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ahmetov-82Solving problems with files on the memory card.Plus from MakeEvalexandr916.20.11.20, 23:41
L1sëñøkIn the profileFor the multiple help when it was super .. and for the fact that the person is good.15.08.20, 21:07
ferhad.necefSet "must have"For the design of the caps12.05.20, 16:37
adgeukSet "must have"Useful!04.05.20, 00:49
ferhad.necefIn the profileCongratulations trehratnogo medalistsavagemessiahzine.comAnd the mentor on the birth of the forum.13.04.20, 16:22
izopSet "must have"+12.04.20, 20:31
Vasilisa +Instructions and issues with advertising on the screen and status bar, with SMS extortionists and blockers of all kinds+ A huge THANK YOU !!!27.09.19, 17:35
kadabushaWe retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machinefor the theme to restore data from the beaten Phone26.08.19, 23:23
X-MATSESet "must have"+19.08.19, 17:57
zmeeed2020What's new, while you were away?+08.08.19, 16:46
Roc-7Quit smoking"work" will cease to stand ..)))08.05.19, 08:45
OrestBerserkerMy fight with the message "Phone memory is full"Application ® SD Maid - System cleaning Tool JUST SUPERRR !!! 1.5 GB released! Tel as new!23.04.19, 14:44
smart7The phone does not see the SIM cardFor a hint about the reboot in airplane mode) really helped now)18.04.19, 10:27
AlektroNikSet "must have"Thanks for the mast hev.08.03.19, 23:48
gmikhail94What's new, while you were away?I finally changed my nickname :)04.02.19, 18:16
CellbassIn the profileHAPPY NEW 2019!01.01.19, 01:00
DyussIn the profileFor a great contribution to the development of the "Game Consoles" section in 2018.31.12.18, 18:56
Roc-7Quit smokingHappy New Year! Health, good and good luck! :)31.12.18, 17:59
odessa PiratesIn the profileHappy New Year! All the best in the new year!31.12.18, 08:55
DenisGritsunovIn the profileWhat, are you honorary? Strange. Thanks for the work29.12.18, 17:20
godraxeIn the profileFor what? Why? Such people need a forum, many thanks for the work, very sorry18.12.18, 22:47
lukinmihIn the profileIt is a pity if your translation in the "Honor" is associated with the latest events.15.12.18, 22:29
HeraldistIn the profileA good moderator plus is not a sin to deliver.15.12.18, 11:49
DenisGritsunovIn the profileThank you for your work14.12.18, 23:12
absolute3In the profileIt was the last Super with a human face.14.12.18, 23:08
cherva70In the profileWelcome in purple, not a place for good people in the non-administration.14.12.18, 21:44
~ LeVent ~In the profileWelcome to the purple, drakosha)14.12.18, 21:37
VasilichIn the profileWith the arrival: D14.12.18, 18:42
DacketIn the profileThanks for the help when he was still Moder14.12.18, 16:45
GodlessIn the profileThank you for your free titanic work for the benefit of users. I respect you.14.12.18, 14:46
D_GodunovIn the profilerespect!14.12.18, 14:41
ArtiomCiobanuIn the profileHelp10.12.18, 15:36
Aleks.74Appeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsWorthy answer worthy Super!07.12.18, 16:16
gar_alexAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsFor the rehabilitation of Oleg.07.12.18, 07:51
poluyan_stasIn the profileThank06.12.18, 09:51
gardenerAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsVery simple and affordable, as always. : good:04.12.18, 00:56
gektor9707In the profile+ help with the design of the caps02.12.18, 06:53
Iddqd228In the profileFor the restoration of an important post! Thank!27.11.18, 05:27
DiflixIn the profileThank you for keeping order in topic 1 +, 10:00
godraxeIn the profileThanks for the detailed answer, I support17.11.18, 20:20
odessa PiratesIn the profileWith respect!17.11.18, 06:31
ShosinIn the profileFor understanding14.11.18, 19:59
Alpha dogIn the profileWith respect!13.11.18, 07:14
terminator88In the profileThank you very much, God forbid you health and all your loved ones!12.11.18, 12:45
odessa PiratesIn the profileFor the works and benefits on the forum!10.11.18, 12:27
vicious.dimaIn the profileThank you for your prompt assistance.09.11.18, 20:27
closerniIn the profileThank you for your congratulations.09.11.18, 18:10
al "caponeIn the profileThanks for the release :)09.11.18, 13:46
