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solo252Instagramthanks for the advice18.10.20, 18:05
PlagueIs it possible to connect Wi-Fi and 4G simultaneouslyThanks for the answer!15.10.20, 22:05
satirdI can not understand how busy your phoneUseful answer15.10.20, 13:02
RetributorThe constant appearance of the "network registration"For the correct redirection. Problem solved. thanks13.10.20, 21:57
Maks.hackdogHelp in finding programs for Android OSHelp users12.10.20, 20:37
BolturNewbie QuestionsFor the direction12.10.20, 20:20
DedreIn the profile+ For the Old ...12.10.20, 14:35
Jigsaw +Newbie QuestionsCD card11.10.20, 18:09
CroaToaInternet USB modem from when on the WiFi.Thanks for the help.08.10.20, 18:10
Benson9999In the profileFor help in finding08.10.20, 15:49
Xavier teodoniusInstructions and issues with advertising on the screen and status bar, with SMS extortionists and blockers of all kindsthank08.10.20, 15:26
SCOOTER13Instagram+07.10.20, 21:26
BiGVelzIn the profilethank05.10.20, 09:24
ahmetov-82In the profileFor help in finding an audio file04.10.20, 21:49
Natalia MHonor 10i - Discussiona very fast response04.10.20, 20:27
regska4In the profileWhat a pity, thank you for the Old04.10.20, 20:18
IvanVIIClub owners HONOR 10iATP for attention.28.09.20, 23:28
UPgraDenHuawei MediaPad T3 10 - Discussionthank27.09.20, 11:07
TarpedaaaIn the profileThanks for the detailed response.26.09.20, 12:36
_SUPERCLASS_In the profilethank23.09.20, 14:02
shaiya87Google Pay does not work+21.09.20, 14:49
meaning of lifeInstagramfor Instagram20.09.20, 10:17
BookerZNewbie QuestionsThank you for such a detailed explanation.19.09.20, 12:12
nadk11Newbie QuestionsPoint by point, easy to understand, clearly. As always19.09.20, 10:56
urik67Phone is not connected to Wi-Fi, to distribute the laptop as an access pointFor assistance in solving the problem :)18.09.20, 23:46
Region (95)In the profilethank17.09.20, 20:54
reyteamHelp in finding programs for Android OS//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=112900&view=findpost&p=9987606815.09.20, 22:28
LuckyOwnerHelp in finding programs for Android OSSeeking APK Download via apkpure14.09.20, 22:23
Frost O.SNewbie QuestionsResponded to both the Contacts application, you can disable the display of contacts to a SIM card.14.09.20, 16:42
bek775In the profileFor his carelessness14.09.20, 13:16
ScorpKVNewbie QuestionsFor info12.09.20, 21:28
KastenTopIn the profileAttempt - not torture12.09.20, 17:54
mambayoNewbie Questions+11.09.20, 17:20
LisAndTartilasIn the profileThank you, help advice on MTU11.09.20, 00:09
Pe4eneg717Help in finding programs for Android OSThanks for the tip on Makrodroid. I will understand that as a yes.10.09.20, 15:41
Italia1986Google Play - Technical Issuesand you are not a psychic?)))10.09.20, 15:34
ScorpKVHelp in finding programs for Android OSFor the useful info, advice and direction09.09.20, 17:22
MurashThe string "Search" at the top after turning off the "Google Search" on the main screenThank you09.09.20, 00:07
Redhunter88Honor 10i - Discussionfor answer08.09.20, 15:16
nadk11Newbie QuestionsI'll try these files will appear again, thank you)06.09.20, 17:04
I_lucIn the profilePasib schA information)05.09.20, 12:13
shapovalov66In the profileFor help.03.09.20, 17:02
CarbamazepiniUninstalling Android system appseffective Board02.09.20, 13:21
RaadHonor 10i - FirmwareDns for the tip01.09.20, 10:00
nadk11Help in finding programs for Android OSThe maximum available an explanation of the user)31.08.20, 22:56
kasrmpGoogle Account Bypass (FRP) Ways After Resettrue, one hopes that for them chew and saucers to put his mouth31.08.20, 21:14
sergey273Instagram+29.08.20, 03:23
UPgraDenHuawei MediaPad T3 10 - Discussionthank28.08.20, 18:25
Chela86InstagramFriend. Please tell me how to enable the ability to copy text in the Ribbon28.08.20, 10:57
