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daniilfksIn the profilefor competent faq18.06.15, 12:25
Alexej79In the profileFor the catalog of navigators20.03.13, 22:36
muller66In the profilefrom In_The_Music via the Thanks button21.03.12, 01:34
TaTarin @In the profilehow much knowledge is good!01.03.12, 11:45
muller66In the profilefrom alexdmit via sps button18.02.12, 03:31
lestremIn the profileVolodya, with NG! I hope you all are well )31.12.11, 19:17
bambeiIn the profile+ from sthor28.12.11, 23:31
louisciferIn the profileFor working with miopocket29.11.11, 23:52
lestremIn the profilefrom Vitalavto73 (http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=701784) through the "Complaint" button: Helped a lot. Thank you so much13.09.11, 09:47
muller66In the profilefrom AlVikPo via the button Thank you24.07.11, 17:43
carver_uaIn the profilethanks for the post18.06.11, 03:36
carver_uaIn the profilegood topic04.06.11, 13:00
kovalexionIn the profileProgram for pulling from exe21.10.10, 04:50
muller66In the profilefrom maxon12007 via ATP button13.09.10, 21:23
lestremIn the profilefrom RamzesRU7 (http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=844922) through the "Complaint" button: +108.06.10, 11:21
muller66In the profilefrom RamzesRU7 through the button I want to thank +125.05.10, 21:15
Frontera_iIn the profilethanks for the dll collections06.05.10, 02:49
muller66In the profilefrom serg_tv74 through the button Huge human THANKS26.02.10, 12:44
muller66In the profilefrom tatita through the button thanks11.02.10, 14:54
snare555In the profile+1 from uzhik555. Worthy skins. From all presented perhaps the best06.02.10, 16:33
AtamanIn the profileThanks for the MioPocket03.02.10, 23:46
lestremIn the profileMan, if you hear me, then all the best to you and good health! Fulfillment of "gigantic" goals ... Be!12.01.10, 21:09
muller66In the profileHappy New Year ! :)01.01.10, 03:48
latraIn the profileFor a set of prog for Win CE.24.11.09, 23:00
lestremIn the profilefrom http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=225367 via the Complaint button: Thanks for the builds and detailed instructions.06.11.09, 21:02
lestremIn the profilefrom http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=822745) through the "Complaint" button: SUPER THEME HUGE THANKS24.10.09, 08:22
ListopadIn the profilefor a tip)01.10.09, 23:56
ZavIn the profileMIOPocket for C51021.09.09, 10:15
grandfather NikiforIn the profilethank. We will try19.09.09, 16:59
Kir7In the profileBeautiful after all11.09.09, 00:02
grandfather NikiforIn the profile108.09.09, 12:37
lestremIn the profilefrom AF59 via the "Complaint" button. Thanks for the help07.09.09, 09:58
KenterIn the profilefor myo03.09.09, 14:35
SergeyUAIn the profileImpressive for creating a device catalog!02.09.09, 23:01
death666In the profileFor the basics of working with menus based on System Information.13.08.09, 18:46
NOS2081In the profile103.08.09, 14:55
holodIn the profileFor the work, heavy and not appreciative, but so necessary for us to users.03.07.09, 15:43
beegimotCAMERON CA-585GPSFor reactive help to users!03.07.09, 06:16
aleksrossIn the profilethanks for the courtesy02.07.09, 18:58
Mi81In the profileFor a very useful link28.06.09, 16:58
AndreeeIn the profileIdea's generator! : good:27.06.09, 00:04
Filosoff31In the profileI suffered for a long time !!! Thanks for the help!26.06.09, 16:06
ChieftechIn the profileFor the letter :)26.06.09, 15:34
nikonorovvIn the profileThank!26.06.09, 10:14
rusigorIn the profileThanks buddy! You really are a man of the team, to the last drop of blood you defended the "honor of the uniform" of the Navigation Section Team. Good quality - to be able to stand up for decisions made collectively, taking responsibility for them too!25.06.09, 17:16
AndreeeIn the profileExactly!23.06.09, 15:20
Kir7In the profileFor care22.06.09, 22:31
freeuserIn the profilethank you: popcorm:22.06.09, 21:23
Kir7In the profileCool, damn it, sorry a little.21.06.09, 22:45
polkovnickIn the profileFor support, thanks! )))21.06.09, 14:25
TalonIn the profilefor maintaining order in a sensational topic ... well, we are such Ukrainians;)20.06.09, 23:49
