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laricXiaomi MiPad 4/4 plus - Informal firmwareFor advice18.05.19, 15:08
mkudritskyWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxInteresting information about the difference between Debian and Ubuntu firewood! Did not know!09.05.19, 18:25
Slava733Windows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxThank.18.03.19, 14:23
JustPieceOfMeatWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxFor an idea with qemu17.03.19, 10:46
Slava733Windows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxThank.14.03.19, 11:15
rumba bootSamsung SM-N960x Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon) - DiscussionThank. The flash drive was to blame, but OnePlus still sees it))04.03.19, 23:32
Serega-pilotIn the profileThanks for the Dex window.01.03.19, 13:30
DragonzoIn the profileHelp in registration of the program24.02.19, 03:27
DragonzoIn the profileThanks for the help! Happiness and Health to you and your loved ones!22.02.19, 10:54
fixsssIn the profileFor help with Chinese applications. Very nice person. Incredibly operational)12.02.19, 12:21
Slava733Windows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxThank.09.02.19, 14:27
JustPieceOfMeatWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxI will consider, thank you08.02.19, 19:35
xsfedIn the profileThank you so much !!10.12.18, 15:18
Slava733Windows vs Mac OS X vs Linuxthank28.11.18, 15:14
OliksonEgorIn the profilethank28.11.18, 15:03
bugs__bunnySamsung dexThanks for the detailed and detailed answer :)27.11.18, 11:53
qwertukSamsung SM-N960x Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon) - DiscussionFor interesting information20.11.18, 10:44
IIvIICHAELSamsung SM-N960x Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon) - DiscussionAnswer17.11.18, 09:00
fixsssIn the profileFor help in activating xprint!
And just for being a good person.
13.11.18, 14:30
bororSamsung SM-N960x Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon) - Discussionthanks for the information08.11.18, 14:28
linus_darkrowIn the profileTimely response and practical advice06.11.18, 20:42
heavy-razzerSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - DiscussionThanks for helping me with SPay.29.10.18, 15:46
Krep_KospitIn the profileFor invaluable help25.10.18, 12:18
KD75Xiaomi Smart Home - General TopicI advertised you) about the Chinese. For help!06.10.18, 22:54
VasilichIn the profileFor info about the husk :)03.10.18, 21:58
mxm287In the profileFor help with registering Xprint11.09.18, 17:40
GnomeblackIn the profileRight)31.08.18, 11:31
RudzinskyThe sound quality in modern smartphones / handsets / smartphonesFor humor)30.08.18, 20:33
starr2012In the profilethank29.08.18, 22:00
kigor71In the profile+28.08.18, 08:48
starr2012In the profileThanks for your kind words27.08.18, 14:51
andre4165Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - DiscussionI agree. The same theme in Montenegro. What is there Montenegro? In Germany, in many restaurants and cafes only cash payment.26.08.18, 10:51
AjhvjpfSamsung dexthank18.08.18, 08:08
Slava733Windows vs Mac OS X vs Linuxthank31.07.18, 21:29
zhyk_magadanWindows vs Mac OS X vs Linux+12.07.18, 10:04
kasatka60Microsoft Surface Pro 4/5 (2017) / 6/7 - DiscussionThank you, I will train the tablet with my face10.04.18, 12:14
Alexander878Microsoft Surface Pro 4/5 (2017) / 6/7 - DiscussionThanks for the answer!12.03.18, 18:34
RollyganIn the profile+24.08.17, 09:18
Spirit of the nightSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - DiscussionFor active participation in the topic.23.08.17, 18:35
gogonIn the profilefor a tip22.08.17, 16:50
Slava733iPhone 6 Plus (2014) - DiscussionThank.11.12.16, 22:39
VulcanusAmbulance laptop ownersgood topic30.08.16, 14:47
Windpad 110wIn the profileI hope that you will help with the answers about the Sony UX (in your Personal Messages).18.04.16, 18:29
Windpad 110wIn the profileSony UX.17.04.16, 06:36
Luna2020Ambulance laptop ownersthank!25.07.15, 23:21
afigComicGlass [ComicReader]really handy program02.01.15, 13:25