MikkiSpaceIn the profileHelped27.08.20, 23:29
sergey273Instagram+27.08.20, 18:17
AntasSync Android contacts with GoogleThank you for your detailed response.27.08.20, 16:22
NelsonHelp in finding programs for Android OSThank you very much25.08.20, 20:08
blooderrHelp in finding programs for Android OSE-reader for the tip25.08.20, 12:58
veabroHelp in finding programs for Android OSThank you for regular assistance in the topic24.08.20, 09:28
D.A.R.K. angelHelp in finding programs for Android OSThank you for analogues SEEDR22.08.20, 19:02
Mr_ixHelp in finding programs for Android OSFor help22.08.20, 09:20
Mazzy88In the profileFor help on the forum21.08.20, 10:11
Saboteur-2Newbie Questions+20.08.20, 11:58
IL-80Telephone limited WiFi connection speed?Thanks, helped20.08.20, 10:13
evgenboris11InstagramThank you19.08.20, 19:42
RolandsHelp in finding programs for Android OSThank you for the gloomy predictions about the impossibility of the idea of ​​playing mp3 in line :( pichalka19.08.20, 10:57
titimo11Running mustache Islands with a broken screenthank !17.08.20, 19:16
Passer byNewbie QuestionsIn some devices / firmware, these applications are installed as a system.17.08.20, 10:22
bassisst666InstagramI am very pleasant your constructive izloleny. Such is often lacking on the site.16.08.20, 13:50
KpacomkaHelp in finding programs for Android OSThank you for understanding15.08.20, 21:01
7771222Help in finding programs for Android OSThanks for the tip15.08.20, 16:41
MaksimgomonInstagramthank15.08.20, 16:28
aleksovenSolving problems with files on the memory card.Thank you for razesnenie on the problem with the card.15.08.20, 10:50
mr_ar4Instagramthanks for the help14.08.20, 11:18
LovecatHonor 10i - DiscussionThe Truth Behind +++13.08.20, 09:58
tigerskinUninstalling Android system appsAssistance with finding accommodation Google Apps folder12.08.20, 12:33
MK72Smartphones do not connect to WI-FI, a few.512.08.20, 00:02
varan7777Huawei Mate 20 Lite - Discussion+ thanks11.08.20, 20:06
soronDoes not install youtubethank!11.08.20, 14:37
gyxHelp in finding programs for Android OSFine))11.08.20, 13:16
codemaster256Google Play - Technical Issuesthank you very much for the clarification!10.08.20, 11:47
dmitrypershinHelp in finding programs for Android OSThank )09.08.20, 10:50
sho_pe_nHelp in finding programs for Android OSThank you09.08.20, 09:02
Alex290577In the profileThank you for the clarification.09.08.20, 08:56
StplzNewbie Questions+108.08.20, 18:08
ahmetov-82Help in finding programs for Android OSFor cards without franca)))08.08.20, 14:21
Noname1oinApplications are not installedHelped06.08.20, 23:17
ShiosreSolving problems with files on the memory card.thank06.08.20, 09:00
t-3In the profilefor a hint04.08.20, 14:51
Drakon_313Huawei Mate 20 Lite - Discussionthank01.08.20, 09:25
beginner_hdInstagramFor your time to my question29.07.20, 08:04
Erudit0Google Pay does not workhelp29.07.20, 08:02
KirkaifatIn the profileThanks for the consultation!28.07.20, 21:18
DanilVIHelp in finding programs for Android OSthank27.07.20, 12:38
Kakayaraznica123The problem with wireless headphones and WiFiHelp27.07.20, 11:03
ahmetov-82In the profileFor advice in QMS26.07.20, 13:09
tarasosypenkoHelp in finding programs for Android OSthanks for the information25.07.20, 14:16
Oper69In the profileFor "Rent" satellite tracking ..24.07.20, 23:27
vanyaputeshestvennikIn the profileInformation about Vi-fi23.07.20, 18:13
allamInstagramThank you for Instander22.07.20, 17:47
Kiri9IHThe memory is not clearedthank22.07.20, 05:33
jpndHonor 10i - DiscussionThanks for the info!21.07.20, 13:32
Avatar-lionNewbie Questionsthank20.07.20, 16:51
rookieIn the profileFor the tireless assistance19.07.20, 22:09
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