DimionsIn the profileAt least someone on the forum is thinking about users!08.11.18, 18:30
ZildimIn the profileFor the support of the forum, thank you!06.11.18, 22:49
phpinfoIn the profileI'm already writing to you, in the firmware section, the moderators work05.11.18, 18:47
godraxeIn the profileFor support of the forum no matter what05.11.18, 18:08
nikitka12xdCurators ClubWhy am I laughing?29.10.18, 00:33
Alexander Ch.In the profileFor help with login.23.10.18, 14:23
GamnyuGIn the profileThanks for the help)22.10.18, 13:21
DyussIn the profileThank you for help in preparing for the competition.22.10.18, 11:18
MexahikIn the profileFor "on friendly" advice which, thank you, I will consider ...19.10.18, 11:12
terminator88In the profileThanks you!16.10.18, 19:21
vlad433Appeal against incorrect actions of moderators+08.10.18, 10:43
L1sëñøkAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsAbout fresh air class)08.10.18, 01:37
VasilichIn the profileWhile spinning the drum: D04.10.18, 22:21
AlexX_nskIn the profile+ For a hint how to change the nickname =)29.09.18, 21:28
teakettlefullWhat's new, while you were away?thank29.09.18, 09:56
Kucher2000Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTC - DiscussionThanks for the information!19.09.18, 09:46
smbo263578In the profilethank17.09.18, 10:57
IkgapirovWhat's new, while you were away?For info!14.09.18, 09:28
dem0n666Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTC - DiscussionFor speed11.09.18, 07:25
wdUlmIn the profileFor help with a viral application06.09.18, 18:36
CellbassWhat's new, while you were away?Thanks again for your help with your nickname!03.09.18, 10:51
PeppaPig2288After changing the nickname, the forum does not have a password.Indeed! It helped! Thank you very much!01.09.18, 20:26
VasilichIn the profileFor the eyes: D31.08.18, 10:44
maksimus0021What's new, while you were away?+ :)29.08.18, 21:58
SelSTAFFIn the profileChange of a capital letter ... 4 years waited ..29.08.18, 06:46
CellbassIn the profileThank you so much for your help!27.08.18, 12:07
_Fishaffair_In the profileChange Nick21.08.18, 12:20
AstarotIn the profileFor help20.08.18, 12:41
Dr.offSet.What's new, while you were away?The best news onsavagemessiahzine.comfor all time of existence. Bravo!17.08.18, 15:13
TomCat16Motorists Clubsavagemessiahzine.comThank.16.08.18, 12:22
mark_1992What's new, while you were away?Thanks for this feature!15.08.18, 12:39
Lame_WolfWhat's new, while you were away?Thanks for the news :)14.08.18, 12:37
Alpha dogWhat's new, while you were away?Thank!14.08.18, 09:04
3DisWhat's new, while you were away?Great!12.08.18, 11:07
LEOSERIn the profileThank you12.08.18, 05:04
_Raspisnoi_What's new, while you were away?Super)) 6 years waiting for this11.08.18, 20:54
AkonzeWhat's new, while you were away?Thank you very much :)11.08.18, 20:14
SemprooWhat's new, while you were away?thanks, finally removed unnecessary numbers from nickname10.08.18, 23:29
IhidayaWhat's new, while you were away?Thank you so much for the possibility of changing the nickname! : thank_you:10.08.18, 20:29
_Str @ nnik_In the profileThank you so much for understanding10.08.18, 11:48
Roc-7What's new, while you were away?Thank! Took advantage! :)09.08.18, 17:37
ahma5What's new, while you were away?Well I saw this post! And he was about to announce some members of the forum on the wanted list!09.08.18, 12:53
Partizan 777In the profileThank you so much for the opportunity to change Nick!09.08.18, 11:12
radon70In the profileThank.09.08.18, 05:50
CatwyIn the profileFor the possibility of self-nick change08.08.18, 11:46
2_unlimitedIn the profileFor understanding and helping in a difficult situation!08.08.18, 07:28
SonycatWhat's new, while you were away?Thank! I have long wanted.07.08.18, 22:49
obekt_120What's new, while you were away?For the possibility of self-nick change07.08.18, 22:40
deymWhat's new, while you were away?Hooray!!!07.08.18, 20:15
vvf43What's new, while you were away?Thank you for the opportunity to change your nickname.07.08.18, 18:28
IDKWHY.What's new, while you were away?Ser Hood07.08.18, 17:42
[Alter Ego]What's new, while you were away?This is great, low bow.07.08.18, 17:31
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