AndreiLWhy don't you love the iPhone?Just wanted to say the same thing about the iOS interface, only in your own words.05.11.13, 20:13
Kim Jong IlSony Xperia Z - Marriage and Repairfor the spelling lesson))21.07.13, 11:55
SkazkiSony Xperia Z - Marriage and Repairspelling21.07.13, 07:55
dvoriki06SCUT gPen+ from Tianshi_Zhongkui12.05.13, 22:38
konvasThe recipe for family happiness!For attitude to life and family10.05.13, 16:42
komok1965SONY Vaio UX series - DiscussionFor replies to the topic.02.03.13, 21:45
milanojSkyorbfor the planetarium04.07.12, 18:17
milanojMoleculesfor the program04.07.12, 17:26
dll777Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Discussionreal help08.06.12, 19:26
komok1965MSI WindPad 110W (AMD Brazos)Thanks for the tip.13.12.11, 22:34
Dr @ ko_nIn the profilesupport with suze)12.12.11, 20:15
komok1965Chinese UMPCThanks from (http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=1324707) via the "Complaint" button.05.09.11, 18:21
pirltIn the profilefor a description about installing openSuse on Sonya22.04.11, 21:56
catzllaIn the profileThanks for the tip on the excellent program!28.03.11, 21:29
boris812In the profilefor help;)30.11.10, 21:32
SaiTISCUT gPenfor laying out the clavs29.11.10, 17:49
OlegOKAmbulance laptop ownersThank!28.11.10, 00:00
borisblackGoogle Nexus One - Unofficial Firmwarehelped to make friends with the nexus clave22.11.10, 19:57
GriffkaIn the profileFor self-adding programs to the catalog :)14.10.10, 06:11
King-to-MountainIn the profileThank you !!!!02.10.10, 17:02
SlidGoogle Nexus One - DiscussionWe have a great screen: -Р17.09.10, 08:12
sprig81Help in finding programs for Android OS. ArchiveThanks for the info and advice :)11.08.10, 14:35
NucleuS666Google Nexus One - Official firmwareThank you for the help, clear answers and patience)))23.07.10, 06:37
GaD_NVIn the profileGood morning, I will take into account your comments, and I will be corrected: blush: thank you for your request.25.12.09, 05:26
martofskyIn the profileFor editing the topic09.11.09, 23:33
MarviIn the profilesensibly17.04.09, 21:40
Voron_ShinigamiAIGO MID - DiscussionFor info about Aigo 8880.02.03.09, 23:39
Lam0b0tIn the profileFor goodwill and support in your endeavors! Nice to have an acquaintance :)28.01.09, 20:26
Null pointerSONY Vaio UX series - DiscussionMerry Xmas!07.01.09, 12:37
Null pointerSONY Vaio UX series - DiscussionHappy New Year!07.01.09, 12:34
salexIn the profileHappy New Year!!! Successes next year !!!31.12.08, 17:40
Null pointerSONY Vaio UX series - Discussionfor info based on my own experience.24.12.08, 20:07
Yasha!In the profile+1 per line OS27.10.08, 16:32
Voron_ShinigamiIn the profileIntelligent companion and a good adviser22.10.08, 23:22
EkaterinaLgIn the profileHappy 20th anniversary!20.10.08, 00:16
MaxierIn the profileFor the propaganda of Linux!17.10.08, 21:45
mur-mur-meowIn the profilecreated the right theme09.08.08, 00:59
GookSONY Vaio UX series - DiscussionFor help and tips on Sony UX05.06.08, 23:20
slimestAsus EeePC - Discussionthanks for the information01.06.08, 18:54
ra.mixIn the profileHi animeshniku ​​from animeshnika! I really liked your thesis in favor of the Sony VAIO Micro PC18.05.08, 21:26
alex-agent007SONY Vaio UX series - DiscussionThanks for the assistant)))17.05.08, 03:31
alex-agent007In the profileATP for help))15.05.08, 01:20
Meta_kotIn the profileLike animeshnik animeshniku ​​^^10.08.07, 18:18
feduzaDell Axim X50 - Discussionfor help08.06.07, 16:42
PektinIn the profileIt is impossible for not love to Give the reputation to lower ...23.07.06, 08:09
websterIn the profileFor the fact that I bought nano = (I do not respect consumer goods ... I'm sorry21.05.06, 19:31
NicolasGIn the profileFor a detailed and reasonable answer.17.05.06, 21:14
liverIn the profile 02.04.06, 21:14
FruzlerIn the profileAs a TES fan;)02.04.06, 20:13
massimoIn the profile 04.03.06, 01:08
massimoIn the profile 17.02.06, 00:31
zakerIn the profilethx ^ _ ^19.12.05, 13:15
BigroadIn the profileGood advice, take advantage!29.11.05, 21:35
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