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aarnet @ 5.05.20, 21:43*
that is, if I start point on the mountain - not fly below what? pochemudolzhen be Disconnects? not understood....

I flew below, everything is fine ..

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seriy666 @ 29.04.20, 18:01*
But the photo change takeoff speed mavic mini in default mode P was 7.2km / h raised to 14 km / h so it was possible to raise the speed of flight in the P mode, up to 35 km / h and in Sport mode up to 63 km / h, a further increase leads to an unstable position of the drone, so it was possible to disable avtoposadki at 0% and managed to fly to the drone in the P mode, 28 minutes in the native akkamulyator voltage to 2.7v

Indeed, share dreams, how to do it, please.

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Maksimusdp @ 29.04.20, 8:19*
Yesterday found an interesting thing. More precisely bug. If you turn on airplane mode on the phone in the Di fly lost the ability to switch the flight mode "to p s"

There is an old bug.

Rep: (11)
Vertibar @ 28.04.20, 17:06*
Who knows? What a "sensor error"?

Most often it is GPS, the signal disappears.

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pathific @ 27.04.20, 22:29*
By the way, too, when asked to update the change left rear set of propellers. Changed, then looked vidos supposedly a software glitch and copter will ask to change next.
But no, changed and fly, everything is OK - no more requests. He really was damaged, but the others are damaged, they do not swear and flies approx.

I too ask to change the prop on the back-left beam after the upgrade.

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COHTPEK @ 27.04.20, 15:09*
I read the forum and constantly zaganyayut yourself in the frame. Why is flying in for a few kilometers, although lacking metro 200-300 to remove the city and up to 100 meters to lift a loved one)

But I'm tired of explaining that direct large supply of distance needed to confidently fly on the same 200-300. Here I am at the mall yesterday was flying at a height of 1-1.5 meters and at a distance of about 150 meters I've lost my connection and I almost crashed into the branches ... If I had a stable link, this was not to be. To a few hundred meters to shoot continuously with confidence necessary to have a large margin of range. I do not know about you, but mnya shots spoiled when I fly very close to all facilities and the connection is lost. And it's going very often, even at a distance of 100m. In mnya FCC.

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Just in Moscow on the new firmware flew to 2km. power settings as before is not reset at the FCC.

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[Vlz] Lion @ 25.04.20, 16:17*
Is it reliable information? Power is the maximum even when a warning about violation of local laws?

I personally in my Minicoy tested many times. The only thing not tested yet on the new firmware.

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Serg SSA @ 23.04.20, 23:11*
Tell what? )))

This was said many times ... Google to help

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* serg SSA ,
Serg SSA @ 23.04.20, 22:18 *
A mini battery is not stitched.

Actually sewn

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msheik @ 15.04.20, 12:48*
Now, if to compare 2.4 & 5.8 with a power .... It would be interesting.

In general, I agree with you, the longer the wave, the more hits at the same power ... But 2.4 is very much noise in the city, because even with the same power I feel by 5.8 beats further line of sight. The matter is in the goal 2.4 in.
Out of town (where there is no interference) 2.4 will be much more beat than 5.8 with the same power of the transmitter and receiver. But other realizations, at FCC transmitter and receiver is significantly more powerful than ...

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supermintuser @ 15.04.20, 12:34*
Then another question for you.
What is the difference FCC frequency of 5.8 GHz and 5.8 GHz in the CE?

P.S. "I have a drone version of CE, but the city is switched to the frequency of 5.8 itself."

In itself there is no difference frequency, frequency, and frequency in Africa, but there is a difference in the power of the transmitter and there is still a difference in antennas. Xie antenna is designed for 2.4 and 5.8, while the FCC is only 5.8.

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runciis @ 14.04.20, 12:31*
Should and letaet.Pravda in my country allowed 5.8 and Minicoy itself automatically switches from 2.4 to 5.8, and both wrote above flew for 600 meters, and there are still penny Udo Yaga, reflectors ... A person really help and even fake GPS, something to switch the 5.8

Here 90% want to fly to 50-150 meters, and most of them do not. So I see no problem at all)

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wirma @ 13.04.20, 20:27*

Stick, right.

Rep: (11)
LLDmitry @ 13.04.20, 19:17*
As far as I remember the speed and trajectory in this mode does not change. Similarly, allows spin around an axis, and camera control. But it is possible to set arbitrary HomePoint on the map

The rate of change can be accurately

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* serjant-2007 ,
serjant-2007 @ 04/08/20, 11:56 *
Not remote and smartphone

Yes, the reservation. Fixed, thanks.

Rep: (11)
Serg-Zmuh @ 8.04.20, 9:55*
question again about feykZhPS, Minicoy have CE, doing everything for a manual on how to move the frequency of 5.8

At the Council of Europe have every time to carry out this procedure. Or first to take off, then connect the smartphone.

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Tsaritsyno, flying over the pond at low altitude)

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mirage-stv @ 2.04.20, 16:35*
Strangely enough, from then many messages in telegrams chatting on Mavic mini is now on dji fly 1.0.8, it is reset.

I take it back, because he can not check - in CE me.

I certainly can not say yet, I flew over the city at 2600m ... This result can be achieved at low power. Then I just did not fly because something with the suspension was ..

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mirage-stv @ 2.04.20, 16:21*
With the new version dji fly on the FCC also reset, so that will have to dance every time to the Council of Europe.

I flew after the update, like everything was normal ...

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