post without warning:
Such deviations from the topic will be regarded as flooding, offtopic and stubborn unwillingness to use the topic header and search in the forum, with corresponding consequences for violators.

  • The subject lists are allowed only the most necessary programs with at least a brief description !!
  • The topic does not discuss or criticize the sets of a particular user. This is the meaning of "Must Have", that this is the choice of exactly one person;
  • Do not write one or two programs, for this there is a separate topic -Android OS: opening programs of 2013 year. Your experience.
  • For questions about the health of programs, please contact directly to the topic of the program;
  • If you can not find this or that program, for this there is a specialized topic:Search for programs for Android OS ;

Adhere to the already established culture of communication on the forum and, perhaps, it is your set of programs that will ever be able to help users with a choice.

Polls archive
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The curator of the topic isdim ^ n.
With all the wishes, criticism and also about violations that have not been noticed for a long time, contact me inQMS.

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Virtual reality glasses do it yourself
assembly, disassembly, discussion of work
Cardboard software | Selection and discussion of points for Google Cardboard

In the subject we collect and share our experience in creating Google CardBoard from everything that comes to hand.
Ready working options:

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.
If there is a user in the subject who wants to become a Curator and the correspondingRequirements for candidates, he can apply in the topicI want to be curator(after having studied the topic header and all materials for curators).

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Rules section "Android - first aid"

I.A brief guide to obtaining qualified first aid.
1. In the "Android - first aid", like in the whole forum, they actForum Rules.
Simplified version of the Rules: 10 commandments novice

2. Before asking your question, check outterminology usedand topicTerms and jargonreadAndroid OS FAQand also search and read the FAQ on your phone / tablet in the "Device FAQ".
Hint: the answer to your question may be in the FAQ on another phone.

3. The question is still relevant?
  • 3.1. We try to get an answer using search.
    How to do it right
    In order not to go far, let's start looking at the site:
    You can search in the current topic using the search form and the "Find in this topic" button located on the top right of the page - (a) and bottom left of the page - (b).
    but )
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    b )
    Attached Image

    You can search for the current forum using the search form and the "Find in this forum" button, located at the bottom left of the page, at the end of the list of all topics.
    Attached Image
    To search the entire site, click the "Search" link located in the upper right corner and uncheck the "Search this forum only" box.
    Attached Image
    You can search on the Internet: so “search "Or like this:" search query ". In the first case, the clarification ""indicates to the search server that the search should be limited to the site
    Link to the topic: How to use the search, so as not to ask trivial questions .

  • 3.2. If the search did not help find the answer, then:
    Check if your question is one of the following categories.
    If you want to get root or flash the phone, then you are here:Android - Firmware.
    If the phone needs reanimation after getting root rights or after flashing, then you should also:Android - Firmware.

    If you are looking for programs or have a question about the work of this or that application, please go here:SEARCH software for Android OS.
    List of programs for Android that are - Software catalog - Android OS.

    If you are looking for games - you here:SEARCH Android games.
    The list of games on Android, which is on the site -Game Catalog - Android OS.
    If you bet games with cache -Installing games with cache (FAQ).

    If you have a problem with the game / program, then contact the relevant topic of the game / program.

    Discussion phones and tablets goes here:Android - Devices.
    All about the firmware you can find here:Android - Firmware

    Need to identify the device that you have in your hands?Help is needed, you need to identify the PDA / communicator / smartphone.
    Not sure what to buy?Selection and Comparison.
    There was a desire to fix the broken device by yourself?Do it yourself.
    If you need to contact the service center -Service, exchange and return of PC and other equipment.

    In sectionAndroid - First Aid There are already several specialized topics. Here are the most popular:
    Solving Google Play Health Issues -Google Play - Technical Issues.
    How to reduce the power consumption of the device? Look here:Tips to improve power saving devices on Android OS.
    How to get online via PC?Android + PC = Internet.
    Does Android need a killer?Task Killers on Android.
    You got root-rights, but do not know what to do next?Questions beginner root user.
    There is also a sectionPersonal experiencedesigned to accommodate ready-made (and workable!) tips. Do not create it with questions.

