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biniyoughurtIn the profileI took a bit to your hats)03.08.12, 19:32
telex78rusSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Custom firmware (OS 4.xx)for FAQ on firmware29.07.12, 18:50
Dr.DizlSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Custom firmware (OS 4.xx)cap and firmware "which applications can be removed"23.07.12, 10:37
smyuSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Custom firmware (OS 4.xx)Hey, congratulations. + For supervision17.07.12, 22:50
igor109Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Custom firmware (OS 4.xx)Decided to make a small FAQ for novichkov.Mnozhestvo times are set the same questions17.07.12, 20:13
rizvanciciolliSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Custom firmware (OS 4.xx)but it poleznenko17.07.12, 19:48
nrg86Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Custom firmware (OS 4.xx)for FAQ17.07.12, 11:03
mag-neticSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Custom firmware (OS 4.xx)well done Good luck !!!12.07.12, 20:01
pumpitupSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Custom firmware (OS 4.xx)with wide effort =)12.07.12, 19:45
Aibolit_86Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Custom firmware (OS 4.xx)For guidance order.12.07.12, 19:20
lozaIn the profileby nrg8612.07.12, 16:29
GridzillaIn the profile+ From ManHunter10.07.12, 19:01
dan4erIn the profileFor assistance in the knowledge of androids!09.07.12, 09:02
GridzillaIn the profileElite + by +09.07.12, 03:28
AgluseIn the profileFor advice08.07.12, 21:43
* effect *Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S IIThanks for the good temu.Nashel lot of interesting things.06.07.12, 11:28
WyternumPower consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S IIUseful for maintaining branches.06.06.12, 14:04
WyternumPower consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S II+26.04.12, 16:44
WyternumSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Firmware (OS 2.3)+20.04.12, 01:43
Datch007In the profile+11.04.12, 12:52
Datch007In the profileThank!!!10.04.12, 19:10
rizvanciciolliPower consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S II))06.04.12, 13:32
WyternumPower consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S II+04.04.12, 00:44
ALEKS_MOTOPower consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S II+02.04.12, 18:41
-Nautilus-Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S IIthanks for the answer about energy android 429.03.12, 22:29
max2327Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S IIfor the development of the theme.29.03.12, 22:16
Hedge21Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S IICompetent topic.27.03.12, 21:54
olez1978Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S IIgreat topic19.03.12, 16:47
monah1971Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S IICongratulations on the supervision and thanks for the reply of the spoiler.18.03.12, 19:40
FRA-LAMPPower consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S IIFor indeed the theme you want! Continue to develop it!17.03.12, 21:23
PectenIn the profileFor help in the section!16.03.12, 22:52
PectenIn the profileFor help in the section!13.03.12, 20:15
anomorphysSamsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Official firmware (OS 4.x.x.)Help13.03.12, 15:34
anomorphysIn the profile+13.03.12, 15:23
PectenIn the profileFor the desire to help and support section Tehnotrepalka .tak keep it up!12.03.12, 20:49
PectenIn the profileFor assistance in Tehnotrepalka section11.03.12, 19:49
HanzoIn the profileFor the desire to help and support section Tehnotrepalka: thank_you: .tak keep :)11.03.12, 16:38
kosme95In the profileThank you very much helped))10.03.12, 21:25
m1r1ndaIn the profileFor help.02.02.12, 20:06
NEOMATRIXIn the profilefor responsiveness and help) Thank you)21.01.12, 21:16
iSexietIn the profilefor help :)08.01.12, 21:51
iSexietIn the profileFor help. :)08.01.12, 20:18
NatachaSamsung Galaxy SII - Owners ClubWelcome to the club!08.01.12, 19:33
BodtekI can not and do not understand how to update the firmware+ From the foggy-art: "I thank you for the instructions in the flashing devaysa"05.01.12, 14:41
Vangard1990In the profileok31.12.11, 13:18
* effect *In the profileHe helped with the hard-reset30.12.11, 22:42
* effect *In the profileHelped in the question.30.12.11, 22:40
darth NiemandIn the profilefor help19.12.11, 15:30
PotatomasterIn the profilespasibki more times)19.12.11, 14:40
PotatomasterIn the profilefor help)19.12.11, 14:35
max2327In the profile+ From EricGR: helped with iOS phone, please otplyusuyte ximik97, all very well explained.18.12.11, 23:59
TheCaptainPanicIn the profilePlyusodrocherstvo - not good18.12.11, 22:13
Vangard1990In the profileATP for help Sori forgotten18.12.11, 20:58
Viqtor15In the profilefor the help.17.12.11, 19:02
BrothertsIn the profilethank14.12.11, 11:21
tranceman111In the profilethanks for the advice)11.12.11, 13:56
sergeykhrenovIn the profileThank you very much!04.12.11, 20:57
tim0In the profileYou need to download this program Big Caller ID. Or this Full Screen Caller ID04.12.11, 17:14
boris_rIn the profileReferring to the network operator03.12.11, 15:29
tranceman111In the profilethanks for the advice))30.11.11, 21:04
NerovingerIn the profileForum Rules, paragraph 5.3. It prohibited implicit or explicit extortion raising reputation, for example: "I have helped you, and you said no thanks!" or "You could have to raise the reputation!". If you deserve a raise reputation, you raise it without napominaniy.Skrinshot saved.30.11.11, 15:28
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