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KirheIn the profilethank18.11.19, 12:02
ZeroCold1981In the profileThanks for the flooring, look08.11.19, 09:26
Andrew59In the profileThanks for the idea, buddy.29.03.18, 18:15
kaktys_3431Questions beginner root userAt least 100 (!) Meaningful messages in the android thread!27.01.17, 12:42
Black fishIn the profileThank you!03.01.17, 16:46
VoltoIn the profileBad number)17.08.15, 12:40
vadeus® Superuser+ by tychon09.10.14, 17:40
NatachaIn the profile+ by Vjik5810.03.14, 16:15
) (0tt @ bichzHuawei U8666E Ascend Y201 Pro - Discussionfor advice19.10.13, 15:33
Emi JIn the profilesweating26.09.13, 13:03
GridzillaIn the profileHappy New Year! Happiness, kindness, love and health in the new year!31.12.12, 07:14
Rudolph xDQuestions beginner root userJUST21.10.12, 21:22
SmartecsSync Android contacts with Google+ by Li Lou18.05.12, 20:59
Error 404In the profileThanks to your advice - about cleaning up the media repository - I managed to help another user. Thank you from me and from him!08.03.12, 01:29
GridzillaIn the profileThank you for the clarification.24.01.12, 02:31
Clok1In the profilethanks for the help23.01.12, 16:48
DudekTo create an old camcorder+ ATP!20.01.12, 21:58
max2327USB connectivity issues+ by rusinov.viacheslav20.01.12, 13:21
GridzillaIn the profileHappy new 2012 year! For active assistance and so necessary for new forum participants - consult a knowledgeable person!01.01.12, 09:43
BespectacledIn the profileCongratulations, comrade!31.12.11, 23:26
GeneralgrantIn the profileHappy New Year!31.12.11, 21:37
stasIn the profileHappiness in the coming year !!!31.12.11, 16:44
GridzillaIn the profileFor an exhaustive comment on the issue, help and support.30.12.11, 06:21
GuttentagenIn the profilefor efficiency28.12.11, 14:48
MIC4Newbie QuestionsMIC4, in Personal Experience looked into?26.12.11, 17:23
eastern manIn the profileAnswer to the question21.12.11, 20:42
ic018892In the profile=)20.12.11, 21:17
M-KNewbie Questionsthank18.12.11, 15:23
max2327Newbie Questions+ from joke88: Thank you so much Bodtek. Pey efficient response and guidance to the right information. I will dig further))17.12.11, 16:06
GridzillaNewbie QuestionsThanks for the help in changing the cap.17.12.11, 13:28
MasloyreeNewbie Questions)))15.12.11, 15:17
ralehovichAndroid virtual device on your PCThanks for the Java SE Runtime Environment15.12.11, 09:44
lProTonlAndroid + PC = Internet+14.12.11, 22:59
SemyonIn the profile+ from Stud14.12.11, 21:10
perez31Newbie Questionsthank13.12.11, 12:51
GridzillaIn the profileFor trust and help13.12.11, 12:26
BorLaseNewbie Questionsinstead of voldo1903;)12.12.11, 21:13
SmartecsIn the profileby mks-sam07.12.11, 16:17
SmartecsQuestions beginner root userfrom someone I'm07.12.11, 09:52
SmartecsIn the profilefrom BFG199204.12.11, 14:36
vayruzIn the profilethanks for the help :)04.12.11, 12:38
SmartecsIn the profilefrom LEMON4EGGG02.12.11, 14:09
Shell29In the profilethank02.12.11, 13:36
pirog007PDA does not boot, microSD is brokenThank you so much for your help!01.12.11, 23:13
tarxIn the profile+01.12.11, 12:06
lerichoxIn the profileBrilliant answer. Have you always on time, you read the topic "Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini pro - Firmware"? Your answer does not carry any meaning. Well, very helpful!01.12.11, 11:14
pasho-mUSB connectivity issuescompetent explanation28.11.11, 14:21
SerhzUANewbie QuestionsFor practical advice on android.process.acore.26.11.11, 18:23
NerovingerIn the profileCatch phrase)))26.11.11, 12:10
