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OlfeiIn the profileFancy widgets, 19:35
OlfeiIn the profileHappy New Year, all the best !!!31.12.17, 12:51
OlfeiIn the profileMX Player Pro02.05.17, 21:53
OlfeiIn the profileWith the last 23!25.02.17, 22:11
kuba 77In the profilekilled)))))))
Well, thank you for the manual.
20.10.14, 14:02
Moloh1980In the profilethank20.10.14, 13:04
0netw0In the profile+01.10.14, 09:04
slateristSamsung SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4 - DiscussionThanks for the link to the voting is)26.09.14, 10:18
d-lipnaModification of software and decorations for Samsung SM-N900 Galaxy Note 3thank26.06.14, 14:29
bzfoxIn the profileFor a link to the camera03.01.14, 18:23
LaGGeR_7Not enough device memoryThanks for this post: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=278930&view=findpost&p=964788719.12.13, 22:06
kat-kauNewbie Questions100 ;)17.11.13, 20:37
serpanvIn the profileATP, the topic is laid out with a fixed update !!23.11.12, 11:32
under_oidIn the profileWelcome to the Samsung Galaxy Note II owners communication club :)10.11.12, 21:44
KoreaAirSamsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II - Custom firmware (OS 4.x)Desi. Thank you for Swype.08.11.12, 08:28
Iluhan2008In the profileMany thanks for the tip on the STK-menu!21.10.12, 21:06
MenezIn the profilefor the cache!30.09.12, 23:55
BespectacledPlease vote!thanks for the voice!17.09.12, 13:42
at_HomePlease vote!Thanks for the voice!17.09.12, 09:18
babulkaSixth Prizesavagemessiahzine.comthanks for the support :) !08.09.12, 23:45
Dante !!ETERNITY WARRIORS [3D]Cache 1.3.0 for SGS225.04.12, 18:49
teenspirit2In the profile+03.01.12, 09:15
dvoriki06® LBE Security Master+ From prostosasha27.12.11, 21:57
Black & whiteIn the profileLBE Privacy Guard09.12.11, 20:33
Rom00Samsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubThank you for threads lock the Scrin04.12.11, 18:31
CyberbobIn the profilethe transfer LBE Privacy Guard ++++++++++29.11.11, 15:04
Basilius90® LBE Security MasterATP for the translation!)29.11.11, 12:20
Dmitriy_KrimSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners Clubfor the advice, which was a part of the solution, which led to a positive result ...22.11.11, 18:46
dr.dorian9Samsung Galaxy SII - Owners Clubconsultation22.11.11, 16:42
Galaxy_S5Samsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubThank you for the translation program.21.11.11, 10:12
dr.dorian9Samsung Galaxy SII - Owners Club+19.11.11, 16:36
Galaxy_S5In the profileThank you for what you russifitsiruesh program, thereby uproschyaesh life of ordinary users.19.11.11, 16:21
Galaxy_S5In the profileThank you for that perevodish program for Android.19.11.11, 16:05
petrokr122Samsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubThanks for the translation programmok for androyd!19.11.11, 15:12
dvoriki06® LBE Security Master+ From polaris201119.11.11, 12:58
Basilius90® LBE Security MasterATP, for the correction!)19.11.11, 12:12
Basilius90® LBE Security MasterATP for the translation! good job!)19.11.11, 10:15
combat44® LBE Security MasterThank!19.11.11, 03:11
endru® LBE Security Master+18.11.11, 21:04
BunshiSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubThanks for the link)17.11.11, 23:16
dmfarkSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubOne of R0lexx15.11.11, 14:55
wandererbkSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubOne of R0lexx15.11.11, 13:56
LegrilSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Discussionthanks for the prog13.11.11, 19:49
krank_01Please vote!vote11.11.11, 21:11
BassergiSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - DiscussionThanks for the prompt.11.11.11, 11:02
Mr. BlackstarSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubThank. I'll try08.11.11, 14:48
oleg-71Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Self-made firmwareFor help with the modem05.11.11, 19:01
evgbsamSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Self-made firmwarefor the test04.11.11, 12:03
petrokr122Samsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubThank you, it is strange that, const / 16 v1, 0x1194 is on another Line03.11.11, 13:42
rukahsSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Firmware (OS 2.3)thank!03.11.11, 13:24
Mitya83Samsung Galaxy SII - Owners Clubthanks for the widget03.11.11, 01:31
