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mcmazaQuartATP for the control center!16.01.21, 16:12
VITIAI77YouTubeBat (1.5) for YouTube (15.49.4)
15.01.21, 21:05
Dmitry_70rusJailbreak iOS 14.h.hGood answer Thank you11.01.21, 19:28
bulygin-dimaYouTubethank11.01.21, 03:19
DeMoNcHiK-666iTorrentFor the Sideloadly Council)09.01.21, 18:13
rrolaIn the profileFor help forum users07.01.21, 01:43
vadikuaYouTube+27.12.20, 17:07
bes1deYouTubethanks14.12.20, 17:16
lonky-kunYouTubeFor Utyubik30.11.20, 10:22
sasha7103Jailbreak iOS 11.x.xThank)!28.11.20, 17:46
drpitJailbreak iOS 13.h.hThank you for your help23.11.20, 10:27
NoregIn the profileThanks for the help in PM!09.11.20, 01:16
Boosha1995Flyjb X.Fly Job New.02.11.20, 14:18
likowsJailbreak iOS 14.h.hthank25.10.20, 14:21
3448689Search tweaks and useful apps for Cydia (iPhone)Thank you! But the desired version of the application turned out to be inoperable.23.10.20, 23:05
Laszlo624powerlogHelperdFixThank.19.10.20, 18:56
BogdanychTweekov List for iOS 14For tweaks Ayos 14.x., the beginning is allowed ...18.10.20, 23:16
DJMAX1975CoolBooterTHX)10.10.20, 21:24
Ghost-sltIn the profileThe most valuable hint to restore iPhone. immensely grateful.04.10.20, 18:24
Jimmm2000System infoFor System Info.04.10.20, 02:05
HedgehogCarrierCrack - Global+24.09.20, 07:57
oldysolJailbreak iOS 14.h.hFor real help24.09.20, 06:34
bugreporter14 History of iOS changes+ History of IOS 14 changes.
Waiting for the topic of jailbreak iOS 14.x.x :)
23.09.20, 21:05
niva622Jailbreak iOS 13.h.hthank22.09.20, 20:48
crancIn the profile+08.09.20, 20:18
FixerIn the profileIt seems that you combined my posts, thank you20.08.20, 20:27
Boosha1995AltStore / AltDaemonAltstore.17.08.20, 08:55
kda2495In the profileFor adding a post with bugs in the header))12.08.20, 23:10
FurkatIn the profileThank!09.08.20, 00:19
bugreporterIn the profile+ Filling caps04.08.20, 21:45
Papa [BOP]YoutubeFor6thanks for the tweak04.08.20, 08:59
sasha7103SpotilifeThanks for the tweak spotillaf)02.08.20, 12:45
BogdanychJailbreak iOS 13.h.hThank you from Alex User28.07.20, 07:53
shagaliev97ButterflyGee, thanks21.07.20, 21:53
bugreporteriOS 14.h.h - discussion+ Link to iOS 14 Beta 2 profile18.07.20, 15:59
Maxxim69AltStore / AltDaemonFor the useful topic about Altstore / Altdaemon18.07.20, 08:16
uncleyura62iOS 14.h.h - discussion+++ Thanks for the profile for the 14th iOS!17.07.20, 22:56
i_MobilkaRollback with futurerestore (prometheus)Thank you very much for the detailed instructions on a rollback through FutureRestore.09.07.20, 22:51
shagaliev97BlockYouXFor tweak09.07.20, 14:58
2277283Jailbreak iOS 12.x.xgood instruction06.07.20, 07:42
Dimarik2702Search tweaks and useful apps for Cydia (iPhone)What you need thanks05.07.20, 14:13
mekhalessIn the profileFor help03.07.20, 23:23
megamixa ©Search tweaks and useful apps for Cydia (iPhone)MCPatch03.07.20, 22:29
i_MobilkaJailbreak iOS 13.h.hThanks for the response.02.07.20, 23:52
forfrendsJailbreak iOS 12.x.xThanks for the useful information!29.06.20, 12:44
s122337778.Jailbreak iOS 13.h.hwell done29.06.20, 05:35
manticore438CrackerXI +Super Duper.27.06.20, 21:40
kda2495iOS 14.h.h - discussionFor efforts on iOS 1424.06.20, 19:30
victorichiOS 14.h.h - discussionThanks for the profile))))23.06.20, 15:31
MOortiOS 14.h.h - discussionNew topic23.06.20, 00:32
DenpechiOS 14.h.h - discussionDiscussion iOS, 22:51
