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aleksbledIn the profileWell, straight saving your advice Migrate program did not know about its existence.09.06.20, 11:50
SuferikIn the profileFor a hint09.06.20, 08:35
athostXiaomi Mi 9T / Redmi K20 - MIUI firmwareFor the tip for a good application.09.06.20, 02:19
_Danila_Master_Guitar Club!(+1) Nero-Like Performance ...))
11 years passed ... 11 years !!! ;)
The thread still in the club will surprise the people, and then it wants to try to tempe ...;)
20.12.19, 00:31
zmitierSony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact - Firmware CyanogenMod, AOSPThank you. I tried to install FLOKO, and could not understand why it would not work. In the instructions, nowhere is there for the fact that the last official should stand for the firmware.27.11.19, 10:24
vovcik3Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China- Unofficial firmwareFor the work!29.05.18, 12:52
mit02Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China- Unofficial firmwareFor the company!29.05.18, 12:37
RollyganIn the profilethank28.05.18, 11:46
most771Xiaomi Mi Note 2 - Firmware MIUIFor the beginning! For modem12.05.18, 16:55
vs947Xiaomi Mi Note 2 - Firmware MIUI+24.04.18, 19:01
Vitaly IvanovichChroma keyboardThanks for taking care of the developers. I did the same and did an interface translation (coming soon).04.07.16, 03:21
krasnodar535Whatsapp messengerthank you friend13.10.15, 19:32
AzzuzzelloSamsung SM-N9005 Galaxy Note 3 LTE - Unofficial Firmware (AOSP)thank26.08.14, 18:03
madheadoLG Optimus L9 - Discussionfor the idea of ​​the p768 model05.04.13, 15:41
tolikassHonor U8860 - CyanogenMod Firmware"clear Google Play app info. Reboot" thanks, your method helped07.01.13, 06:25
dimanaymahPlaying together - XBox Live and other game networks+++20.07.12, 12:54
ReskatorN.O.V.ACool avatar ))08.12.11, 20:43
Ax - effectWho will be able to finish the androyd to mozart?in vain you are so about HD2 in vain in vain in vain in vain04.12.11, 23:09
randomiceSamsung Omnia 7 - DiscussionUseful information22.10.11, 08:10
sam1984In the profileFor help!19.10.11, 12:54
s-droid[HD7] [8779] Nextgen +chatterbox =) congratulations!28.09.11, 14:29
RomaNHTC 7 HD7 / HD7S - Firmware+1 from enter.1330.08.11, 08:23
DymonIn the profileFlasher.23.08.11, 16:42
Butter103213PSVita GamesLaugh, and yes, I will reveal the secret in browsers when I wrote wrongly, it underlines with a red wavy line =)15.08.11, 21:25
AntifatalistHelp newcomersfor prompt response29.06.11, 19:32
cooler.nvkzIn the profiletired of adding everything according to caps ... thanks for putting it out;)17.06.11, 16:08
ThrottleIn the profileFor ftp17.06.11, 11:12
thelinxIn the profilec are you wrong user!16.09.10, 17:45
Yasha!In the profileGood luck in the service !!!! Well done, you decided to go to the army! Man!14.08.10, 04:07
Aleksey akimoffIn the profilethank you for your responsiveness28.04.10, 19:17
~ Cartman ~All the Funniestsmiled from the heart: D: D23.04.10, 11:28
freddyhackerIn the profile120.04.10, 16:40
h11All the Funniestfor a reflection of reality19.04.10, 23:32
Dragon masterAll the Funniest: good:17.04.10, 22:52
ivan govorovIn the profileWith the release of imprisonment!;)10.04.10, 15:40
freddyhackerIn the profile+100, you can not sit stupidly, you need to do something ...31.03.10, 20:31
chigorinetsIn the profileI fully support!31.03.10, 09:30
chigorinetsIn the profileIf we take the scale of people from the mountains who consider themselves unpunished in our country and are generally prone to violating the law, then it becomes uneasy. And if we compare the density of florists in the residential quarter of Moscow, then this is a natural disaster.31.03.10, 09:29
chigorinetsIn the profileFor the courage of judgment and for the elusive truth, beyond the verbal prostitutes.31.03.10, 09:26
radik-arrIn the profileYou're wrong.31.03.10, 08:28
ivan govorovIn the profileIt is not necessary for everyone to answer reasonably, you will be tormented. Sometimes one fool will ask a question that a hundred wise men will not answer. The main thing is that you yourself are on the right path.31.03.10, 08:04
ivan govorovIn the profileWell done. You are like a breath of fresh air among vegetables and patience preachers.31.03.10, 07:34
