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SeatfRemote BotAlways and everywhere! Jews Don't Give Up!12.12.20, 23:35
S0niC @ ndreYWindows 7 - FAQFor good and useful FAQ;)05.12.20, 19:58
NeON79Club linuksoidovWell, for the meeting! Dzinjy!28.10.20, 16:39
DAFF0In the profileThank)23.10.20, 23:50
sosed.68In the profileI hope she is eternal ..01.10.20, 10:18
podolsk26In the profileFor the right thoughts!28.09.20, 22:51
JekaPDAIn the profileSumptuously! One hundred advantages!24.09.20, 22:58
fibraIn the profileCommon sense.24.09.20, 13:02
DzenibaIn the profileThanks for the look at the problem from the side!23.09.20, 21:29
JekaPDAIn the profileI agree completely. Sometimes sin23.09.20, 20:32
SnezhigDebian / Ubuntu based distributionsFor useful links.20.09.20, 09:32
DzenibaIn the profileThanks for the right instructions!14.09.20, 23:57
justolikDebian / Ubuntu based distributionsFor the answer on the scale04.09.20, 20:05
podolsk26In the profileThanks for the help in a conscious choice!01.09.20, 16:47
infoGeekImperatorArch based distribution wouldthank31.08.20, 19:45
infoGeekImperatorIn the profilethank30.08.20, 14:27
YoyonIn the profileFor info about bbq linux30.08.20, 12:03
codemaster256In the profilethanks for the tip)15.01.20, 13:59
L1sëñøkIn the profileFor help .. Thank you friend.16.10.19, 16:35
vydermudeniIn the profileThank!) Internet through Blumes works!)11.09.19, 07:53
ramdev!In the profilePlusik, steep moderator :)29.05.19, 10:08
slava_ussrIn the profileFor help and attentiveness26.05.19, 21:37
LeͥgeͣnͫdIn the profileThe best moderator on 4pda))26.05.19, 18:12
V.RIn the profileThank you for the prompt resolution of the issue.21.05.19, 11:53
Just Shaman)Club linuksoidovParticipation in solving the issue13.05.19, 23:42
LbifIn the profileFor help in resurrection of the prodigal son01.05.19, 11:13
RousticSIn the profileFor putting in order in the topic Unlimited mobile Internet.26.04.19, 22:22
arosyanAquamailThanks for the answer!26.04.19, 20:00
Alien shooterIn the profileThank10.04.19, 16:46
Sergey ViktrichIn the profileThanks for the help!04.04.19, 23:02
karre76In the profileI failed..27.03.19, 19:08
AlexUnderKHIn the profilethanks for the help21.03.19, 19:03
Alien shooterIn the profilethank21.03.19, 11:11
Alien shooterIn the profilethank08.02.19, 10:23
L1sëñøkIn the profileThank you so much for cooking for me then .. Probably it was in vain because there is no sense now.03.02.19, 17:35
Antoshka82In the profileQuickly understand the situation and in all fairness12.01.19, 02:43
SkepticaIIn the profilePlus, for the adequacy of actions and order in the topic Custom Redmi 4X!07.01.19, 11:11
PuzzakIn the profileFor help in creating the script part of the project06.01.19, 23:27
Slava733Honor 5C - Discussionthank05.01.19, 00:26
karakIn the profilethanks for the help02.01.19, 21:25
sylver17Club Mod APKthank02.01.19, 01:22
rookieClub Mod APKthank02.01.19, 00:39
ahmetov-82Club Mod APKFor help.02.01.19, 00:16
>root<Club Mod APKThank you for the pleasant communication), from 2019, all the best!02.01.19, 00:13
AlexPashenkoIn the profileFor an explanation and not easy work31.12.18, 15:42
azimxvIn the profileThank you for understanding31.12.18, 15:14
igorl4146In the profileThanks for the help. Holiday greetings! All the best in the new year.31.12.18, 09:43
Arkhip SergeichIn the profileFor respect, correctness, diplomacy. That is what a moderator should be. Thank!30.12.18, 15:52
O.T.NIn the profileThank you for solving my problem.30.12.18, 15:07
L1sëñøkIn the profileThank you very much, without you I would have huddled in the corners of cartoons25.12.18, 13:02
DannyShookIn the profileThank you for meeting me and fulfilling my request, there would be more such moderators13.12.18, 17:33