bugreporteriOS 14.h.h - discussion+ New topic22.06.20, 22:50
md.furmanIn the profileFor the topic21.06.20, 17:36
heysmallJailbreak iOS 13.h.hThank you20.06.20, 00:51
shagaliev97Gumpthanks18.06.20, 23:20
liseiIn the profileOrganized competent theme for which thanks!16.06.20, 01:42
LecasyIn the profileHelp in installing jail and tweaks15.06.20, 22:54
mnb3000Jailbreak iOS 9.x.xHelped with jb.14.06.20, 20:38
bozkurtologList of tweaks for iOS 13Thank you very much14.06.20, 01:30
spardo13Jailbreak iOS 13.h.hthank13.06.20, 20:42
bvzafvbkbrAltStore / AltDaemonFor the topic of alstora13.06.20, 19:20
agressor6630JellyfishHelp with tweaks13.06.20, 15:41
DikAllIn the profileHold your brother!12.06.20, 21:40
serg780Jailbreak iOS 13.h.hThank you so diligently help in solving the problem !!10.06.20, 22:55
bvzafvbkbrSystem infothank10.06.20, 21:17
cuba1978YoutubeFor6YoutubeFor610.06.20, 15:45
ibragim944Jailbreak iOS 13.h.hunc0ver v5., 14:17
plotyJailbreak iOS 13.h.hThank you very much!10.06.20, 07:34
KikozaRelocateThanks for the Relocate, Yandex.Deriv and Squirrel defeated10.06.20, 06:23
russtik31IPhone battery lifeRespect and respect you for making my message in the topic of the lifetime of the battery from the theme of IOS 13, and not deleted. Thank you))09.06.20, 19:53
bvzafvbkbrReprovisionFor wonderful news09.06.20, 19:43
l @ vrJailbreak iOS 13.h.hthank09.06.20, 17:37
V-SalmanSwipeSelectionFor news about tweak SwipeSelection !!08.06.20, 03:19
shagaliev97App Firewall+ thanks08.06.20, 00:45
sam AsIn the profileHelped with Jelbreyk06.06.20, 07:29
Maxxim69Jailbreak iOS 13.h.hFor "Jailbreak iOS 13.x.x"06.06.20, 06:06
fersadeJailbreak iOS 12.x.xThanks for the answer!05.06.20, 00:12
maksvoSwipeSelectionNormal SwipeSelection is very lacked. Thank you!)04.06.20, 10:24
imenkvSearch tweaks and useful apps for Cydia (iPhone)An important tweak for me showed!04.06.20, 09:32
RACINGNews and rumors on firmware, jailbreak and rollbackFor instructions!03.06.20, 12:11
bvzafvbkbrNews and rumors on firmware, jailbreak and rollback+02.06.20, 20:25
ibragim944Jailbreak iOS 13.h.hRemove jail02.06.20, 03:41
docsenchJailbreak iOS 13.h.hYou're just a genius, not too much I think from me thank you your answer that I also did not know02.06.20, 00:44
shagaliev97Jailbreak iOS 13.h.hFor info01.06.20, 22:06
kypbmaRocket for Instagramthanks for the help31.05.20, 22:09
TravisMersorIn the profileHelp in rollback iOS31.05.20, 05:27
TravisMersorIn the profileHelped in installing jailbreak on iOS 9.3.529.05.20, 23:09
OrwardIn the profileThank you very much for help in installing Jail in PM;)29.05.20, 05:15
KeyKeeper2013In the profileMercy.29.05.20, 02:57
docsenchSafeShutdownThank you all haud !! Earned SafeShutdown.28.05.20, 23:33
pshikmanYoutubeFor6Best28.05.20, 22:01
blizzzIn the profile+28.05.20, 17:15
kavkaz07Jailbreak iOS 13.h.hThanks for the help.28.05.20, 15:55
ilia3367In the profileThanks for the wise advice!28.05.20, 00:51
docker5000In the profileMasthev for iPad.27.05.20, 19:17
bugreporterWhat tweaks use on your device?+ What tweaks use on your device?27.05.20, 18:10
Daddy_kulReprovisionThank27.05.20, 09:29
KegexJailbreak iOS 13.h.h+26.05.20, 23:38
docsenchSafeShutdownThanks for the prompts, although you do not want to help you help with further work of these tips26.05.20, 21:33
KeyKeeper2013In the profileThank you very much26.05.20, 14:16
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