NerovingerIn the profile+31.03.10, 02:39
damnableIn the profile129.03.10, 21:59
NerovingerIn the profileThinking right!29.03.10, 21:51
smile_meSiphon Filter Logan's Shadow [ENG \ RUS]Grand Merci: thank_you:26.03.10, 22:07
MissAlenkaIn the profile+ from Dmitry Savrasov through the button "Complaint" for useful advice17.03.10, 22:40
SenatorIn the profileFor participation in the competition for the best logo for March 8!08.03.10, 13:45
cooler.nvkzIn the profilefor timely vigilance07.03.10, 19:49
ListopadIn the profilefor the logo to March 807.03.10, 01:51
SuprembengWe order gamesThanks for the codes.06.03.10, 19:25
FilislavWindows 7Thanks, it helped.05.03.10, 19:14
machaonDante's Inferno104.03.10, 22:10
bavard1992PSP Newsfor high intelligence!24.02.10, 11:44
ZeroCold1981Windows 7Respect and uvazhuha those bro =)23.02.10, 17:29
ZeroCold1981Windows 7once again smiled reading your post)22.02.10, 22:32
izmalkoffIn the profileYes)16.02.10, 06:40
-deemON-In the profileThanks for the driver!09.02.10, 21:04
Pro_AlexanderWindows 710506.02.10, 18:48
NTFSJackass: The Game [ENG / RUS]for Jackass05.02.10, 01:10
cooler.nvkzplease upload firmware for psp 1000for humor :-D21.01.10, 05:15
grind651We order gamesThank you, now check it out =)20.01.10, 00:03
LSQIn the profilethank18.01.10, 13:26
hiflexWorld Rally ChampionshipThanks for the correct link to the game!17.01.10, 19:57
ThrottleThe Sims 2: PetsFor the game.16.01.10, 12:56
ThrottleSOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2For the game.12.01.10, 10:54
hirodgerIn the profileNetTop interesting, take a closer look ..11.01.10, 22:47
lvswWorld Rally Championshipfor references on PSP games09.01.10, 16:43
DimoNimitSUUnsuccessfully stitchedDuck you can see that the person on the other end of the wire is clearly 13-14 years old, since he cannot read ..... He reads half the sentence in a flash, pokes what is written there, and bresses psp, and only then, then read the fact completely .. ...09.01.10, 15:09
lvswIn the profileI wonder, and who is so illiterate? if the developers, then download is not worth it. EXACTLY said! I fully support04.01.10, 17:21
Gryn87In the profileAlready something clears up. Thank!25.12.09, 19:12
HeraldIn the profile:-D24.12.09, 21:28
spammerIn the profiletranslation om10beta, smiled since morning :)24.12.09, 08:18
Impress1vePSP 3000thanks for the psp advice06.12.09, 19:51
cooler.nvkzIn the profilethanks for checking15.11.09, 15:00
DemacrWe order gamesfor the link01.11.09, 20:05
GargytsHelp newcomersthank!01.11.09, 01:22
andreidzSkyfirefor skyfire22.09.09, 19:36
JuryGuitar Club!Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven - well played!05.09.09, 12:33
Nemo.tecIn the profileFor understanding26.08.09, 00:15
Nemo.tecIn the profileServices in Win7Nemo.tec25.08.09, 04:08
D1G1taLWindows 7ATP for help24.08.09, 01:19
e-ch!Windows 7+1, self-assembled EVIL!23.08.09, 11:43
flashgcIn the profileagain for inappropriate behavior ((13.08.09, 02:16
Viktor Rx ShapovalovThe reign of Vind. How long?That's right! support05.08.09, 15:23
flashgcThe reign of Vind. How long?for being rude04.08.09, 13:33
-deemON-In the profileExpressions choose not with boys from raYona communicate24.07.09, 11:07
flashgcIn the profilefor being rude24.07.09, 01:28
MEDWEDbIn the profileFor advice19.07.09, 22:18
drum4egIn the profilefor the roof with a bucket and stool :) + stopitsot13.07.09, 09:07
CrazandIn the profilefor link about iphone12.07.09, 02:52
Nick_VSkyfireSkyFire - SUPER!29.05.09, 06:15
Yasha!In the profileSSSSSSSSSSSSS% username.% +1 for the answer)))))) Py.Sy .. Some morons around = \\\\19.05.09, 23:42
MalvalIn the profilefor mkdir 1 .. \19.05.09, 09:22
damaIn the profileThank you for help :)18.05.09, 23:07
= LCF =In the profileOfftopic http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=114246&st=20. Fill the pro G900 elsewhere.18.03.09, 01:10
DarkanzaliIn the profile:)18.03.09, 00:07
Redhead395In the profileCool said;)16.03.09, 11:44
WareZZZOkIn the profileThank. At least one travel answer :) We will try.27.01.09, 19:16
I want to talkIn the profileFor fonts22.01.09, 18:26
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