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* dimonsustr,
Found ... only for FSS

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Dimonsustr @ 28.03.20, 19:34*
If not difficult, give a link to the instruction that suits
Somewhere I saw like without foil ...

In Fak Telegram

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* dimonsustr,
No not suitable

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alex_best @ 03/26/20, 12:28*
Previously, someone laid out the video of the span through the cabin car, you can ask him about the algorithm

Seek lower sensors

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You look at the classics on the shooting by this drone with missed sensors and immediately it will become clear how to shoot

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Ilyukhs @ 03/23/20, 17:52*
For light and dark time

Specify, for the backup ...
Threat in the dark without GPS he has problems with takeoff

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Gangster-13 @ 03/23/20, 15:46*
What is the problem?

On the way a branch of 0.6m from the ground, what will Dron make? ... here for this and stick the cameras

Added 23.03.2020, 16:26:

PS Everyone is extinguished in its own way.

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Gangster-13 @ 03/23/20, 15:17*
In meters, the sensors exactly do not interfere

And if you think about? ... For example: you fly in 1.5m above the earth ...

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Gangster-13 @ 03/23/20, 11:54*
Someone flies in centimeters from the surface?))

not in centimeters, but in meters

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Gangster-13 @ 03/23/20, 11:22*
And why the sensors are stuck?

To resistant flew at low height

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Feeling @ 03/23/20, 08:41*
Removed only on cinematographic mode

You need to install and pacify the lower chambers (sensors)

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* Feeling
Uvas not the same shooting mode stands, so the copter twitches

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GuestWho @ 03/22/20, 22:00*
I saw a video on YouTube, how you flew 2+ km

it was necessary not to buy, and the FSS, then I would fly on 4+

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Breasts video and photos in another section

Posted on 22.03.2020, 14:29:

Chibba @ 03/22/20, 13:37*
yesterday flew small

Feeling @ 03/22/20, 13:15*
Boast a couple of photos

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Feeling @ 03/22/20, 11:33*
And why in protecting faster losing?

Bad resistance to wind, large sailboat

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Feeling @ 03/22/20, 11:09*
Maybe I did not configure something or it is cons version CE.

Apparently, near the object, the nearby, you flew a stronger background by 2.4 GHz. Read here, as using FGPS to go to the range of 5.8GHz. Alas, from CE only so.

Posted on 22.03.2020, 11:29:

Feeling @ 03/22/20, 11:09*
Flying in defense.

Fly in defense on the street-evil. Morning drone

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Dimonsustr @ 03/22/20, 09:07*
Friends, on Redmi 7a not put DJI Fly

Change TLF

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Yanndobermann @ 03/21/20, 15:47*
Capter fell a couple of times

In the Capter there are sensors that are shone felt to the fall (gyro and altituda), perhaps the case

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I always translate the phone to the aircraft regime before turning on the drone (Redmi 8T) with any restrictions, I flew out of the city at 11km (there \ back, drone FSS) without writing a video on a USB flash drive, so for a minute more flies, checked for a distance.

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CellAdon @ 03/21/20, 11:21*
Or this error is not connected with the camera?

no way

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