  • 3.3. If a solution is not found and there is no suitable topic for your question, in this case you can create a separate topic by filling in as much as possible all available fields in the “Creation Wizard” or set it in a general topicNewbie Questions.
    How to ask a question
    State the problem briefly, but in as much detail as possible, following the rules of the Russian language. Additionally, do not forget to tell at least the brand and model of the device. If you know, specify the version of the operating system and the name of the current firmware. Do not mix everything that interests you in one pile: one question - one message / topic. Do not use the words: "Urgently", "Help", "Pliiz" - they only interfere.

4. Why is your question so important and so urgent still unanswered?
The forum is not a quick response squad. Answers to questions are given voluntarily, according to the availability of time, knowledge, desire, mood, and a host of other reasons, objective and not so much. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to attract attention to oneself by posting messages: “up”, “Really no one knows?”, “Please reply to message No. XXXXX!”. You should also not re-post your question or re-create a similar topic. Such posts and topics will be deleted.
So, your question is not answered. Why? Here are the most popular reasons for silence:
- you were looking bad. The answer is in the instructions, in the FAQ or in other forum topics;
- The question is not clearly formulated. Put yourself in the place of the respondent - is everything clear to other people from your soul cry? It is possible that it is worth removing emotions and replacing them with detailed facts;
- the question is not relevant in this topic (offtopic). Look for a suitable topic or even another forum - onsavagemessiahzine.comfar from all problems in the world are discussed; (Clause 1.2.Forum Rulesreads: "Forumsavagemessiahzine.comdedicated to mobile devices and programs for them. " )
- you posted your question at night, when most members of the forum sleep; :-)
- The problem that interests you is so complex or unusual that it confuses everyone. Sometimes it happens;
- there are many smiles, punctuation marks, spelling and punctuation errors in the message.

5. Not paint messagesdifferentflowersRbutdatgand, don't write them in letters different sizeandnachert Hania- Your messages are already clearly visible.

6. All images attached to the message must be hidden in the spoiler. Remember that not all users are sitting at the monitors under 20 ". On a small screen of a smartphone, a sheet of several images can discourage any desire for help. You do not know how to put it in the spoiler? Check outWorking with Images on the forumandHow to remove images under the spoiler in the unofficial client of the resource.

7. Neither the moderators or other users of consultations in personal correspondence is not carried out, even if you are very urgently needed. Let us remember that this forum, and tips, tricks and other responses should be in general availability, because the information that has helped you in the future may help others. It should not be so notify the PM: "I wrote a message on the forum, answer it!". Do not ask questions through the "Complaint" - you are guaranteed not to answer. But the question posed in the correct topic, answer fastest.

8. Old topics in the root of the section older than 2-4 weeks are deleted so as not to interfere with the search for the necessary information. All useful information, if any, appears in the answers - gets intosection archiveorpersonal experience.

Ii.Information for helping.
1. If, when answering a question, you want to send the questioner to another topic devoted to his question, let us link to it without fail. There are a lot of newbies in our section who are still poorly oriented in the forum structure.
2. When answering, either try to indicate the nickname of the questioner, or insert a quote from his message.

Iii.Information for those who create topics with the discussion of games, applications and issues of autonomy on various devices running Android OS.
1. When creating new themes with games and applications on various Android OS devices, please refer tofollowing recommendations.
2. If you wish to become a curator in any topic, please familiarize yourself with our requirements:Information for future curators.

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Suggestions and questions about the section

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We trust you, so seek advice from:
"What can we do for you to share wearable electronics has become more popular and in demand? What useful information, see the most is not enough for you?"
Any suggestions, even seemingly not realizable, are welcome. If you have something to advise or suggest, welcome to the dialogue in this topic.
We really appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!

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FAQ on the creation of new themes with the games, applications and discussion of energy consumption on devices with Android OS.