xtpemxPlease vote!completely figured out tracks switching)) thank you !! ))02.11.11, 22:53
RagePlease vote!Muchos gracias :)02.11.11, 07:39
kalujaninSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubBooth animation, thank you02.11.11, 04:57
unreal-90Modification of software and decorations for Samsung Galaxy S IIFor help with the firmware01.11.11, 17:27
TasikaPlease vote!thanks for the stars!31.10.11, 22:14
xtpemxSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - DiscussionHelp in the software)31.10.11, 21:41
NatachaSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubThanks for the tip.31.10.11, 11:52
i81Samsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubThanks for the screenshots.30.10.11, 10:37
NatachaSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners Clubthank30.10.11, 08:25
RagePlease vote!Huge29.10.11, 12:16
RagePlease vote!Thank ;)29.10.11, 12:16
Bruce leeIn the profileThank.29.10.11, 11:24
Sunny bannySamsung Galaxy SII - Owners Clubanyway thanks for the help each) http://rghost.ru/27552611 mb seen where such28.10.11, 20:32
valerakuhOur avatarsFor the wolf :)26.10.11, 20:48
BodtekIn the profile+ From geras1m: ". Thank you helped briefly, clearly Rnspekt..."26.10.11, 08:41
okztSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubSorry for the school with The Code25.10.11, 12:50
BodtekIn the profile+ From arik1307: "thank you"24.10.11, 09:35
GridzillaPlease vote!Thank!!24.10.11, 03:01
DubyModification of software and decorations for Samsung Galaxy S IIHelped from the heart, thank you !!!24.10.11, 00:05
abrikos2In the profilelink19.10.11, 08:20
streshnevSearch themes, widgets, wallpapers, iconsGREAT very big thanks to him18.10.11, 19:36
^^ TeRMiT ^^ETERNITY WARRIORS [3D]+ from http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=149900216.10.11, 22:29
Bruce leeSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Firmware (OS 2.3)+13.10.11, 19:43
assasaSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubWelcome to the club!11.10.11, 23:48
GlaDOSIn the profileFor consultation.09.10.11, 10:46
CoociIn the profilefor help08.10.11, 20:30
CoociSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Firmware (OS 2.3)+08.10.11, 19:03
BerlovichIn the profilethanks for the help08.10.11, 18:58
BalaganofSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Firmware (OS 2.3)For instruction on the way of truth!08.10.11, 13:46
GeneralgrantSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Discussion"+1 thanks for the help" from + ___ICE___07.10.11, 18:51
Rom00Samsung Galaxy SII - Owners Clubthank you corrected07.10.11, 15:47
evgbsamIn the profileTo market has not updated itself: through root explorer app go: system-apk-marketUpdater (click and hold) - Permits - leaving a check mark in the upper left corner - only rights to read for the user (r-- / --- / - -) - oK.pomoglo, thank you.04.10.11, 23:51
zotak71In the profileThanks for the help! For file a special thank you!04.10.11, 16:33
Sunny bannyIn the profilereference on 3kr linkanesh? and then the firmware can not find03.10.11, 17:13
syteser78In the profilegood answer03.10.11, 16:12
petrokr122In the profilenever say never or impossible because it can never be?03.10.11, 15:08
eXpiritSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubFor SPB, pasib =)02.10.11, 13:26
NAPALMIKSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Self-made firmwarethanks for the help02.10.11, 12:55
EGmanIn the profileThanks for the info30.09.11, 06:30
= MaxiMus =In the profileFor attentiveness :)28.09.11, 20:02
StrategosSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Discussionfor help;)26.09.11, 12:18
biker73In the profilepasib for links buddy!26.09.11, 12:00
bcspbSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Discussion+ From bstrd4vr25.09.11, 18:16
Sunny bannyIn the profilethanks that helped write the admins to unban you, you will help people! )23.09.11, 19:43
-MaXiK-® GameCIHthank22.09.11, 12:05
abykovskyReckless Getaway [3D])19.09.11, 15:19
BespectacledPlease vote!Thanks for the voice17.09.11, 08:28
wandererbkSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners Club+1 for the help from Rom0016.09.11, 20:44
PskovSESamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - DiscussionIt costs SPB Shell 3DSpasibo for the answer16.09.11, 12:43
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