bla3blaIn the profilethank you very much for the help!!!!25.11.11, 11:48
PilothatsIn the profileThanks for the information, I read, very informative)25.11.11, 00:55
BOJIKOJIAKBattery leaked on the motherboardThank :)24.11.11, 11:19
informer1Newbie QuestionsThank you for the video24.11.11, 08:41
koenig25In the profileThe council helped. Despite its controversy.24.11.11, 08:22
misirliNewbie Questionsthank23.11.11, 18:41
Silver_JohnesDo NOT unload the application from memoryThanks for the way to keep applications in memory of the Endroid!22.11.11, 18:05
MissAlenkaNewbie Questions+ from milaya_romashka through the button "Complaint" Thank you!21.11.11, 08:42
MissAlenkaNewbie Questions+ from SergDou through the button "Complaint" thanks to the author of the message21.11.11, 08:41
mainbordIn the profileFor raising the first aid section19.11.11, 16:09
leningradetsIn the profilefor patience, in relation to me, nubiku: blink:18.11.11, 15:07
batonskijAndroid + PC = Internetfor a hint18.11.11, 13:00
Hunter123Newbie QuestionsRaise your reputation :)17.11.11, 09:04
tuzvpAndroid virtual device on your PCThanks :)16.11.11, 09:24
Hunter123Newbie QuestionsGrateful for the answers of this member15.11.11, 16:05
panasjuniorAndroid internet traffic leakreminded about what I forgot15.11.11, 15:58
DimaSPb.Newbie QuestionsFor a hint12.11.11, 16:16
aaignatIn the profilethanks for the real help12.11.11, 12:20
botuzhveleNewbie QuestionsThank you for your time.)11.11.11, 09:21
Htc.wffile transfer via wi-fithanks for the advice09.11.11, 08:59
ImhoNewbie Questionsthanks08.11.11, 16:34
Maverick0Newbie QuestionsThank you07.11.11, 10:48
kokkukarekkokIn the profileBrad + Pride06.11.11, 20:52
mitskevcontact definition when calling by 7 digitsthank06.11.11, 09:22
Tigra13Questions beginner root userfor answers about root05.11.11, 19:42
Sergey Ivanovich® AutostartsFor a clear explanation02.11.11, 13:20
KinochkaNewbie Questions: P thanks, I will try01.11.11, 15:40
Mr. BlackstarIn the profileFor helping newcomers28.10.11, 11:46
MrZetackIn the profilethanks for the information26.10.11, 17:21
iovistaNewbie Questionspoked his nose21.10.11, 18:05
john-yarIn the profileGood answer19.10.11, 11:15
MakspecialNewbie QuestionsThanks for the tip!18.10.11, 15:12
werewolf666666In the profilethank you very much! now I understand!17.10.11, 09:58
adessolvIn the profilefor trying to fix the keyboard12.10.11, 18:28
NerovingerIn the profileHow nice to see the correct order in the section. :)12.10.11, 17:57
melehanNewbie Questionshelp with newbie questions.12.10.11, 11:44
MissAlenkaIn the profileWith appointment!09.10.11, 18:06
MissAlenkaNewbie Questions+ from Mihikyrsk through the button "Complaint" for the advice novechku07.10.11, 10:30
marchaNewbie Questionsthank07.10.11, 07:23
MissAlenkaIn the profile+ from tokage23 through the button "Complaint" Thanks for the help. Writing static ip helped.06.10.11, 09:24
Aspe1In the profile+ for eloquence)29.09.11, 14:28
shelma2005In the profilethanks for the advice28.09.11, 17:55
MissAlenkaNewbie Questions+ from dmn42 via the “Complaint” button Thank you.28.09.11, 16:46
hx2artNewbie QuestionsFor a helpful answer.28.09.11, 12:16
alex7778811In the profileChorus28.09.11, 12:10
NerovingerIn the profileCorrect moderation :)28.09.11, 09:40
KinochkaNewbie Questions;-)28.09.11, 01:36
BOPOH89Questions beginner root userfor answer27.09.11, 09:57
spencer8Newbie Questionsthanks for the help)26.09.11, 23:01
Cross45Newbie Questionsthank22.09.11, 18:34
Mr. BlackstarIn the profileFor helping newcomers21.09.11, 16:17
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