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BiOMeXIn the profileWell said for GPS.24.07.19, 13:54
mr.bdnvHonor 20 / Honor 20 Pro - Discussion+23.06.19, 22:00
Efleks12Sony Xperia Z1 Compact / Z1f - DiscussionClearly, succinctly obyastyaet24.03.18, 13:34
xapytukSony Xperia Z1 Compact / Z1f - Official FirmwareThank you, be sure to look at the local.26.02.18, 04:27
Vanya 7Sony Xperia Z1 Compact / Z1f - Official Firmwarethanks for the help01.12.16, 19:46
Vanya 7Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - Modifications and decorationsthank21.11.16, 22:27
Dragonait149In the profileThanks for the fuss07.09.16, 04:20
Dragonait149Sony Xperia Z1 Compact / Z1f - Official FirmwareTHX04.09.16, 10:30
mk_prosperoSony Xperia Z1 Compact / Z1f - Official Firmwarefor their help with the program)17.08.16, 23:01
frenzyenSony Xperia Z1 Compact / Z1f - DiscussionThank you, I will then seek11.08.16, 08:06
breakfruitNokia Lumia 925 - DiscussionOh, this vindovz :)02.07.14, 12:16
sergei-sfModification of software and decorations for Samsung Galaxy S III (Samsung I9300)replacement of your phone's internal flash memory on a microSD to katabatic core, but he did not try for works25.03.13, 10:23
tayler2959Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussionholding a gift17.03.13, 17:59
: vampire:In the profileConsultation:)04.03.13, 15:53
potamychSony Xperia Sola - CyanogenMod Firmware+ battery17.02.13, 08:19
potamychSony Xperia SOLA - Firmware (OS Android 4.0.x)+17.02.13, 07:15
shooter37Sony Xperia sola - Discussion+14.02.13, 21:59
a1ex27Sony Xperia sola - MIUI Firmware (OS 4.x.x)dadada, you're right :-)12.02.13, 02:25
sergeyhorn3012HTC One X - DiscussionFor privilnoe direction;)10.02.13, 16:07
h0lly1995Sony Xperia sola - MIUI Firmware (OS 4.x.x)for an objective review09.02.13, 20:00
vladlat59Appeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsFor trying to punish cad06.02.13, 13:26
alexdavydovIn the profileThanks for the tip :) Look for hopefully will help02.02.13, 21:54
dergizzzSony Xperia Sola - CyanogenMod FirmwareFor the battery in a circle29.01.13, 17:31
ThaghostIn the profile:)28.01.13, 19:03
LikiweeksSony Xperia Sola- Modifications of software and decorationsXperia Home Launcher17.01.13, 22:01
sxeMonsterSony 2013 Xperia Home Launcherthanks for the link, add in shapkuZYeto not a new version of a mod)17.01.13, 13:07
AbramiySony 2013 Xperia Home Launcherfor launcher17.01.13, 05:57
SimbyOSSony Xperia sola - MIUI Firmware (OS 4.x.x)Thank)13.01.13, 12:24
valdemar96577Sony Xperia sola - MIUI Firmware (OS 4.x.x)miiu413.01.13, 10:49
svd715In the profileFor help11.01.13, 15:40
TwitchIn the profileSend links to useful tweaks for CyanogenMod and Android09.01.13, 19:24
DjcleverIn the profile=)09.01.13, 14:58
XperiaPavlikSony Xperia Sola - CyanogenMod Firmwarefor the battery)09.01.13, 13:29
garynych2010Sony Xperia Sola- Modifications of software and decorationsfor participating and direction how to make the most08.01.13, 20:12
alexikingIn the profileand that's that: rofl:08.01.13, 19:18
dergizzzSony Xperia Sola - CyanogenMod FirmwareThe battery icon for cm08.01.13, 18:25
Vitalik515Sony Xperia sola - Discussionthanks for the advice, would prefer not to)08.01.13, 17:33
pushinkaaaIn the profileThank you very much for your post in the comparison subject. It was very important to your opinion. +07.01.13, 11:36
MaKcIDecoration orders table for Sony Ericsson and Sony XperiaYou even can not imagine how I was helped:) Your file helped me a lot, thank you :)06.01.13, 05:14
alexikingIn the profilehappy New Year! :)31.12.12, 20:38
alexikingIn the profileWBCs, thanks;)20.12.12, 05:48
troyan1997Sony Xperia SOLA - Firmware (OS Android 4.0.x)for answer03.11.12, 21:00
zver9274In the profilethank)))30.10.12, 14:44
IcecreamerSony Xperia SOLA - Firmware (OS Android 4.0.x)He answered correctly.20.10.12, 13:49
HeldorSony Xperia SOLA - Firmware (OS Android 4.0.x)ahahahaha))) a good slogan: -D06.10.12, 22:58
