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Aleksandr1009LINUX on UEFI 32bitCorrect advice09.01.21, 03:13
tatu7Asus EeePC - DiscussionThank.14.11.20, 13:24
ninja88Phoenix OS x86Thanks from Seeerp18.04.20, 10:17
4eckdatLINUX on UEFI 32bitGrateful for clarification13.03.20, 16:45
dr-alexanIn the profilethank30.01.20, 13:27
valo12In the profilethank14.12.19, 11:04
al_popovDEXP Ursus KX310 AVA - DiscussionThank!01.09.19, 12:19
Rick_Sanchez_c557DEXP Ursus KX310 AVA - DiscussionI wanted to write the same))) ahead)))01.09.19, 12:09
ChuckTheCatAsus Transformer Book T100 - Linux & AndroidFor advice on scrap speakers on T10026.08.19, 08:13
ilya-fedinIn the profileThe situation in the dew in PM13.07.19, 02:38
MidgardIn the profileFor help!09.06.19, 17:17
andreykodIn the profileAah, you have correctly stated the reasons, but I just do not understand, thank you very much for your help. The tablet runs through fake windows bootloader.29.05.19, 23:03
BloodymessageAsus EeePC - DiscussionThanks for the link to the Habr, informative.26.03.19, 13:45
~ Skyline ~Asus EeePC - DiscussionThank!)23.02.19, 09:37
WassillevsAsus EeePC - DiscussionSenks for help18.02.19, 06:30
ArkaDOSikIn the profileUseful information10.01.19, 15:41
oleg740740LINUX on UEFI 32bitThank you for your assistance in setting up Linux and 4.18.0-12-footrail core)06.01.19, 10:23
boring_idiotDEXP Ursus Apollo Z110 / Z110i - DiscussionHelp with troubled keyboard =)06.01.19, 04:16
sergeypv2009DEXP Ursus Apollo Z110 / Z110i - Discussion+28.12.18, 11:19
MidgardIn the profileThanks for the help, I’ll try30.11.18, 22:35
toretonLINUX on UEFI 32bit+25.11.18, 16:31
toretonIn the profileFor Astra!24.11.18, 14:56
Kitsune2222LINUX on UEFI 32bitThanks, I will try)21.11.18, 21:24
BazamonsterLINUX on UEFI 32bitUbuntu 4.18.0-12 core with a correction for the Wi-Fi Rtl8723bs19.11.18, 09:28
ded_madLINUX on UEFI 32bitThank!13.11.18, 09:37
kotok79In the profileFor the core.13.11.18, 07:26
kotok79LINUX on UEFI 32bitfor the advice: D11.11.18, 12:34
laert00LINUX on UEFI 32bitabout patches26.10.18, 16:48
ShooreLINUX on UEFI 32bit+ From blackray112: "For assistance"20.10.18, 10:45
BurdinLINUX on UEFI 32bitAstra Linux on the tablet is exactly what I was looking for)))16.10.18, 13:03
stalker-hobotIn the profileMutually!14.10.18, 07:47
laert00LINUX on UEFI 32bitAstra Linux11.10.18, 07:16
dude45In the profileFor excellent Android tablet assembly for x8606.10.18, 17:54
arkan49LINUX on UEFI 32bitThanks for the help.29.08.18, 17:34
sikokoLINUX on UEFI 32bitMany thanks for the help!15.08.18, 17:30
arkan49In the profileThank! Linux really works almost 100%07.08.18, 13:48
arkan49LINUX on UEFI 32bitThank!20.07.18, 15:09
HokkarAcer Aspire Switch 10 - Linux & AndroidThe sound appeared ...16.05.18, 06:48
3D VIRUSLINUX on UEFI 32bitThanks for the suggestion10.04.18, 22:02
severagent007In the profileThank you, poked his nose in the topic)))02.04.18, 14:26
severagent007LINUX on UEFI 32bitYou could have an image on Google or another drive to put? Just does not pump any yanleks or mail blocked, but through vpn breaks for large volumes31.03.18, 10:10
youswerIn the profile+28.02.18, 12:21
Kitsune2222In the profile+ For a great help in solving problems.26.01.18, 22:31
KOSTA139In the profileThank you for android06.01.18, 23:54
sergeypv2009In the profileHappy New Year, all the good things, thank you for helpful posts !!!30.12.17, 22:40
Kitsune2222In the profileThank you so much for all the help :)18.12.17, 22:44
Ur4elaLINUX on UEFI 32bitDuring assembly //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=650808&view=findpost&p=6601013010.12.17, 13:09
eXenseDEXP Ursus Apollo Z110 / Z110i - Discussion+24.11.17, 15:28
severagent007Porting firmware to devices with a baytrail-t Z3735-70 processorTHX.16.11.17, 21:24
