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Lapsha031Pearls of Our ForumJust a song!27.10.20, 21:47
Vovan1971Google accountReplaced, earned !!!07.12.18, 00:56
senselessGraphic lock. Screen lock code - problem solving.Head in the cap)03.05.18, 22:58
dobro78Graphic lock. Screen lock code - problem solving.for unlocking17.02.18, 13:07
bossravenGraphic lock. Screen lock code - problem solving. 14.02.18, 23:14
Mr. RicattoGoogle accountThank!09.11.16, 23:56
NatachaGraphic lock. Screen lock code - problem solving.+ from pitrila2001pitrila (helped unlock my device)06.09.15, 07:01
Aicpyk trotskyGoogle accountFor created topic15.07.15, 01:35
ka81In the profilefor sync advice22.06.15, 20:33
koto18Help in finding programs for Android OS. Archivethank22.06.15, 15:13
gabbaritHelp in finding programs for Android OS. Archivespibki22.06.15, 11:29
deadboy018In the profileThanks for zhps18.06.15, 22:07
NatachaGoogle account+ by azzary03.05.15, 20:58
JagamaxGoogle accountThank you) I solved the problem with my Google account.28.07.14, 16:48
shtirly1Google accountUSEFUL THEME!29.05.14, 09:32
NatachaGoogle account+ from muryshka80: Thanks a lot for the help, really, after I reinstalled Freedom, I managed to log in to my Google account18.03.14, 15:13
VooduGoogle accountfor collecting information04.03.14, 07:28
BespectacledGraphic lock. Screen lock code - problem solving.+ by vganin11.01.14, 17:12
GT-I9505Sound is interrupted when listening via bluetooth headsetthe topic is closed and the problem remains09.12.13, 15:58
ubnfhfGoogle accountdisabling ad blocker helped. Strange, he had never disturbed before.03.12.13, 17:06
deni-zdarmGraphic lock. Screen lock code - problem solving.Help07.06.13, 16:28
GridzillaGoogle account+ by lesiialex15.04.13, 12:01
vmaximGoogle account+ from Inde5tructible27.02.13, 23:22
kartman999Google accountthanks for the advice04.02.13, 16:01
GalfordoNewbie Questionshttp: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=147272&st=40500#entry1789899015.01.13, 07:21
vlad072Graphic lock. Screen lock code - problem solving.unlock post. oh where he was yesterday (((07.01.13, 12:31
Green2heartGoogle accountFor the post, thanks to which I successfully logged in to my Google account on the Nook Simple Touch!04.01.13, 12:19
bigmax113In the profileHappy New Year.31.12.12, 21:43
bcspbIn the profileHappy 2013. Congratulations31.12.12, 17:34
GridzillaIn the profileHappy New Year! Happiness, kindness, love and health in the new year!31.12.12, 07:14
vmaximIn the profileThank you28.12.12, 11:01
vmaximIn the profilefor help and responsiveness.21.12.12, 10:44
YouSeeIfIn the profileI apologize for the offtopic))20.12.12, 15:08
GridzillaNewbie Questions+ by prognoz-1317.12.12, 19:19
dvoriki06In the profileFor "like this";)11.12.12, 22:24
GridzillaIn the profile+ from Rushan11.12.12, 18:40
R1kkiHuawei Ascend Y200 - DiscussionThanks for the disassembly in the topic :)05.12.12, 16:44
XucokaGoogle Play - Technical Issuesthank01.12.12, 16:24
GridzillaPearls of Our Forum: rofl:30.11.12, 20:09
NightXaHTePIn the profilethanks30.11.12, 16:11
_Vinodarin_Artemis HD2 ROM Family firmwareFor maintaining the normal axis (and not the fact that the seven)!14.09.12, 19:12
Beatle1In the profilefrom me12.07.12, 16:27
loki6666In the profilefor justice ))))06.07.12, 12:55
MassivnyIn the profileFor assistance with the application)06.07.12, 12:12
DebookAinol Novo 7 Aurora / Ainol Novo 7 Elf - DiscussionSorry, could not resist.06.07.12, 11:46
Sil-silentIn the profileFor prompt response04.07.12, 11:19