stepanecIn the profileOh - for the bottle - at the right time :).20.06.09, 17:48
Mi81In the profilePer BSP S3C2440A18.06.09, 22:18
mpalIn the profileFor a very correct topic http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=96585&view=findpost&p=252421518.06.09, 00:28
MadWolf1In the profileInteresting topic :)18.06.09, 00:20
MadWolf1In the profileFor the works18.06.09, 00:19
F.A.WIn the profileFor rebuilding the topic.17.06.09, 20:24
igolasIn the profileFor the support17.06.09, 13:30
Roxer!In the profileFor operational assistance!17.06.09, 07:45
Kir7In the profile+17.06.09, 00:47
MadWolf1In the profileFor titanic work +16.06.09, 21:19
AndreeeIn the profileJust some kind of mission !!! : friends: Thank you so much human!16.06.09, 21:06
rusigorIn the profileWise Adanaka!16.06.09, 20:13
holodIn the profileWell, you are a TITAN. He turned this kind of work. Plus just can not express.16.06.09, 11:06
MadWolf1In the profileThank you for your hard work.15.06.09, 23:44
AndreeeIn the profileGood man. :)15.06.09, 23:08
BeardmanIn the profilePowerfully pushed !!!15.06.09, 22:36
iab1In the profilehttp: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=124858&view=findpost&p=286514815.06.09, 18:36
freeuserIn the profilefor getting rid of a headache: lol:15.06.09, 09:32
BeardmanIn the profileI just love to round numbers;)14.06.09, 15:32
Petrovitch2In the profileCool14.06.09, 14:53
XchesserIn the profileFor F.A.Q13.06.09, 13:05
Kir7In the profileFor inexhaustible enthusiasm.12.06.09, 23:19
F.A.WIn the profileFor a great menu!12.06.09, 09:05
AndreeeIn the profileGo Russia!!! : victory:10.06.09, 20:19
MadWolf1In the profile"real finger" ": rofl:10.06.09, 19:51
F.A.WIn the profileMany thanks for the support.09.06.09, 20:54
Kir7In the profileFor the support07.06.09, 21:44
F.A.WIn the profileFor a worthy answer yahamasaki07.06.09, 20:05
lestremIn the profileRounding is only a fraction of the victories that you have already achieved in this forum, and the victories that undoubtedly await you! Good luck06.06.09, 15:35
lestremIn the profileWell done! The builder - he is the builder. We have been taught this at school since the 1st grade! Let the 4PDA built by you on the site be tall, beautiful, and most importantly - reliable! Keep it up !.06.06.09, 15:30
lestremIn the profileFor multiple support! But, well, let's remove our tags (I can’t) from this post: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=96698&view=findpost&p=2832163On these Geowalls, everything on the internal flash drive, in short, h - is wrong, you can execute me ....06.06.09, 13:21
BeardmanIn the profileFor active processing of "Complaints"05.06.09, 23:07
holodIn the profileFor the dumper, and if Roxer! will remove the bootloader, I’m still 10+ :)03.06.09, 16:38
pniznikIn the profileThe topic for discussion of navigation built into the car, as well as software and map updates.01.06.09, 23:58
Ernesto Guevara de la SernaIn the profileFor a tip!01.06.09, 08:46
freeuserIn the profileRebuild: moil:31.05.09, 19:32
BeardmanIn the profilean active participant in the “brainstorming” on the structure of “Navigation”31.05.09, 16:59
BeardmanIn the profilefrom [b] tohin1 [/ b] through the "Complaint" button: [b] biuldera [/ b] is very grateful to this person for his responsiveness, please add him a rating thanks31.05.09, 16:33
neo69In the profilethank you30.05.09, 12:01
BeardmanIn the profilefor "Thoughts are good and interesting, developing the theme"30.05.09, 11:39
dron3000In the profileThanks for HotKey and HardKeyMenu, I will understand :)28.05.09, 22:01
scar169In the profileAlaverdi! And how do you have enough for so many topics to work with? :)28.05.09, 14:43
AdubterIn the profileThank you for what you need!28.05.09, 14:39
otk511In the profileTHX28.05.09, 08:06
hirodgerDevice selectionfor advice27.05.09, 12:53
holodIn the profileFor the good news about the tracker :) Well, for the tireless search for opportunities to improve the resource.26.05.09, 10:50
polkovnickIn the profileThank !)25.05.09, 14:25
grandfather NikiforIn the profilespace menu structure description24.05.09, 01:11
igolasIn the profilethank23.05.09, 09:38
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