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Anonymous androidSamsung SM-G970 Galaxy S10e / SM-G973 Galaxy S10 / SM-G975 Galaxy S10 + (F / N, Exynos) - DiscussionThank you bro04.12.20, 13:56
katusaSamsung SM-A405 Galaxy A40 - Discussion!26.05.20, 15:54
Yuri-61In the profile+20.05.20, 11:04
baricelliBlackview BV7000 Pro - DiscussionThanks for the tip.17.08.18, 15:02
CoctailBlackview BV6000 - DiscussionThanks! Quite by accident I stumbled upon your post. Made on Oukitel K6000Pro, interest appeared inside the battery.01.07.18, 22:56
henicmXiaomi Mi 360 ° Panoramic CameraTHX16.11.17, 20:38
lamervBlackview BV7000 Pro - DiscussionFor updates tip through TWRP24.05.17, 00:05
Kozyavka SanyaBlackview BV6000 - DiscussionTips on settings really helped, thank you!13.09.16, 23:27
dub3000Blackview BV6000 - FirmwareWell chudnenko11.09.16, 13:16
samuelvernoIn the profilerudeness11.09.16, 12:43
sikorskijBlackview BV6000 - Discussionthank10.09.16, 22:28
MaksimiksBlackview BV6000 - Discussionthank09.09.16, 07:26
AdigA-07Blackview BV6000 - DiscussionTHX08.09.16, 12:54
dengrpzBlackview BV6000 - DiscussionFor a hint06.09.16, 19:32
Frost_ImpIn the profilegood job!24.01.14, 11:32
bald1984In the profile+ From press2000 of http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=242465&view=findpost&p=300509611.07.12, 09:23
In boobsSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Firmware (OS 2.3)Green and Cyan for SGS topics11.10.11, 07:50
SmartecsSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Firmware (OS 2.3)by Yuar10.10.11, 00:43
NefartIn the profileAccepted)09.10.11, 12:01
QUANTUM_Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Firmware (OS 2.3)thank08.10.11, 23:43
Agent2012Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Firmware (OS 2.3)Help with firmware !!06.10.11, 23:55
de_fack_toIn the profileyou are absolutely right29.08.11, 00:20
bald1984In the profile+ from http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=46892427.08.11, 05:50
zDan9IzSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Super noticed krasava06.03.11, 17:46
rapurimankaSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Thanks for Claudia.27.02.11, 02:42
Spiteful GAERSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)I personally sit on the Smart Keyboard, and native disabled and forgotten like a bad son.Soglasen! Horrible dream))))26.02.11, 10:34
HimkiSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)for talk.apk16.01.11, 17:08
PaNcHeR1981Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Thank you for supporting my friend ......14.01.11, 19:11
CuriousmanSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Though flood in this topic, but fully agree with the position of the sound quality. :)30.12.10, 20:24
NefartSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Yes, all the screen - the evil cool)!27.12.10, 02:32
Mister aSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Good answer, the silly sentence!)) Poddderzhivayu!24.12.10, 22:55
ZiZorgeSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)thank23.12.10, 23:20
kirill5037In the profileSpasib.Pamyat really good.20.12.10, 22:13
ttccSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)+ 2n on JPB sat down! And they write ... pasibo!19.12.10, 22:41
PsySergSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)great tip!15.12.10, 14:57
ppav1776ruSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Thank you for the idea of ​​"Smart Keyboard". I put yourself a favor and nedulyu satisfied. Maybe even buy Pro.13.12.10, 14:56
kingerSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Man, useful information with regards to Kiyoshi, you moved to this chat his post in the topic about Kiyoshi, and here it is possible to remove, and there it will remain, and will help beginners!05.12.10, 15:06
efolIn the profile4.8. Explicit and hidden rudeness, rudeness, insults are forbidden.05.12.10, 13:13
AlkatrazSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Patience in dealing with "wood-chested"04.12.10, 20:54
Spiteful GAERSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)for adequacy04.12.10, 20:38
kingerIn the profileThank you for your active participation and help to people on SGS topics!03.12.10, 23:31
Real-panterSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Thank you very much03.12.10, 13:39
sergmarinSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)for a joke02.12.10, 09:44
ttccSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)THX!01.12.10, 23:42
Frost_ImpSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)He helped with the balls connecting the BB for SGS30.11.10, 22:00
GlowsetSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)For help!26.11.10, 18:20
GlowsetSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)For help!26.11.10, 18:19
EMWDModification of software and decorations for the Samsung Galaxy Spolezny sovet25.11.10, 17:41
Mad squirrelSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)spaisbo what he was looking for)22.11.10, 23:14
AVK.86In the profileCool! Thanks! =)07.11.10, 16:34
funycatSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Recovery Description. Will be in the header or Fake26.10.10, 12:05
MazavrBazavrSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)Instructions Repair after unsuccessful manipulation framework25.10.10, 22:13
Dex vegaSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Discussion (archive)recovery instructions25.10.10, 21:24
DanushaIn the profilethank21.08.10, 17:41
~ Cartman ~In the profile106.12.09, 09:58
AfandiIn the profilefor wanting to help02.12.09, 08:30
jeffreyIn the profileTip Installation afc2add11.11.09, 23:30
-deemON-In the profileThank you for the program22.07.09, 18:50
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