endruIn the profile;)02.07.12, 19:11
GridzillaIn the profileThanks for the help!01.07.12, 19:02
sibaaaSamsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young - Games and Applications.for a wise explanation!30.06.12, 13:54
dmdonIn the profileServing the Fatherland and the Mothersavagemessiahzine.com!!!29.06.12, 18:17
endruIn the profilefor work29.06.12, 13:03
GridzillaIn the profile+ by bagasl27.06.12, 03:32
kirill51252Newbie Questionshelped26.06.12, 18:27
Basi1ioGoogle Play - Technical IssuesUseful advice!25.06.12, 12:34
Sergey IvanovichPearls of Our Forum: rofl:22.06.12, 14:30
WishmasterIn the profileThanks for the work in the section!21.06.12, 19:47
aminoIn the profileGuardian order. +21.06.12, 11:53
XromIn the profileFor help20.06.12, 21:53
vertyogoMotorola ATRIX - AccessoriesSeverely20.06.12, 17:57
generalnikitosGoogle Play - Technical Issues+19.06.12, 11:25
AlexRus227In the profileAirPush Detector18.06.12, 19:21
LovandaPearls of Our ForumPost # 3087. Great! :)16.06.12, 16:20
zusicks438Pearls of Our ForumNishtyak.15.06.12, 17:18
kirk999In the profileThank you for your help!14.06.12, 22:49
Beatle1In the profileTHX!!!13.06.12, 15:32
Beatle1In the profilereply to the message)13.06.12, 15:21
Beatle1In the profilehelped but not completely13.06.12, 12:53
giantdemGames for ARMv6 and QVGA, HVGA screens (games tested on low-budget models: Samsung Galaxy 5500, etc.)thank you for following my topic10.06.12, 19:37
SmartecsIn the profile+ by MOBILizovan07.06.12, 11:16
GridzillaNewbie Questions+ by sitya07.06.12, 08:05
GridzillaQuestions beginner root user+ from thelook80 "Thank you"04.06.12, 19:20
1024BiTNewbie Questionsthanks for the help)))04.05.12, 20:28
GridzillaIn the profile+ by Kumehtar03.05.12, 15:57
hataqIn the profilethank23.04.12, 15:51
smilemansmileIn the profilethank!19.04.12, 12:54
san andreasSamsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young - Games and Applications.Thank you for checking.18.04.12, 17:58
marf1nIn the profileHelp14.04.12, 14:33
bashirek 02Questions beginner root userThanks for the update hint.11.04.12, 05:21
PolyakRussiaGoogle Play - Technical IssuesThanks for the info for the market!10.04.12, 17:24
ximik_97In the profileFor help30.03.12, 22:36
SumatraUserIn the profilefor the pictures ...29.03.12, 21:39
RazzlomIn the profileThank you very much!29.03.12, 13:39
loooolIn the profileSolved an important problem with the cap.28.03.12, 00:50
loooolIn the profileFor advice and assistance in adjusting the caps.27.03.12, 22:55
Alpha dogIn the profileThanks for the response! Just the user is wrong and does not want to realize it!25.03.12, 22:48
DinxgoIn the profilethank21.03.12, 20:10
DinxgoIn the profileGood moder good plus)21.03.12, 20:09
EgorrkaxlIn the profileFor advice15.03.12, 17:17
KousukeNewbie Questionsthank!15.03.12, 15:36
Alpha dogIn the profileRespect!14.03.12, 21:59
PanM001In the profilefor helping users.14.03.12, 17:51
zusicks438Pearls of Our Forum: D13.03.12, 14:59
GridzillaIn the profileThank!!13.03.12, 09:39
Alex2422Pearls of Our ForumOh yeah:)12.03.12, 21:22
RazzlomIn the profileThanks for participating12.03.12, 14:46
PectenIn the profileThank you06.03.12, 22:52
infern01HTC Desire HD - Discussionbugreports06.03.12, 15:31
PanM001In the profileThank you for helping newcomers in the "First Aid" section! ... And for being fair to your business.06.03.12, 00:46
WishmasterIn the profileThank you for your help.03.03.12, 01:30
LoktanIn the profilefor closing a topic that is no longer needed03.03.12, 00:16
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