Information for those who create topics with the discussion of games, applications and issues of autonomy on various devices running Android OS.

1. Make sure that the theme you want to create is missing in Power consumption devices or Games and applications - ready-made solutions. To do this, use search section:
Attached Image

2. The name of the topic you create should follow the following pattern: "Device_name_in_RF - Games and Applications" or "Power consumption (autonomy) Nazvanie_ustroystva_v_RF"

3. Must be present navigator including all existing related topics ( FAQ , Discussion , Firmware and so on.)
And remember, in the topic you created, there is a discussion of games and applications on this device, or questions about power consumption. Questions other than them should be asked in the appropriate topics.

4. There must be a link to Installing games with cache (FAQ) - for those with games on devices and Tips to improve power saving devices on Android OS - for those with the solution of energy consumption issues.

5. It is allowed to place the image in the topic header, but not in front of the navigator. If necessary, you can place a large number of images under the spoiler, but again not in front of the navigator.

6. If you decide to download the cache of games for your device yourself, then use file sharing services (, and the like, as well as “clouds”, like DropBox and faster, free and without advertising). Links to paid file sharing services will be deleted, and their especially active posters will be punished for commerce.

Approximate view of the theme header design (you can copy the code):
Device_name_in_RF - Games and apps.
Description | Discussion | FAQ | Purchase | Accessories | Marriage | Firmware | Games

Before you write, readInstalling games with cache (FAQ)

  • Before posting photos, read the topic Working with Images on the forum
  • Messages that are not related to the topic of discussion (offtopic) are deleted without warning.

Then you can do the main directions in the spoilers:

etc., which directions will be in a particular topic, such will be used.

Code caps.
[size = 4] [b] Device_name_v_RF [/ b] - Games and Applications. [/ size]
[img] // / forum / style_images / f / 281-discus.png [/ img] [size = 1] [color = "gray"] all_name_instrument_name [/ size] [/ color]
[url = "// devdb / phones / "] Description [/ url] | [url =" //"Discussion[/url] [url = "//"["[/url] | [url = "//""FAFAQ//url] | [url = "//""Purchase[/url] [url = "//"["[/url] | [url = "//""Accessories//url] [url = "//"["[/url] | [url = "//""ББракрак //url] [url = "//"["[/url] | [url = "//""Прошивка[/url] [url = "//"["[/url] | [b] Games [/ b] [url = "//"["[/url]

[b] Before writing, read [url = "//""COLOR=bluestuffing cache games (FAQ) [/ COLOR] [/ url] [/ b]

[list] [*] [b] [color = "royalblue"] Before posting a photo, familiarize yourself with the topic [/ color] [/ b] [url = "//""[b'sbidWorking with Images on the forum [/ b] [/ url]
[*] [b] [color = "red"] Messages that are not related to the topic of discussion (offtopic) are deleted without warning. [/ color] [/ b] [/ list]

[B] Proven games. [/ B]
[spoiler = Arcade] [/ spoiler] [spoiler = Shooting] [/ spoiler]
power usage
Power consumption (autonomy) Device_name_v_RF
Description | Discussion | FAQ | Purchase | Accessories | Marriage | Firmware | power usage

In this topic, we discuss power consumption
on different firmware and with a different set of applications!

Useful programs

in the process...
in the process...

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.
Cap code
[size = 4] [b] [color = blue] Power consumption (autonomy) Device_name_in_RF [/ size] [/ b] [/ color]
[img] // / forum / style_images / f / 281-discus.png [/ img] [size = 1] [color = gray] all_section_device_name_name / [/ size] [/ color]
[url = "// devdb / phones / "] Description [/ url] | [url =" //"Discussion[/url] [url = "//"["[/url] | [url = "//""FAFAQ//url] | [url = "//""Purchase[/url] [url = "//"["[/url] | [url = "//""Accessories//url] [url = "//"["[/url] | [url = "//""ББракрак //url] [url = "//"["[/url] | [url = "//""Прошивка[/url] [url = "//"["[/url] | [b] Power consumption [/ b] [url = "//"["[/url]