severagent007Porting firmware to devices with a baytrail-t Z3735-70 processorthanks for the answer15.11.17, 14:41
Mine DeviceDexp ursus 10W2 3G - DiscussionTHX. go hiccup nonmagnetic thin line, because even plastic stout.13.11.17, 19:42
machetekillsAcer Aspire Switch 10 - Linux & AndroidIn the hat.11.11.17, 22:36
Linux CEAcer Aspire Switch 10 - Linux & Androidsound10.11.17, 13:45
thunderbaltAcer Aspire Switch 10 - Linux & Androidthank09.11.17, 08:38
pravdinjohnChuwi Hi10 - Discussionfor firmware08.11.17, 14:42
NeOMaX312LINUX on UEFI 32bitthank)05.11.17, 14:53
sergeypv2009Dexp ursus 10W2 3G - DiscussionThanks, interesting ...04.11.17, 22:45
VladMgnDexp ursus 10W2 3G - DiscussionThank you leave in case you do not help the service, passed it02.11.17, 06:06
sergeypv2009DEXP Ursus Apollo Z110 / Z110i - DiscussionThank!!!23.10.17, 22:04
UdarecIn the profileThank assembly rosa for tablets21.10.17, 09:41
raplainIn the profileThank you so much!!18.10.17, 20:59
VitallichIn the profileHe helped to set up Wi-Fi on Ubuntu 17.0414.10.17, 22:52
VitallichAcer Aspire Switch 10 - Linux & AndroidThank!!! Sound wound!12.10.17, 13:30
michman-paninLINUX on UEFI 32bitThanks for the tips on by Linux on the plates. I wanted to ask - whether will continue assemblies android?08.10.17, 03:45
raplainIn the profileThank! Good luck in all your endeavors!06.10.17, 19:41
Kitsune2222In the profileFor answers to any question :)06.10.17, 11:35
Shaman36Dexp Ursus KX110i AVA - Discussionactual)29.09.17, 12:41
Mr IksoIn the profilefor nick)28.09.17, 10:04
Kitsune2222In the profileThanks for your help in correcting the problem)08.09.17, 15:42
okomindAndroid OS on x86use btrfs01.09.17, 14:21
machetekillsAndroid OS on x86OK, we will see). thank.31.08.17, 12:34
raplainIn the profileGreat thanks !!!25.08.17, 18:27
zjonijordanAndroid OS on x86I'll try. thank25.08.17, 15:19
Profi_GManIn the profilefor firmware24.08.17, 09:33
raplainAndroid OS on x86Thank you so much for the help!23.08.17, 18:49
Profi_GManIn the profileTHANK!!!22.08.17, 13:58
raplainPorting firmware to devices with a baytrail-t Z3735-70 processorThanks, I will try22.08.17, 13:07
user26335377Android OS on x86Android under Uefi19.08.17, 14:15
sergeypv2009DEXP Ursus Apollo Z110 / Z110i - DiscussionThank you, as always informative and clear !!!16.08.17, 22:30
sergeypv2009DEXP Ursus Apollo Z110 / Z110i - Discussion+15.08.17, 00:04
boring_idiotDEXP Ursus Apollo Z110 / Z110i - DiscussionAssisted in the analysis of the keyboard Dexp Ursus z110i14.08.17, 15:58
Profi_GManIn the profileThanks for the build12.08.17, 11:10
aspectorIn the profileasus t100 linux08.08.17, 15:11
warlock90000DEXP Ursus KX310 AVA - Discussionthank04.08.17, 11:56
Rick_Sanchez_c557DEXP Ursus KX310 AVA - DiscussionClass04.08.17, 05:16
Profi_GManIn the profileTHANK YOU FOR ASSEMBLY! She earned !!!!!31.07.17, 10:02
Profi_GManIn the profileThank!25.07.17, 09:28
galiverIn the profileATP for info25.07.17, 03:06
stp101LINUX on UEFI 32bit+ from naff_syslik19.07.17, 12:15
Shaman36Dexp Ursus KX110i AVA - DiscussionThank you so much!)19.07.17, 07:58
Profi_GManIn the profilethank11.07.17, 12:32
severagent007LINUX on UEFI 32bitthanks09.07.17, 11:03
Kitsune2222In the profileThank!02.07.17, 10:35
S-traceAndroid OS on x86For tips on debugging problems01.07.17, 09:33
severagent007LINUX on UEFI 32bitTHX28.06.17, 13:04
igormykhortovDexp ursus 10W2 3G - DiscussionHelp with sound and orientation for dexp ursus 10w221.06.17, 21:34
S-traceAndroid OS on x86Interesting information about emulation SSSE3 and SSE4.1 in the core 4.9 Android-X8621.06.17, 19:27
n153Android OS on x86helped20.06.17, 13:47
n153Android OS on x86helped17.06.17, 18:12
Profi_GManAcer Aspire Switch 10 - Linux & AndroidThank!17.06.17, 15:21
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