den_murashkinSony Xperia Sola- Modifications of software and decorationsIt gives very good advice05.10.12, 07:38
zadanovSony Xperia SOLA - Firmware (OS Android 4.0.x)Thank !04.10.12, 16:26
MFD_DSNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit [3D, G-Sensor]for NFS HP02.10.12, 21:01
OmgggSony Xperia SOLA - Firmware (OS Android 4.0.x)Thank you for the most useful tip I read for useful day, and I read them exactly four hundred02.10.12, 13:07
OmgggSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)Thank you, adjusted his cap02.10.12, 07:12
KlasskySony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)Thanks29.09.12, 12:41
lozaSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)+ From Klassky29.09.12, 12:17
Jan ItorSony Xperia sola - DiscussionATP for help!29.09.12, 11:58
sharkelaIn the profilethank)24.09.12, 04:32
wgl_93Sony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)THX19.09.12, 19:32
OmgggSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)for help in koumiss15.09.12, 20:49
DimonixonSony Xperia sola - Discussionhelpful feedback / comments14.09.12, 22:29
HumanNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit [3D, G-Sensor]I have long wanted to play normally12.09.12, 16:37
ssds2012In the profilethanks for helping29.08.12, 20:52
kroatonNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit [3D, G-Sensor]For cache and APC for NFS HP games for sola.On same went for the Samsung ace2.29.08.12, 09:21
NitroudSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)+ From katel_kms29.08.12, 07:06
serega_10Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit [3D, G-Sensor]Thank you for NFS Hot Persuit version of the Xperia P27.08.12, 18:22
x_soad_xSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)good counselor20.08.12, 21:56
Ruler1992Sony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)For an interesting report19.08.12, 17:00
SkimbleSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)Full solidarity with the view19.08.12, 07:17
LuckyRazorSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)BSA said zhezh: 319.08.12, 00:08
ufo_102rusSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)promptly helped with the current malfunction18.08.12, 11:06
Yuda4evSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)for assistance in the installation work rozyasnenii fashion and responsiveness17.08.12, 14:09
Yuda4evSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)prompt and correct answers, helping to save time and do not do unnecessary work ..17.08.12, 13:32
wullrunXPERIA SOLA CLUB...17.08.12, 12:33
Nday001Sony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)thank17.08.12, 11:03
xDsm1leIn the profile:)16.08.12, 17:20
NitroudSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)+ From Kaza40K16.08.12, 07:17
UpwardSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)+1 )13.08.12, 17:14
UpwardSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)+12.08.12, 16:10
IIceBgoSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)thank12.08.12, 15:20
v_stepNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit [3D, G-Sensor]Instruction12.08.12, 09:36
John.DSony Xperia sola - Discussionfor complete response))06.08.12, 21:14
IIceBgoSony Xperia sola - Discussionthank you very much for the Old05.08.12, 13:22
dushenaSony Xperia sola - Discussionwit24.07.12, 05:47
SanazzSony Xperia sola- Firmware (Android 2.3.7)It is not necessary, but thank you.22.07.12, 21:29
dmfarkXPERIA SOLA CLUBOne of tosha210622.07.12, 20:19
dron1702In the profileif you still need more, here: http: //rghost.ru/3929760919.07.12, 17:17
max2327In the profile+ From duott05.07.12, 16:28
GridzillaIn the profile+ From Acquistare01.07.12, 12:34
under_oidNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit [3D, G-Sensor]For Apk and Cash for Sony XPERIA Sola.28.06.12, 17:02
tublakaimSony Xperia sola - Discussionthank27.06.12, 12:21
__KoSyAk__In the profileWelcome to the club =)26.06.12, 19:37
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