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1kindleIn the profile++++13.05.16, 13:51
Prizrak98In the profileLike an eye for an eye, only plus for plus =)15.07.12, 01:05
alterfunIn the profileThanks for the help !)18.03.12, 15:48
CAHEK HEHuawei U8800 Ideos X5 - DiscussionThanks for the link. Wrote, let's see how Huawei will respond.17.09.11, 20:22
ArskillIn the profile+13.08.11, 01:12
ZirianJasmine imstop clogging up the topic. don't do it, kill yourself against the wall25.06.11, 15:28
EvGol_40Jasmine imhumiliation of an independent developer25.06.11, 14:50
ap4akIn the profilefor being stupid like an oak tree)24.03.10, 13:59
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