[list] [*] [b] [color = royalblue] Before posting a photo, familiarize yourself with the topic [/ color] [/ b] [url = "//""[b'sbidWorking with Images on the forum [/ b] [/ url]
[*] [b] [color = red] Messages that are not related to the topic of discussion (offtopic) are deleted without warning. [/ color] [/ b]
[*] [b] Before writing, read [url = "//""colorcolor=blueTips to improve the energy-saving devices on Android OS [/ color] [/ url] [/ b]
[/ list]
[Center] [b] [Color = green] In this thread we discuss power consumption
on different firmware and with a different set of applications! [/ color] [/ b] [/ center]

[spoiler = Useful programs]
[list] [*] [url = "//""WWakelock Detector [/ url] - Search for the reason for the device not falling asleep.
[*] [url = "//""BetterBatteryStats[/url] - A utility for monitoring the discharge of the battery when the phone is idle. [/ list]
[/ spoiler] [spoiler = Tips] in progress ...
[/ spoiler] [spoiler = Useful] in progress ...
[/ spoiler]

[b] [i] [color = green] Topic with no curator. For filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the [img] // s / forum / style_images / f / 281-p_report.gif [/ img] under the messages to which you want to add links. [/ color] [/ i] [/ b]

7. After creating a theme (in accordance with the Recommendations), you can use the button PictureIn order for the moderators to transfer the topic to the appropriate section.

8.If in the future you intend to become the curator of your or any other topic in the sectionGames and applications - ready-made solutions.please readour requirements.

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Handbook of tires and wheels
Version: 1.0 build 13

Last update of the program in the header:07.12.2015

Attached Image
Attached Image

Additional screenshots
Attached Image
Attached Image

Short description:
Help program for the selection of the correct dimensions of tires and wheels.

Help program for the selection of the correct dimensions of tires and wheels.

It may be useful for those who want to sell their old wheels, as it can show which car models use the given dimension.

Android required: 1.5 and above
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: ncuxo3
Google Play:

Version: 1.0 build 13 Post №2, author hussein209

Past versions

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Tire calculator
Version: 3.4.39

Last update of the program in the header:12.08.2014

Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Short description:
Allows you to visually present possible changes in the parameters of the wheels during their replacement.

Allows you to visually present possible changes in the parameters of the wheels when they are replaced, but is not an exact tool.

Do not install unnecessarily tires not recommended by the manufacturer!

Android required: 4.1 and above
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Aiming dreams
Google Play:

Version: 5.3.48 Tire calculator (Post hussein209 # 80469476)

Past versions
Version: 3.4.39 Attached fileTire calculator_3.4.39.apk (1.72 MB)

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Instructions and issues with advertising on the screen and status bar, with SMS extortionists and blockers of all kinds.

Redirect from browsers to third-party sites | Attention! SMS fraud on Android | Help in finding programs for Android OS | Help to flash the device | Help me find the firmware | Getting ROOT | Questions beginner root user | Android OS FAQ | Terms and jargon | Newbie Questions

Talk in topic: Viruses | Advertising in the notification panel | Annoying advertising notifications | Advertising banners | Advertising banners in browsers | Opening applications (for example Google Play) without a request | Advertising on the lock screen | Advertising banners fully blocking device | Install applications without prompting users | Suspicious files |

