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Vladimir_74VestaFAQthank10.06.20, 15:07
zhuravlyServiceNoteThank you for the development of the program09.06.20, 21:35
BorozdaServiceNoteFor his work on the improvement of the program.01.05.20, 19:20
Vladimir_74VestaFAQThank you for updating09.03.20, 16:41
d43In the profilefor vestufag19.11.19, 14:15
Vladimir_74VestaFAQUseful program, thank you.16.11.19, 21:17
skylolVestaFAQ+ for work08.11.19, 15:03
MinotavrususVestaFAQMore than the required application for Vestavodov!05.11.19, 16:02
BorozdaIn the profileFor useful information18.10.19, 19:24
svetoshaServiceNote+16.09.19, 14:57
dagovskiyPower Consumption (Autonomy) of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (Lavender)For information31.07.19, 10:27
BezraznitiAvtoSmart (mirror on Android) E06 (T98) by Phisung - DiscussionUseful thing for branches!10.07.19, 12:52
Serge-wormModification of software and decorations for GU PX5 Android 8.0.0ServiceNote. Thank!29.06.19, 22:31
mikem65ServiceNoteFor the works26.06.19, 12:51
p0r0hServiceNoteResponsiveness to user requests)20.06.19, 07:59
pavel043ServiceNoteOK.18.06.19, 13:13
specx2ServiceNoteServiceNote07.06.19, 18:23
BorozdaIn the profilefor the development ServiceNote24.05.19, 22:25
navolmixaModification of software and decorations for GU PX5 Android 8.0.0Update23.05.19, 11:39
MaxBugerServiceNoteServiceNote19.05.19, 19:42
den230975ServiceNoteI express gratitude for the creation of a good and useful content!17.05.19, 18:16
Serge-wormIn the profilethank17.05.19, 18:13
Misha75In the profileProgram03.05.19, 16:10
IlSanModification of software and decorations for GU PX5 Android 8.0.0!03.05.19, 12:31
NIKOLYA-PRODIGYModification of software and decorations for GU PX5 Android 8.0.0+++25.04.19, 10:26
serg219OBD Auto Doctor Progood decision07.04.19, 11:43
FinchmotIn the profileFor the response.18.02.19, 07:33
SpeedfireFCC Car LauncherFor cool skin17.02.19, 00:40
pashassModification of software and decorations for GU PX5 Android 8.0.0THX12.02.19, 14:45
IgogogoMicrontek MTCD / E / P (RockChip PX5) Head Units Android 6/8/9 - Discussionfor a hint12.02.19, 10:06
BEPMOPHAutomateit+124.01.19, 17:27
maratgtAutomateitThank! I could not implement this rule!16.01.19, 16:45
andrey_plusAutomateitFor assistance with the access point03.01.19, 12:22
extrider16Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon - DiscussionFix Calendar Holiday.zip26.02.18, 13:27
O l d t i m e RIn the profilerespect31.07.17, 08:09
ugroza-ufaHOMTOM HT16 Pro - Discussionfor advice19.04.17, 08:11
maksmovHOMTOM HT16 Pro - Discussionhelped08.04.17, 18:15
Balu73HOMTOM HT16 Pro - DiscussionFor energy BEAC instructions30.03.17, 21:08
vitkov75HOMTOM HT16 Pro - DiscussionThank you, just do not understand.20.03.17, 07:16
pheyHOMTOM HT16 Pro - DiscussionFor their enthusiasm and selflessness, for samotverzhennost and selflessness in improving Homtom HT16 Pro smartphone.12.03.17, 19:02
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