typhoon13In the profilePereinach Mayakovsky. Comrade Hanzo, diplomat and man :)04.12.18, 11:59
cepb3HbluArmorfly Browser and DownloaderThank.02.12.18, 03:30
DmitrySanichArmorfly Browser and Downloaderreasonable criticism and comments01.12.18, 22:28
Fint01Armorfly Browser and Downloader+1 Thanks for the work of the moderator.01.12.18, 19:59
br1goIn the profilethank26.11.18, 11:13
cubic76Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 India - Unofficial FirmwareMaybe someone will bring to life)))22.11.18, 05:51
Sergey ViktrichIn the profileGood moderator worth its weight in gold.21.11.18, 11:11
SenatorMac OS X - DiscussionThank! To some extent it helped, at least I know where to dig)18.11.18, 23:00
spartaIn the profileThank! I consider for the future that you should not joke like that.18.11.18, 17:34
steftimClub linuksoidovDid not know: lol:18.11.18, 14:05
DarkjsIn the profileModerka and communication)14.11.18, 15:43
aleksgrayvoronDebian / Ubuntu based distributionsThanks for the info. I'll try this recipe. I will describe in the subject.02.11.18, 21:17
valshackov18Coffee Shop "ShokoVorokko"For a positive.02.11.18, 12:50
krolchatkoCoffee Shop "ShokoVorokko"Good unstable-verse ...12.10.18, 23:16
ByeIn the profileGratitude to a very positive person for thoughts, instructions and advice.18.08.18, 15:03
Sage compassionAquaMail - FAQThank you very much for the instructions17.04.18, 15:56
KOT-BE3DEXODIn the profileThank you for your great contribution to the development of the forum / Computers and Peripherals / Technical Trap! Thank you for all that you have done and make it! : P13.04.18, 21:39
Vito65Stereo bluetooth headphonesfor advice01.01.18, 08:29
LbifClub linuksoidovFor checking16.10.17, 15:42
serg_66_rusaquarist clubFor info12.10.17, 10:35
Fishermanaquarist clubI agree12.10.17, 10:08
SkirlIn the profileFor maintaining order in the topic "About me"17.07.17, 11:16
GerassatsLinux for a beginner and not onlyFor understanding, not in vain Kali from the word cal ...13.07.17, 17:34
SkirlIn the profileThanks for the help.12.07.17, 18:29
kotok79In the profileHe advised a super retro anima about the future))07.07.17, 23:01
SkirlAbout myselfThank you for taking me to Temko.18.06.17, 17:54
dr.dorian9Mac OS X - Discussion+29.05.17, 20:11
DudekLinux for a beginner and not only+)29.05.17, 14:17
herrfelixDebian / Ubuntu based distributionsfor the help!24.05.17, 12:07
paxan281281Debian / Ubuntu based distributionsThank. Knowledge is never redundant18.05.17, 10:57
GerassatsLinux for a beginner and not onlyFor the mouse and console!17.05.17, 20:43
kotok79In the profileYes! yeah !!! thank you so much ^ _ ^07.05.17, 12:08
kotok79In the profilefor clarification regarding the rules with IMG04.05.17, 11:35
SkirlIn the profileFor [font = fontello]
18.04.17, 07:55
MAKSUS_87Mac OS X - DiscussionThanks for the information!05.04.17, 13:46
soyuzapolonDebian / Ubuntu based distributionsthank05.04.17, 11:49
lo-kanIn the profile+03.04.17, 10:07
sneresClub linuksoidovApril Fools' Day01.04.17, 09:24
raeckraeckIn the profileAnswer28.03.17, 16:23
DeppcoolIn the profileFor help)18.03.17, 20:20
lo-kanIn the profile+15.03.17, 14:05
tillwestDroidLock: Dynamic Lockscreentransfer08.03.17, 11:59
SHVIK71Linux for a beginner and not onlythank21.02.17, 19:28
Moun00Samsung SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4 - Official firmware (OS 5.X.X)good link18.02.17, 23:44
A.R.SMac OS X - Discussion+16.02.17, 16:52
lo-kanIn the profileJustified16.02.17, 12:42
wst85In the profilefor feedback14.02.17, 20:10
GerassatsLinux for a beginner and not onlyFor responsiveness :)03.02.17, 20:40
Mr. RicattoAbout myselfFor the creation of threads.30.01.17, 01:31
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