  • Where and what kind of advertising happens.
    It happens that by installing an application, or an update to a device, an annoying advertisement appears in the blind (notification panel). Sometimes it can be seen as a pop-up banner. Sometimes advertising appears on the lock screen. It even happens that the device is completely blocked and you see a message asking you to send an SMS, or pay a bill to unblock it.All this is cheating and do not believe him! Options for such "a divorce for money" lots of. Carefully read the instructions provided in the spoilers below to get rid of malicious files that run on the device advertising banners or otherwise harm you and your device.
  • "Infection"Sewn into the firmware initially.
    Unfortunately, increasingly"malware"There are sewn into the system files of the stock (standard) firmware of the device initially. Antiviruses may often not see them, the user may not notice anything for a long time (weeks or even months), but then advertising banners or other manifestations will appear"contagion".Most often this can be observed in Chinese devices and firmware. If you are just going to buy a new gadget, be sure to visit its profile topic on our forum. It is risky to buy devices that have just appeared, then you become a pioneer and if you yourself have no experience, then there will be no one to tell you about your device. If there is a suspicion that"infection"In the firmware, carefully study the header (first message) of the profile topic on the device firmware, in turn type in the search for the topic requests:"viruses", "banner" , "advertising" . If after that you did not find out the information, ask the question in the topic itself, whether someone from the user had such a thing. Read the recommendations below to find the source. "contagion" and getting rid of it. Read the ready-made instructions of those who solved the problem and shared this solution.
  • Banners in the browser.
    Banners may also occur while browsing the browser. The most unpleasant of them appear in pop-up windows, closing the main browser window. Contain frightening butcompletely lying information that "The device is locked MVD", "There is a virus on your device", or "You need to download an important update" and the like. The pop-up window (browser tab) must be closed using the browser, without clicking on the banner itself. It is recommended after that to clear the browser cache. Below you can find links to useful applications for blocking ads and pop-up banners in browsers, as well as learn how to block ads in other ways (for example, through the hosts file).
  • Advertising in applications and on the Internet.
    Regular advertising in installed applications, or while surfing the Internet is not dangerous. But you can get rid of it by installing the necessary program to block ads. Also, ads can be removed if you buy the full version, or by installing a modified / hacked version of the application without ads, most of these versions can be downloaded from our forum. In the application topic header, they may be indicated, for example, as:"Full", "Pro", "Without advertising", "Premium", "Ad-Free" ... Or you can order to modify the application, removing advertising from it in a special topic: Club Mod APK . Keep in mind that not all applications on our forum are allowed to modify. If the profile of the program says that the version and modification are prohibited, then you can’t ask about it on the forum.
  • Do not believe what is written on the banners.
    Never trust information on pop-up banners, or other manifestation."malicious". Do not send any messages or replenish the account to anyone! All this "divorce for money" and you will not receive any promised code! Do not follow the suggested links!
  • How to quickly stop data transfer.
    If, however, you clicked on the advertising link and the download began, or the sending of your personal data (usually occurs without a request),put the phone inFlight mode which will avoid sending SMS to premium numbers. In the case when all the same SMS sent and withdrawn funds from the account, read the recommendations from the topic: Attention! SMS fraud on Android .
  • Download applications from trusted sources.
    If you downloaded the application / game and advertising banners appeared, or other manifestations"malware",not always to blame the developer. Often,"malicious"can be added to a popular application by an attacker and uploaded to the website from which you downloaded the installation file.You can not download applications and games from unverified sources! The best applications, as well as their light versions without ads, banners, sending your personal data and other things, can be downloaded from our forum.
  • Find the source of the "infection".
    The appearance of advertising banners is not always solved by simply removing any one application. When fightingcomplex "malware"the most basic thing to do is find the source"contagion".Emerging banners, advertising in the curtain, self-installing applications do not arise from nowhere. It is necessary to find the services and files that activate the appearance"contagion".Carefully read the instructions below, they have all the necessary information on how to find the root cause and get rid of it.
First steps
  • We remember how it all began.
    First of all, you need to find out which applications, or files on your device aremaliciousand get rid of them. If the "trouble" began after installing some application, or a game and you remember what was installed last - feel free to delete it.
  • We scan the device with antivirus.
    Install antivirusDr.Web.Perform a full device scan for viruses. Remember that if you do not have Root-rights, the antivirus will not be able to remove malicious files that are registered as system files (they are in the system files). Only Root devices can access the system.
  • If necessary, we get Root-access.
    Most of the tips from this topic imply Root rights on the smartphone. How to get them is written in the theme of your Android - Devices, or you can tryuniversal methods for obtaining Root rights.
  • We are looking for a source"contagion".
    If suspicious files are found on the device; Self-installing applications (which reappear after your removal) need to find a malicious source somewhere in your device (most often in the system folders) and manage the installation and download of all these files.
  • Source Search Application"contagion"and control access to the internet.
    Keep track of applications that access the Internet before the appearance of advertising, or downloading questionable files will help firewall:NoRoot Firewall.A source"contagion",It often loads ads on your device via the Internet. The firewall also blocks access to the Internet to all applications that are trying to get it and shows you those applications that made such a request to the Internet access. Gradually allow access to applications and see in the "event log" of the firewall which applications went online when advertising appeared on your device or some files were downloaded.
  • Remove ads from the notification bar.
    If an advertisement appears in the notification panel, install the application:AirPush DetectorSometimes it helps to find which of the applications send ads to the notification panel. You can try to find out from which application the notification comes by holding your finger on the notification itself in the panel and then clicking on the exclamation mark that appears to the right.
  • The best way is flashing.
    If you don’t want to receive Root on a device, or it is not yet possible for this device - flash the device. Changing the stock (default) firmware to custom (unofficial, modified) is the easiest and most effective way to combat"malware"which were installed in the firmware initially. Also to those for whom independent source search"contagion"complicated and who fears do more harmflashing is recommended.In the firmware thread on your device, find out all the instructions on how to flash the device and how to choose the firmware.
  • We continue to study the instructions.
    Carefully read the topic header, a lot of useful instructions are available in the spoilers below. There is also a list of applications that users find dangerous.
  • Other applications.
    In all the recommendations from this topic it is proposed to use the most famous and well-proven applications, but if for some reason they are not satisfied, you can ask their counterparts in the subject.Help in finding programs for Android OS.
The authors of the instructions are not case of your wrong actions. Before any removal operations; replace; editing system applications is highly recommended Make a backup of the firmware through the recovery.
The device is completely blocked by the banner
Recovering after removing "malware"
Useful applications
Questions about how to use the applications are set in their profile topics at the indicated links. Search for other applications is conducted in the subject:Help in finding programs for Android OS
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Emulators - ambulance
Emulators - ambulance | Emulator search

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Do you need an emulator? Not sure where to find it? Not sure which image to connect to this or that emulator? Ask your question here.

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Lena, from the heart, happy birthday! : Daisy:

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* Waterman,
Is there a link? We put in a cap.

* Jyn8
Keep it up!

Jyn8 @ 28.07.19, 18:05*
What to do?

A resolutely for yourself that you are more important. Here prioritize. You can communicate without cigarettes. I have a vivid example. Most of my friends and acquaintances smoke. I gave up after almost 20 years of smoking. And wanted to quit. As long as you do not understand that you do not smoke, you will be hard inside. But it goes: yes2:

Hi all: victory:

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* Strange ,
Almost a rarity ...
Shl .. with the initiative ... The first time is always scary. This is almost like the first sex: it seems like in theory you know what and where, but in practice it turns out differently ...
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TomCat16 @ 4.06.19, 18:16*
Soon we will switch to domestic electric cars. : D

: rofl: and the name of something ....

Yorick 37 @ 4.06.19, 18:28*
Another e-mobility?

It would be better called x-mobile. If you shoot, you can say that Good ...

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* dr.dorian9 ,
7K is tough .. Although some are even more impudent.

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Evgen0791 @ 05/31/19 13:50*
Even if you do not pay to blame?

No, if not guilty was not. I'm talking about fines. The last ten years have not been for the protocol to be in place. Not lying. Twice. Once a belt, a second time for the stop line. Figley here to spar? Blame - yes - pay. And the rest do not care ...

Oh yes .. Back in 2008 (damn, remembered as now) has been paying off in 1000. On the track overtaken by solid. Descent and ascent. Dalekooooo see the road, but, ska, solid. I do not know if its there so spices painted at the request of gaytsy then. But because of conductive bushes jumped out .. Waves. There are people like me at the congress of the road stood another five machines. Defended in turn, invited the (six). And between the front sidushek worth portfolio and such a gap is formed by a lid. Right under the bill. La-la, poplar ... Word for word, horseradish on the table, they say all the deprivation, but there is a way and points to the gap. Cameras has not been in the car, to shove the mower .. Render docks and all Godspeed: lol: It was later revealed that this Gaetz was a parallel class of the first wife. Still friends: rolleyes: He says if they are well raised there, but is no longer involved in this. Posadyut nafig.

evgen0791 @ 06/03/19, 14:42*
On Ford radiators down fall

And the cabin filter changes like glands through the autogenous ass: lol: It was a matter of change ...

$ hved @ 06/03/19 16:59*
fig itself In Russia, they want to ban tinting. Quite

That's in addition to the normal of the three-story, our great and mighty nothing comes to mind as an answer. On the air, mlyat, when it will introduce a tax? On shit? I breathe more than necessary - pay. But Hurley f you w vydyhael CO2 .. shit more than necessary - pay !!! Well you dirtied nature ... They also can not blame, our clever. I, in fact, do not care for the toner. I never specially tinted. If I want to do sekasom in the car, for example, is far from the city and at night where there is none: D And the rest let them look. It is a pity chtol. Although my present from the rear hemisphere toned.

Hello, usim!

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* Stealth3001,
And to be with a hangover, but do not drink O_o

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Yorick 37 @ 05/30/19 12:53*
In any case, the driver MUST stop at the first demand of the traffic police officer and MUST present him with all the necessary documents. The rest is fiction.

Here IMHO - I do not understand those who show off to the camera. For so many (dofig) years of driving, well, no more than a couple of dozen times braked.
- Hello, such and such, documents, pliz.
- Nate
- drank?
- Not..
- Bon Voyage..
This is all my communication. Apart from the fact that several times I was asked whether I could be understood and he wrote out the five times a fine. EVERYTHING!!! Yptyt, and some scout demagoguery, they say, show the waybill ... what stopped ... and how ... and why ... and you on the xxxx for butterflies ... aaaa for what a cudgel? ... I don’t even get out of the car. Chyadt?

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* dr.dorian9 ,
Experience zero, almost. And nifiga not visible. That collected :))

Posted 05/16/2019 at 03:19:

Yorick 37 @ 05.13.19, 20:51*
Easier to change the car than on subarik candles: rofl:

On the first one to change two of the six - you need to remove the entire inlet :)) Delov for half an hour, but the fact is ...

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Frame curtain reminded the young to our house neighbor. Student. His parents bought in 2007, the focus is a good machine, moving contract, grip me. In general, on the move. And so he did Tonirujushchaja vhlam. All windows. With that he, in the parking lot with the guys. Dragged GASOLINE, hair dryer hooked up. In general, as we must all. All he was told, saying "nah ... this guys?" Just waved. A cool thing came later. I walk with my son, with the men talk, stand and observe oil painting "Sailed". Young graduated tint, collected all and began to leave the yard. And we bushes (again, it is necessary to cut off, hinder the review) and there due tries hard to see the road. So here they are taxiing, and left DPSnikov: rofl: not collided, carried by. The situation penetrated (with bushes). About the toner should be written? : D fine immediately discharged. That evening he was in the dark vpindyurilsya ogradku in the front bumper. The next day look, tore off with lobovuhu and sidewalls of the front: lol:

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SAM + @ 05.05.19, 17:19*
And where are you teaching people now?

On the rise of demographics in the country: P

* Rscatch ,
Vooot. Awareness came on time. The main thing is to refuse this rubbish ..

* vvf43 ,
Well done too! How he loved to say my Old Man: “While the roasted cock doesn’t bite in the ass - the hell comes to the brains ...” I have already been convinced so many times of the veracity of this simple saying.

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